Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Victor Cassadine

Meet Victor Cassadine! Read his Wiki here --> Thaao Penghlis
In this episode the word "Chupacabra" is used ad nauseam, Victor Cassadine makes his debut and we finally learn where Luke has been!

Here's What Happened - 

Kiki goes to the psychiatric institute to see Heather. She says that she's Heather's granddaughter, but the nurse remembers the, "Kiki's Not a Q" newspaper headline. Kiki says that the newspaper is a lying tabloid and the nurse takes pity on her. The nurse has a creepy Mr. Strunk, an orderly, show Kiki to Heather. He takes Kiki to a padded cell where a blonde woman is sitting with her back to Kiki. Mr. Strunk says that Heather has been catatonic and hasn't said a word. Kiki is convinced and decides not to try to speak with her.

Anna and Dante question Franco in the PCPD interrogation room. They show him a bloody knife and inform him that his finger prints are on it. Franco instantly realizes that it must be the knife he used to "kill" Heather with. Franco denies any knowledge of the knife, so Anna leaves Dante alone with him to talk in private. Outside, Tracy shows up and tells Anna that Luke is missing. Then Kiki shows up to talk to Franco and tells him that Heather is locked safely away in her cell.

Heather prepares to murder Carly in the stables on Spoon Island. Outside, Spencer and Cameron get ready to defeat the Chupacabra. The boys burst in and Heather throws a blanket over a gagged Carly. Then Heather tells Spencer and Cameron that the Chupacabra is under the blanket. The boys tell Heather that they want to kill the Chupacabra to impress Emma. A light bulb goes off in Heather's head and she advises them to use a knife to kill the beast. Meanwhile, Carly moans and whimpers from under the blanket. The kids get scared, chicken out and run away.

Inside Windermere, Nikolas researches the Chupacabra on the internet. Lulu sneaks up behind him and startles him. She says she wanted to see Britt, but Nikolas informs her that Britt's at work. Then little Ben starts crying. Nikolas brings him down and once Lulu holds him, he instantly stops crying. Then Spencer and Cameron run in and tell Nik about the Chupacabra in the stables. Over at the hospital, Liz and Britt return from taking the launch together from Windermere. Britt is soaking wet and accuses Liz of pushing her in the water. They ride the elevator together and Elizabeth tells Britt that she's can't stand her and Nikolas being together. Then Liz tells Britt that sooner or later, she'll destroy her relationship with Nikolas.

Patrick brings Emma to the hospital and they run into Dr. Obrecht. Emma finds her scary so Patrick warns Dr. O to stay away from his daughter. Then Sabrina shows up and Emma runs to her. Dr. Obrecht brings up the bun in Sabrina's oven and says that Patrick must be the father. Emma looks shocked so Sabrina takes Emma aside to explain the situation. After Patrick scolds Dr. O for having a big mouth and being insensitive toward Emma. He asks how it's even possible that she was made Chief of Staff. Dr. O replies that she possesses information that gives her power. Then Britt and Liz show up and interrupt them. Dr. O informs Britt about Sabrina being pregnant and Liz hears Patrick say that he's not the father. Nearby, Sabrina and Emma chat about her baby's father in one of the hospital exam rooms. Sabrina explains that Carlos is the dad. Then Emma says she wanted to talk to Sabrina about the Chupacabra since both she and it are originally from Puerto Rico.

Robin gets dragged into her house by armed henchman. She's terrified and asks who they are. Then a stranger walks in and answers that they work for him. He sits down and introduces himself as Victor Cassadine. Robin doesn't know who he is. Victor knows about Robin's friendship with Nikolas and tells her that he has WSB business to discuss with her. Then Victor says that he's the director of the WSB unbeknownst to Robert and the great Frisco Jones! (I loved that line!) Robin realizes that he must have appointed Dr. O the new Chief of Staff at GH. Victor admits it and then starts talking about what he wants with Robin. He says he is interested in what she might know about the Cassadine Lab where Jerry and Dr. O kept her. Then he puts a picture of Helena down on the table and after a picture of Stavros.

At the end, Liz runs into the exam room where Sabrina and Emma are and blurts out that Patrick is the father. Victor tells Robin that Stavros and Helena are on "ice" and he wants her to bring them back to life. Britt and Dr. Obrecht have a tense conversation about baby Ben at the nurse's station. Nikolas goes to investigate the stables on the boys behalf. Tracy insists that Anna investigate Luke's disappearance. After hearing about Kiki's visit to see "Heather" Franco is more confused then ever. Back at the institute, we see that it's really Luke in the padded cell with a blonde wig on!

End of Show!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scorpio Out!

Leaving for Y&R...BOO!
Today's Show - 

Emma asks how to spell Chupacabra at the Drake house so she can Wiki research it. Then Robert stops by to tell them he's leaving PC. He explains that Holly and Ethan need his help. Robert says a nice goodbye Emma and advises her to chose wisely in the boy department. Mac arrives to take Robert to the airport and Robert says goodbye to Robin, Patrick and Emma. He promises that he'll be back soon or later.

Spencer tells Nikolas and Britt about the Chupacabra in the stables. He tells Nik that Alfred told him about the beast. Nik assures him that it's mythological. Later, Cameron tricks Elizabeth into bringing him over to Windermere to defeat the Chupacabra. While Liz is there she hugs Nik and Britt sees. Britt gets jealous, but offers to share the launch to the mainland with Liz.

Heather shows Carly a newspaper reporting Franco's arrest in the stables. Then Heather talks about her BLT fixation and explains that her dad used to make them for her until he abandoned her. Carly uses the information to plead with Heather to release her. 

Silas and Franco chat in jail in side by side cells. Franco wonders who would set him up. Then Michael shows up enraged demanding to know where Carly is. The cops drag Michael out and after Franco tells Silas why Michael hates him so much. They also talk about how great Kiki is.

Ava pines over Morgan at her place and sends him an I miss you text message. Then Sam knocks on the door and wants to talk about Silas. Ava tells Sam that she's over Silas. Then she suggests that Silas drugged Nina for her money. Sam doesn't believe it, but Ava tells her that Nina had a will and she should ask Silas about it.

Morgan misses Ava at Sonny's place and responds to her text with an I miss you back. Kiki comes over and they get into a debate about Franco. Then they talk about Morgan's feelings for Ava and how real they've become. Later Michael shows up and both Morgan and Michael warn Kiki against Franco. Michael also tells Kiki that Silas has been arrested. 

At the end, Sam goes to the PCPD and asks Silas about Nina's will. Silas confirms it and Sam storms off in anger. Ava goes to Sonny's house to see Morgan and he tells her to leave for her own good. Kiki makes arrangements to see Heather at the institute. Over on Spoon Island, Spencer and Cameron return to the stables to face the Chupacabra. Inside the stables, Carly offers to break up with Franco if Heather lets her go. Heather replies no way, she needs to die. Plus, Robin finds her door open and then is grabbed by a mysterious gloved hand!

End of show!

So today was Robert's official exit. I'm glad he said goodbye to Emma and Robin, but I can't help but feel like this was another wasted return. As for Heather and Carly...I can't emphasis enough how annoying this plot is...awful, awful, awful!!!!!!!!!!! I will say that despite being kidnapped for days, Carly's hair still looks great! Oh Vey!

Okay enough venting!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bon Voyage Robert Scorpio!

Hot Stuff!
In today's show Dante and Lulu get back together, Robert says goodbye to Anna and Franco finally gets caught by the police.

Wednesday's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see Ava at her apartment, but finds a semi-dressed Julian instead. She asks who beat him up so he tells her about the beat down on the docks. Alexis gets nervous and tries to leave, but Julian asks her to stay. Alexis agrees and they discuss Sam and Silas's situation. Julian tells her that he'd do anything for his kids to let him in their lives as well as Alexis. Julian starts talking about his attraction to her and tells Alexis he's wanted her since the first time they met. Alexis gets nervous again and reminds him about his flirtation with Carly. Julian says he doesn't want anyone other then Alexis. She finally gives in, melts in his arms and they start making out.

Duke goes to Sonny's house to tell him about Anna finding out about their partnership. He explains how Julian went to the police station and spoke with Anna. Sonny thinks Julian is a punk for going to the police and says that's a no no in the mob world. Duke expresses that despite Anna's disappointment in him, he still believes taking Julian down is for the best. Sonny fells bad that it might cost Duke his relationship and asks him to be sure. 

Robert goes to see Anna in her office to discuss the lack of WSB help he received and he can see that she's upset. Anna tells Robert about Duke working for Sonny, which doesn't surprise Robert in the least. She tells him that she knows as the commissioner she needs to keep law abiding company, but since what happened with Fiason she doesn't feel she should judge. Robert hugs her and says he's sorry she's going through this. Then he tells her that he's leaving Port Charles to go help Ethan and Holly.

Chandra Wilson Guest Stars on GH
Franco disguises himself as a orderly and sneaks into Kevin's office at the hospital. Kevin urges him to turn himself into the police, but Franco begs Kevin to believe he's innocent. Kevin thinks for a second and then tells Franco to stay put. Then he leaves to get help. Shortly after a woman walks in saying she's a patient of Kevin's and starts ranting about her life. Franco realizes that she has OCD and starts talking about some of his own issues. Then he tells her that Dr. Collins has to cancel her appointment. She asks what his name is and Franco says that he's Kevin's assistant, Steven Lars. She leaves, but once she gets to the elevator she says out loud that Kevin's assistant is crazier then his patients.

Lucy feels guilty after sex with Scott in his hotel room....again! Scotty tells her to ask Kevin for a divorce. Lucy says no way and then gets dressed and tries to leave. Before she can, Kevin shows up. Lucy hides and Scott opens the door. Kevin tells him about Franco coming to him for help. He says that Lucy would have wanted him to help Scott's son. Scott thanks him and then shows Kevin the door. Then Scotty calls the police on Franco. Later, Lucy has compassion for Scott because of the situation with Franco. Scott tells her that he loves her again, but she still waffles back and forth. 

Dante sees Nathan and Lulu hugging at The Floating Rib and freaks out. They explain to him that Nathan was just comforting her. Dante asks what was upsetting her so much. Nathan says she was upset about him, suggests they talk and then leaves to give them privacy. After they talk about what went wrong between them and Lulu says she realizes that she was wrong. She asks if he can forgive her. Dante says of course he can forgive her and they make up. Then Nathan returns and tells Dante that they got a lead on Franco and have to go. They head over to Kevin's office at the hospital. Kevin goes into his office and apologizes to Franco. Then he opens the door so Nathan and Dante can arrest him.

At the end, Franco is livid with Kevin for leading the police to him. Robert and Anna say a final goodbye and he leaves the police station. Sonny offers Duke an out of the business, but Duke doesn't want it. Alexis comes to her senses and runs away from Julian before things to far. Plus Nathan and Dante take Franco away in handcuffs. End of Show!

Will you miss Robert? I hope they have him say goodbye to Robin and Emma!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Detective North

In this episode Anna gets Duke to admit the truth, Dante sees Nathan hugging Lulu and Sonny gives Morgan an ultimatum!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Dante talk about Silas at the station. Sam asks Dante to get Nathan to back off, but Dante says he can't interfere. Then Dante mentions that Lulu left him and that he misses her. Sam offers him some comforting words and says that Lulu will come around. Later, Dante finds a picture of he and Lulu in his desk and gets wistful. 

Nathan goes to The Floating Rib and runs into Lulu. She remembers him as "Detective North", but he corrects her and reminds us that it's really Nathan West. They briefly discuss Carly's disappearance and then Lulu agrees to stay and join him for a drink. She finally tells him that Dante is her husband and tells Nathan about the Connie situation. Nathan advises her to go home to Dante. Lulu says that she misses Dante, but she can't get over not being able to have a baby. Then she starts crying so Nathan hugs her. Right then Dante walks in and sees them embracing.

Rafe admits to TJ and Molly at Kelly's that he told Anna about the warehouse shooting. Molly and TJ aren't pleased and accuse him of trying to sabotage TJ to win Molly over. Rafe admits that it's true and asks for Molly's forgiveness. Molly says she can't trust him and says they can't be friends anymore. Rafe gets upset and storms out. At the end, TJ tells Molly that losing her will probably make Rafe realize the errors of his ways. Then Sam walks in looking for Rafe and tells them about Silas being in jail for two days.

Anna and Duke come to blows in Anna's office over Duke's involvement with Sonny. She confronts him about Julian's allegations so Duke finally admits that he's working for Sonny. He tries to explain that he thought he was protecting her and pleads with Anna to understand. Anna can't believe that Duke broke his word to her. Duke says the police weren't able to do anything about the Jerome's so he had to. Anna can't accept Duke's reasoning and asks how it came to this. Duke talks about how powerless he's been feeling between Faison's identity switch and being duped by Derek Wells/Julian. Duke says he wants to be the man he was before. Anna says she doesn't need him to be that man anymore, but Duke says that he does need to be. She asks him to stop working for Sonny, but he refuses and walks out.

Morgan goes to Sonny's place. Sonny asks how Morgan could betray him like this. Morgan asks if Sonny will give him a chance to explain. Sonny can't listen and starts listing of all Morgan's recent offenses, especially shooting Max. Morgan tells Sonny about Julian threatening to kill Carly and Michael if Morgan didn't do what he wanted. Sonny is skeptical, but says that he will deal with Julian from now on. He orders Morgan to stay away from Julian and officially break up with Ava. Morgan pleads with Sonny that Ava is different, but Sonny says no deal he needs to let Ava go!

Ava points a gun at Julian at her place. She's furious with him for threatening to kill Morgan's family if he stopped working for him. Julian says it won't matter for long, because Sonny will kill Morgan. Then Julian brings the conversation around to Silas. He asks Ava if she is framing Silas to get back at him for choosing Sam. Ava realizes that Julian is asking on behalf of Sam and refuses to answer. Then she tells Julian if he hurts Morgan, he'll have to answer to her. Julian says he understands and Ava lowers her gun. Then Julian tells her that Sonny will make Morgan dump her if he forgives him. Ava doesn't want to believe it, but then she gets a text from Morgan saying that he can't see her anymore.

End of show!

I guess Carly's disappearance is old news?

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Ignore Me When I'm Like This

Who do I choose?
Monday's Show - 

Lucy ices Scott's jaw in his hotel room after Mac's punch. He tells Lucy that no one, not even Mac will keep him from seeing her again. Meanwhile, Mac returns to the Floating Rib and tells Felicia about assaulting Scotty. Lucy shows up to ask Felicia why she told Mac about her and Scott. Felicia apologies and says she's not good at keeping secrets.

Anna confronts Duke about his lies at the PCPD. Duke tells her that he lied, because he's embarrassed about his unemployed status. Later, Duke goes to the Floating Rib to pick up lunch for Anna and chats with Mac. Plus Lucy assures Felicia and Mac that she's going to fix her marriage. At the end, Lucy returns to Scott's room and tells him it's over, but then kisses him again.

Over at Ava's place, Julian and Ava debate whether or not Sonny would kill Morgan in front of poor Morgan. Julian also reels about Duke and wants him to pay. Later when alone, Morgan tells Ava about Julian forcing him to continue working for him. Ava gives Morgan a gun and tells him that she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too, but then leaves to go see Sonny without bringing the gun.

Silas gets arrested by Nathan at Kelly's and taken to the police station. Rafe sees Silas being taken from Kelly's and shares it with Molly and TJ. Rafe and TJ end up getting in a fight about Shawn and Silas and who is more dangerous. Rafe brings up the warehouse shooting and TJ realizes he's the one who told Anna.

Sam goes to the PCPD to keep Silas company. She tells Silas to hire Alexis to defend him. Nearby, Nathan explains to Anna and Scotty the evidence that he believes proofs Silas is guilty. Scotty decides there isn't enough evidence to convict, but allows Nathan to hold Silas for 48 hours. Then Julian arrives beaten up and tells Anna that Duke did this to him. He also tells her that Duke is working for Sonny. After, Sam asks Julian to find out if Ava is framing Silas.

Sonny vents to Olivia about Morgan's betrayal at his house. He's moody, breaks a glass and tells her, "Ignore me when I'm like this!"  Olivia asks what he's going to do. Sonny answers that what Morgan did is unforgivable. Olivia implores him to sleep on it and not take action. Later Morgan shows up at Sonny's place to talk. Meanwhile back at Ava's place, Julian returns and Ava pulls the gun on him.

End of show!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Asian Quarter Lives

I have to tell you something!
In this episode we learn that Brad has connections to General Hospital's past, Silas gets arrested and Morgan's loyalty is questioned by Sonny & Julian!

Friday's Recap - 

Felicia and Mac discuss Kevin and Lucy's marriage at The Floating Rib. Felicia let's it slip that Lucy slept with Scott and begs Mac to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Lucy goes to Scott's hotel room to ask him why he issued a warrant for Franco's arrest. Scott replies that he wanted to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but Anna wouldn't let him. Then they start to talk about their feelings for each other and end up in bed again.

Sam interviews Mr. Nakamura at Kelly's about Ava. Nathan walks in and Sam gets him involved. Mr. Nakamura says that Ava didn't write a prescription for Silas's wife Nina, Silas did. Then Silas walks into Kelly's. Silas deny's writing the prescription. However, Mr. Nakamura says he is certain it was Silas. Silas is convinced that Nathan is trying to frame him.

Lucas goes to see Brad at the hospital and kisses him. They discuss their one night stand and we get flashbacks of how it came to pass. It turns out that Brad was adopted and his real father was an "Asian Quarter" mobster named Kim Woo. Later, Felix walks in the exam room and sees Lucas and Brad talking. Lucas realizes that Brad cares for Felix, but still thinks there is a chance for them to continue a romance. 

Julian tries to shoot Duke on the docks, but Shawn and Sonny get the better of him. Sonny encourages Duke so Duke starts to beat Julian up. After Sonny realizes that Morgan is still working for Julian. Meanwhile at Ava's place, Morgan confides in Ava about his guilt over betraying Duke and Sonny. Then Julian returns beaten up and tells Morgan that Sonny is onto him. Later, Julian wonders if Morgan might be working with Sonny afterall to take him down.

At the end, Mac comes to talk to Scott at his hotel room and punches him for sleeping with Lucy. Brad is torn between his feelings for Lucas and Felix at the hospital. Nathan decides to arrest Silas at Kelly's. Ava convinces Julian that Sonny simply out maneuvered him and Sonny wonders to do about Morgan on the docks!

End of show!

Interested in finding out about the Asian Quarter story? Watch it from here The Asian Quarter Mystery  - classic GH from 1985!

Enjoy today's episode below!

P.S. Great news! Rick Hearst is coming back to GH. Read here --> Ric Lansing Returns!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Mother Is My New Boss

Ta-Ta Lavery!
Today's Show - 

Nathan and Anna talk about Silas at the PCPD. Anna doesn't think there is enough evidence to proceed and threatens to shut the investigation down. However, Nathan talks her into giving him another week on the case.

Sam and Silas discuss finding out if Ava tried kill his comatose wife at Kelly's over breakfast. Later when Sam's alone, Bobby comes to Kelly's. Sam tells her about Lucas meeting Julian. Then Lucas arrives and wants to know why Bobby lied to him. Bobby tries to explain that Julian is dangerous, but Lucas walks off angry.

Brad runs into Dr. O and she tells him that she's his new boss at GH. She warns him to take the secret about the stolen embryo to his grave. Later, Felix apologizes to Brad at the hospital for judging him on his past actions. Then Felix suggests they go on a date and Brad says yes.

Nathan seeks Silas out at the hospital and traps him in the elevator. Nathan wants to use the time to discuss Nina. Silas isn't pleased and tells him to look into Ava Jerome. Then Dr. Obrecht has the elevator door opened. She tells Nathan she won't allow Anna Devane's detectives to badger her doctor's.

Britt wakes up and realizes it's time to go to work at Windermere. She says to Nik, "My mother is my new boss!" Nikolas tries to make her feel better and promises to get to the bottom of Dr. Obrecht's new employment.

Ava sends Morgan a text message and Julian sees her at Ava's apartment. He orders her to stop sending Morgan love notes. Then they talk about Lucas and the disappointment over their failed relationships with their children.

Sonny sees Morgan on the docks while he's returning Ava's text. Duke joins them and they all discuss the next phase of their plan to get Julian. Sonny wants to use Carlos as bait to draw Julian out so they can kill him. 

Morgan takes the information he got from Sonny to Julian and Ava and tells them that Duke is working for Sonny. Back at the docks, Duke and Sonny continue to talk about their plan and Anna sees them. Duke tells her that he just ran into Sonny by coincidence. Then he pretends to leave, but stays nearby to eavesdrop.

At the end, Anna gives Sonny a piece of her mind about the warehouse shooting. Lucas comes to the hospital to see Brad and it's apparent they had sex last night. Sam interviews a man about the prescription written for Nina Clay years ago. Nikolas goes to talk to Anna at the PCPD and he unintentionally reveals a lie Duke told her. On the docks, Julian confronts Duke with a gun!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Devil Dog!
In this episode Heather gets the kids on her side, Dante gets suspicious of Kiki and Dr. Obrecht lays down her law!

Today's Show - 

Brave little Spencer dares to enter the barn alone after hearing screams coming from it on Spoon Island. Outside Cameron and Emma worry about him and decide to go check. When they go inside, they find Spencer holding Heather at bay with a cane. Meanwhile, Carly is tied up and gagged in a basket nearby and can hear them talking. Spencer asks what the noises he heard were and Heather says it was a Chupacabra. Spencer tells Heather about Emma's struggle to chose between he and Cameron. Carly decides to try and get their attention and knocks the basket over. The kids ask what made the noise and Heather again says it's the Chupacabra. She convinces them to keep quiet about it and return to the house. After, Heather threatens Carly with a giant needle.

Dr. Obrecht chats on her cell phone at the hospital to an unknown person discussing how she's going to whip the GH staff into shape. Nearby, Robin and Patrick think that Liz wanted to tell them that Dr. Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff when they see her chatting with Felix and Sabrina in the hospital hallway. They get called away and after Sabrina wonders if Liz will keep quiet. Before she can answer they get into a conversation about Obrecht and Felix starts mocking her. However, Dr. O comes up behind him and overhears. Dr. Obrecht starts to lay the law down. She threatens to dock Liz's pay and tells Sabrina and Felix that she will be giving them a performance review. Felix says that Epiphany does the reviews, but Dr. Obrecht says everyone reports to her.

Britt tells Lulu and Nikolas at Windermere about Dr. O's new job. Nikolas is appalled and promises to see if there is anything he can do. Britt asks Lulu if Dante can help, which prompts Lulu to tell her that they separated because of their baby blues. Britt feels responsible and implores Lulu to work on her marriage. Lulu appreciates her interest, but decides to take off. After, Nikolas thanks Britt for trying to help Lulu. Later Elizabeth comes to Windermere to pick up Cameron and ends up getting into a fight with Britt. Then the kids return, but don't mention seeing Heather in the barn.

Kiki tries to throw Dante off by claiming a text she received was from Franco. Michael and Dante go to investigate leaving her alone. Once their gone, Kiki tells Franco that she believes he's being framed and wants to help him. They talk about who might want to frame him. Kiki brings up Heather. Franco says there's no way it could be Heather and he's certain of it. Over at Kelly's, Dante and Michael realize that the supposed text Kiki said was from Franco was a ruse. Michael is certain that Franco is up to his old tricks and is playing games. Dante tries to calm him down and tells Michael to text Franco back. When they don't get a response, Dante suspects that Kiki might be helping Franco. Michael decides to go home and check on her. When he does he finds that the door is locked.

Patrick and Robin go to the police station to talk to Anna about Dr. Obrecht. Anna apologizes to them for Dr. Obrecht getting released, because she feels responsible for her not being locked in a maximum security prison. Then they tell Anna that Dr. O is now the Chief of Staff. Anna isn't pleased to learn about this and worries that it will be hard for Robin. Robin says it will be hard, but she refuses to work for Dr. O and doesn't have a contract to bind her. Unfortunately, Patrick can't quit because he is on contract.

At the end, Dante and Lulu run into each other at Kelly's and he asks if she's ever coming home. Lulu doesn't answer and tells him to take care of himself. Dr. O tells Sabrina and Felix that only perfection will be accepted at the Nurses's station. Michael asks Kiki if Franco reached out to her or not. Nikolas warns the kids to be careful at the barn and Heather injects Carly with a mysterious substance.

End of show!

This nonsense with Heather and Carly is killing me! Not only is it dumb, it's beyond unbelievable! Bad writing, just bad, bad writing!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chief Obrecht

"Joan Crawford was woefully misunderstood!"
Quick Recap - 

 Kiki covers for Franco so Michael won't find him at their apartment. Later Dante shows up and asks Kiki if she's seen Franco.

Lulu goes to visit Nik while he babysits Ben, Spencer and Cameron at Windermere. They talk about her marriage and baby trouble.

Spencer and Cameron play in the living room and argue over who should be Emma's boyfriend. Then they request that Nikolas ask Emma over to play.

Robert and Mac take Emma to Kelly's and she confides in them that she likes both Spencer and Cameron. Later Mac takes Emma to Windermere for a play date.

Liz confronts Sabrina about her baby's true father at GH. Felix gets involved and Sabrina pleads with Elizabeth to keep quiet. 

Heather moves Carly to the barn at Windermere and eludes to "getting rid" of Luke. Carly manages to get free and charges her.

Everyone is shocked that Dr. Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff in the hospital board room. She explains that the WSB released her and her record was cleared. 

Anna seeks Robert out at Kelly's. They discuss Dr. Obrecht being released from the WSB and wonder if she knows what they did to Faison.

At the end, Robin and Patrick see Liz talking with Sabrina and Dr. O begins her stint as the Chief. At Windermere, the kids decide to go play at the barn and hear Carly screaming for help!

End of show!

Weren't the kids adorable today? That little Spencer is a gem!

Have a great night!

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Heather & She's Crazy!

Thank god for Luke!
Today's Show - 

Patrick and Robin run into Felix and Sabrina at the hospital. They make small talk and Sabrina mentions Carlos being the father. Patrick and Robin excuse themselves for a board meeting and after, Sabrina explains to Felix how Carlos elected himself the dad. Felix isn't pleased and calls her a liar like Britt.

Scotty issues a warrant for Franco at the PCPD and Franco overhears it. Anna tells Michael that she appreciates the pressure he put on Scott. Later, Scotty accuses Anna of leaking information to Michael and Anna can't find Franco to make the arrest.

Lucas asks to get to know Sam now that they're siblings outside of Kelly's. Then Julian walks out and arrogantly announces that he's Sam's father. Lucas is shocked and informs Julian that he's his son. Julian is delighted and thinks they can have a relationship now, but it's too much for Lucas and he walks away.

Silas goes to speak with Kiki at her apartment about his comatose wife. He also tells her that she was a result of an affair he had with Ava during that marriage. Silas gets called to the hospital and after Franco shows up and asks Kiki to hide him. Michael returns home so Kiki puts Franco in the closet to conceal him.

Luke discovers Carly tied up in the boathouse and asks who did this to her. Carly answers, "It's Heather and she's crazy!" Then Heather walks in with her gun and Luke knocks the gun from her hand. He quickly picks it up and points it at her. Luke goes to call the police, but then Heather's henchmen arrive and knock Luke out.

Tracy and Monica discuss the "raccoon" in the boathouse in the Q's living room. Monica shares that she's going to the hospital for a meeting to determine the next Chief of Staff. Then Monica leaves for the hospital and Tracy decides to go check on things at the boathouse.

Britt and Silas run into each other at the hospital and discuss the upcoming Chief of Staff meeting. Both have their names on the contention list and they wonder how Monica will react. Later, Robin and Patrick join them in the board room and are surprised that Britt nominated herself.  

Alexis brings Sonny contracts to sign at his house. They get into a conversation about Julian and children of mob bosses. Alexis tells him that of all of her children's fathers, Sonny isn't that bad. Then Sonny promises her that he will make Julian pay sooner or later.

At the end, Sabrina makes Felix promise to keep her baby secret, but Liz overhears. Anna receives a mysterious phone call at the police station. Franco overhears Michael talking about the evidence against him to Kiki. Tracy finds the boathouse empty and wonders where Luke is. Sam tells Julian off and it's announced at the board meeting that Dr. Obrecht will be the new Chief of Staff! 

End of show!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Robin is OUT at GH. Read here --->KM Leaving

Have a great night!

Robin is Leaving GH Again!

According to Daytime Confidential, KM is leaving GH again! Read Below.

Since Kimberly McCullough returned to the iconic role of Robin Scorpio on General Hospital after making sporadic appearances for the past two years, fans have wondered whether she was truly back for the long haul. At the ABC TCA party, McCullough acknowledged she will soon be departing again to focus on her career as a director.

She warned fans may not be pleased with the way Robin exits the canvas, shared her thoughts on the much-debated Patrick-Sabrina wedding and revealed why her latest directing opportunity will keep her close to home.

Daytime Confidential: It’s no longer a secret. You are going to be departing General Hospital at least temporarily sometime soon. Was your return always scheduled to be short term?

Kimberly McCullough: Yeah. It was always supposed to be this amount of time.

DC: Should fans be concerned that they’ll never see Robin again, or will she always be a part of the show?

KM: I certainly hope so! I guess it just depends on how much[executive producer] Frank [Valentini] liked working with me.

DC: GH’s ratings have risen since your return. How does it feel knowing that you have energized the fanbase?

KM: I don’t give myself that credit. The only thing I can say is I’m happy for the show and if I was a part of that at all, I’m so grateful.

DC: Have you filmed your final episode for this go around?

KM: No. I’ve got a couple weeks left.

DC: Is it going to be tough saying goodbye again?

KM: Of course! It always is. But it’s not goodbye. It’s just see you later.

DC: Can you give us a hint about how Robin will be leaving?

KM: Robin’s leaving because of her love for another character that is not Patrick on the canvas.

DC: There were a lot of rumors that you were coming back to give Scrubs a happy ending, but you have just quashed them.

KM: They’re not ready to let Jason Thompson go. So the happy ending is that [fans] still get to see Jason Thompson.

DC: Will Scrubs fans feel a sense of closure when Robin leaves?

KM: I don’t even know if I can comment on that. They’re going to be pissed. Really. They’re going to be pissed. I’m sorry.

DC: No one’s going to be mad at you.

KM: Oh, yes they will.

Personally I don't care. I've never been a Robin fan and I think this return was boring! The most unfortunate aspect of this is the possibility of Sabrina and Patrick reuniting...ugh!

How do you feel?

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Not My Best, I'm Just Having Fun!

Ryan Carnes - See his Wiki here --> Lucas Returns!
In today's episode Heather's antics are beyond ridiculous, Lucas comes home and Luke makes a discovery in the boathouse!

Here's What Happened -

AJ starts his day with a screwdriver at the Quartermaine's. Tracy runs in and they start talking about the odd sounds he heard at the boathouse. Tracy tells him to make himself useful and get rid of whatever vermin is living in there. AJ refuses and then Michael shows up. Tracy assures Michael that his mother is a fighter and then asks him to help with the rodent problem in the boathouse. AJ tells her to take a hike so she goes to get help. Once alone, Michael confronts AJ about his drinking.

Heather tells Carly that there hasn't been any arrests in her disappearance yet at the boathouse. She's not pleased and thinks the PCPD must have dropped the ball. Carly says her plans are not working and Heather should let her go. Heather agrees and decides to make a phony phone call to Michael regarding his mother. She disguises her voice and tells him that the police found a knife with his mother's blood on it. The call sends Michael running off to the station.

Scotty and Anna discuss whether to arrest Franco or not at the PCPD. Scotty is still bitter about losing AJ's trial and says the police department didn't have enough evidence. He claims he doesn't want the same thing to happen again in Franco's case, so Anna runs down the list of evidence they do have. She feels it's enough for an arrest, but Scotty asks for a body. Anna thinks that a body isn't needed to convict and decides to take it to the mayor. Later, Michael arrives and demands to know why Scotty is sitting on evidence. Scotty thinks it was Anna who told him about the knife.

Franco leaves Kiki a thank you voice mail outside of Kelly's. Inside, Sam and Silas enjoy breakfast and talk about his comatose wife. Sam has some ideas on how to find out what really happened. Silas is taken back by her willingness to help him. Then Franco walks in and approaches them. He asks Sam for help finding Carly. Sam is appalled at the thought of helping Franco, but Silas suggests that she should give Franco a chance. After listening to Franco's story, Sam decides not to give her aid. Franco isn't pleased and storms out.

Julian asks Ava to visit him at Crimson to tell her that he's leaving town. He says he going to Seattle to find Lucas. When they walk into the Crimson office, Sonny is waiting there in Julian's chair. Sonny tells them their lease has been terminated. Julian asks by whom. Olivia walks in and says that she made the decision. Apparently she has power of attorney over Connie's part of the Metro Court. Olivia also tells Julian that he can no longer reside in the hotel either. Sonny teases Julian and tells him to stay with Ava or at Kelly's. Julian asks if this is the best Sonny can do. He answers, "It's not my best, I'm just having fun!"

Bobby looks at a picture of Lucas and Carly together at Carly's house in tears. Luke comes in and tries to comfort her. Then someone knocks on the door. Bobby runs to answer it and it's Lucas! He hugs them both and tells them he took time off of work to help search for Carly. The news makes Bobby nervous. Lucas goes to get his bags and Luke advises Bobby to tell him the truth about Julian. Then Lucas comes back in and asks what they're talking about. Luke decides to give them privacy. Once alone, Bobby chickens out.

At the end, AJ has flashbacks of the night Connie was murdered and remembers another person was there. Julian tries to talk to Sam at Kelly's about Lucas, but she refuses to discuss it with him. Then Lucas runs into Sam as she's leaving Kelly's. Scotty finally caves under pressure and issues a warrant for Franco's arrest. Tracy enlists Luke's help to get rid of the problem in the boathouse and when he gets there Luke finds Carly!

End of show!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cuckoo for Carly

True Detective
In today's show Julian wears a snazzy turtleneck, Nikolas and Elizabeth flirt and Heather lays out her plans to Carly!

Today's Highlights - 

Nathan and Lulu continue their conversation at Carly's house. He tells Lulu that the police found a packed suitcase in Carly's trunk, which upsets her. Nathan says he'll give Dante her regards and then he leaves for station.

Bobby returns to Carly's house and her and Lulu talk about Lucas. Bobby wants to tell Lucas about Carly's disappearance, but worries it could lead to him running into Julian. Lulu never realized that Julian was Lucas's father and urges Bobby to call him. So Bobby agrees and leaves Lucas a voice message.

Anna and Dante think Franco is responsible for Carly's disappearance at the PCPD. They confirm that it was his prints on the knife and Carly's blood. Shortly after Nathan arrives and all three of them run through Carly's potential steps before going off the radar. At the end, they conclude that without a body they can't be sure Franco's guilty.

Franco finds Sonny in his hotel room reading Julian's latest newspaper headline that says, "Cuckoo for Carly!" Sonny questions him about Carly, but Franco insists he was framed. Franco explains his case, but Sonny isn't buying it. At the end, Sonny gives him a violent warning that he'll kill Franco if he hurt Carly.

Ava and Julian discuss Bobby and Lucas in his hotel room. Julian figured out that Lucas is his son and share's this with Ava. She asks him what he intends to do now that he knows he has a son. Julian answers that he wants to get to know Lucas and have a relationship. Ava tells Julian to leave it alone, but he says he can't.

Nikolas goes to the hospital for a board meeting and runs into Elizabeth. He says that he missed her during the holiday's. Liz replies that she felt uncomfortable around Britt, but realizes it was silly. To make up for it, Liz asks him to go ice skating with her. Nikolas strongly considers it, but then Britt calls him to come home and he decides to return to Windermere.

Carly lays unconscious in the Quartermaine boathouse when Heather wakes her with coffee and Kelly's BLT's. We see Carly's arm is wrapped in bandages and Heather tells her that she needed her blood to frame Franco for her murder. Carly tries to convince Heather it's not too late to make peace with Franco, but Heather is determined to see her plan to fruition. 

End of show!

In case you missed it, enjoy today's show below!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreaming of Richard Simmons

Are you cheating on me?
In today's show Lucy is torn between her feelings for Kevin and Scotty. Bobby and Michael are convinced that Franco is guilty and Lulu meets Nathan West!

Here's What Happened - 

Lucy has kinky dreams about Scotty and wakes up screaming next to Kevin. He asks her to tell him about her dream. Lucy's lies and says it was about Richard Simmons's boom box debacle from the Nurses's Ball. Kevin makes a joke about it, gives her a kiss and heads off to work. Over at Kevin's office, Franco storms in and wants to discuss Carly. Kevin tells Franco that if he did hurt Carly, he'd have to turn him into the police. Franco swears he's innocent and brings up the note Carly left him. Kevin wonders if Carly's note brought up Franco's fears of being to crazy for love. Franco doesn't want to be analyzed and walks out.

Scotty and Anna chat on the phone about Carly's disappearance and the shoot out at Sonny's warehouse. Scotty warns Anna to find Carly or else her job could in jeopardy. After feeling the pressure from Scott, Anna wants Dante to get hopping on Carly's disappearance. Then they start talking about Nathan and his eager police work. Bobby shows up and begs Anna for information on what happened to Carly. Bobby is convinced that Franco hurt Carly and says if Anna can't stop him, she will.

Lulu waits at Carly's house when someone knocks on the door. She opens it and Nathan West is standing there. Lulu let's him and he introduces himself as the new detective who's working with Dante. Nathan asks to look at Carly's computer and Lulu gets him to tell her about some of the details of the case. They start talking about Franco's extensive list of misdeeds and Nathan realizes that she must know Dante. Lulu confirms, but never says that he's her husband. Then Dante calls Nathan to discuss his progress and Nathan says he's looking for anything what will connect Franco.

Scotty finds Franco in the parking garage and asks him for the truth about whatever he did to Carly. Franco says he's barking up the wrong tree and the police should be looking into Ava. Scotty says he'll try to point the police in Ava's direction. Later, Scotty runs into Bobby at the police station. Bobby pleads with Scotty to put pressure on Anna to arrest Franco. Scotty takes Bobby into the interrogation room to chat privately. Scotty tries to suggest that there could be other suspects, but Bobby thinks he's just protecting his son and walks out. After Scotty suggests that Dante and Anna look into Ava and orders Anna to do her job!

Felicia and Duke chat at Kelly's about Carly's disappearance and the Jerome's. Felicia reads the latest newspaper headlines and recalls the Jerome's reign of terror from the 80's. The conversation makes Duke a little uncomfortable when Felicia calls him one of the good guys. Then Duke leaves and later Lucy comes into Kelly's and joins Felicia. Lucy confides in Felicia about her sexy dream about Scott. Felicia says it's just a dream and that she has the occasional dream/nightmare about Frisco. Lucy finally admits that she really did sleep with Scotty and explains how it all came to pass. At the end, Lucy says Scott got to her and wonders how long before Kevin figures it out. Then Kevin walks in and shortly after Scotty does to.

Michael goes to the hospital asking if anyone has seen his mother. He starts pressuring one poor nurse and Kiki has to intervene to calm him down. Michael is still convinced that Franco is behind what happened to his mother. Kiki isn't convinced and manages to get him to relax. At the end, Franco approaches Michael and Kiki and swears he had nothing to do with what happened to Carly. Michael replies that he'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Shawn comes to talk to Sonny at the warehouse. Morgan eavesdrops and hears Shawn tell Sonny that he's suspicions about Morgan's loyalty. Sonny says he believes that deep down Morgan loves him. Then Morgan walks in and starts talking about his worries regarding Carly. Shawn heads out to do some recon and after Sonny and Morgan hug. Later, Duke comes to the warehouse and Sonny clues Morgan into Duke's involvement in their plan to take Julian down. They tell Morgan that no one can know that Duke in working with them.

At the end, Anna tells Dante at the police station that Franco's fingerprints were found on the knife. 

End of show!
Enjoy tomorrow preview below!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pathological Buttinski

What's in there?
In this episode Ava comes under fire, Sabrina lies to Patrick about her baby and everyone wonders where Carly is!

Today's Recap- 

Morgan, Dante & Michael find Carly's car in the Metro Court garage. They find blood on the door and a suitcase in the trunk. Michael wonders if Carly's body could be chopped up in the suitcase, but it turns out to be just clothes. Shortly after, Kiki and Franco find Morgan, Dante and Michael in the garage by Carly's car and want to know what's going on. Morgan and Michael think Franco is responsible, so Kiki tells them about the letter from Carly.

Olivia and Sonny kiss and talk in his bedroom. She tells him that Max is coming home soon, but senses something else is bothering Sonny. They talk about Carly, then Morgan and Sonny tells Olivia that she's his rock. Then they hit the sheets and after have pillow talk about Olivia using her visions to see if Morgan is truly done with Ava or not. She says it doesn't work that way. Sonny confides in her that he has his doubts about Morgan being able to just walk away from the Jerome's.

Robin and Elizabeth chat at the hospital about Robin possibly returning to GH as Chief of Staff. Then Robin tells Liz about Sabrina's pregnancy. Liz wonders if Robin is worried that this will effect her relationship with Patrick. Robin replies that she's not sure, especially since Patrick had asked her to have another baby and she said no. Meanwhile, Patrick asks Sabrina if Carlos is her baby daddy at her apartment. Sabrina answers that yes Carlos is the father. Patrick isn't pleased to hear that she slept with Carlos the night of their would be wedding and asks how she can be sure it's not his. Sabrina says she's certain because of the timing. Patrick unhappily accepts her answer and leaves. Once alone, Sabrina is upset about her lie. Carlos hugs her and says it's the best solution for everyone. At the end, Patrick goes to the hospital and tells Robin that the baby isn't his afterall. Robin hugs him in relief and says everything will be okay, but Patrick looks uncertain.

Ava goes to the police station to speak with Nathan. Ava thinks he wanted to talk to her about Carly being missing, but Nathan informs her that he wants to discuss Silas Clay. He starts to get into his suspicions that Silas killed his wife when Dante calls him to come to the Metro Court garage. He tells Ava to wait until he returns and she says she's going to call her lawyer Diane. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam discuss the possibility of Ava trying to murder his wife, Nina, back in the day at Sam's place. Silas isn't sure that Ava is responsible, but Sam asks if he thinks Ava is capable of murder. As their chatting, Ava calls Silas to discuss Nathan's questions. At the end, Sam tells Silas he needs to find out what Ava did in order to prove his innocence.

Felix confides in Brad at the hospital about his guilt over blabbing Sabrina's business to Patrick. It leads into a conversation about Britt's baby and Brad blurts out that he's not the father. Felix asks why he lied and Brad asks why he cares so much. Brad tells Felix he's a "pathological buttinski" and what he and Britt do is their business not his. Then Brad tells Felix to get a life of his own and storms off.

Over at the Metro Court garage, Nathan arrives and tells Dante about Ava thinking he wanted to talk to her about Carly's disappearance. However, Nathan says he doesn't think Ava did anything to Carly. Back at the police station, Morgan sees Ava and tells her about the search for his mother. Morgan also apologizes to Ava and she tells him she'll always have his back. Then Kiki and Michael arrive and see them holding hands. Before they can question what they're seeing, Franco arrives in handcuffs and accuses Ava of hurting Carly. Kiki wants to know if Ava did anything or not. At the end, Dante and Nathan find Heather's bloody knife in the garage!

End of show!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Two of a Kind

Carly's comparison today reminded me this awful movie. Does anyone remember the ill-fated Two of a Kind
In this episode Nathan finally gets to question Silas, Carlos takes ownership of Sabrina's womb and Heather puts her evil plan into motion!

Today's Show - 

Dante and Nathan discuss Silas's case at the PCPD. Shortly after an enraged Silas storms in and grabs Nathan by the collar. Silas is livid about Nathan going to see Sam. Dante breaks it up, but warns Silas he can either answer a few questions or get arrested for assaulting a police officer. Silas decides to answers questions, so Nathan takes him into interrogation. Once alone, Nathan asks Silas to explain what happened to his wife Nina. Silas admits that he was having an affair with Ava when he found his wife unconscious from taking pills. Then Nathan shows Silas a prescription of liquid anti-depressant from that time that was issued to Silas. Nathan says that Silas wrote the prescription himself, but Silas says he never wrote the prescription. Nathan implies that Silas planned to murder his wife for Ava, but Silas says he loved his wife. Then he tells Nathan he's leaving and to call his lawyer next time. Silas walks out, but leaves his cell phone behind and Nathan notices that Ava has called him recently.

Alexis goes to visit Sam at her place to catch up and Sam tells her about Silas's wife. Sam explains how Nathan showed up which lead to Silas confessing that his wife has been in a coma for twenty years. Sam tells Alexis that Silas was suspected of foul play in his wife's overdose. Sam also shares that at the time Silas was having an affair with Ava. Alexis is skeptical, but tries to remain supportive of Sam. Alexis gets called to court and has to leave, but tells Sam she doesn't want her to get hurt before exiting.

Patrick shows up at Sabrina's doorstep in the middle of her conversation with Carlos about the baby. She asks Carlos to hide and then opens the door for Patrick. Patrick comes in and tells her that Felix told him she was pregnant. Sabrina admits that it's true. Patrick says he'll support her in whatever she decides. Carlos eavesdrops and decides to interrupt them. He strolls in and tells Patrick that he's the baby's father, not Patrick. Sabrina isn't pleased and Patrick assumes he's lying.

Michael goes to visit Dante at the police station to see if he can help find Carly. Michael tells Dante about his concerns regarding Franco possibly hurting Carly. Meanwhile, Morgan attacks Julian in the Metro Court parking garage assuming that Julian did something to Carly. Then they get to talking about Ava and Morgan tells Julian about Ava coming to see him at Sonny's restaurant. Later Dante and Michael show up and see them together. Julian pretends to be warning Morgan to stay away from him and leaves.

Kiki thinks Ava did something to Carly outside of Franco's hotel room and questions her about it. Ava is insulted that Kiki would jump to that conclusion. Kiki looks Ava in the eye and says she doesn't trust her or believe anything she says. Ava says she's sorry Kiki feels that way and walks away solemnly. Meanwhile, Franco finds the note Heather left him "from Carly" inside his hotel room. It reads like a Dear John letter and says that she's dumping him and needs to get out of town for a few days. Later, Kiki comes to check on him and he shows her the note. After running it over with Kiki, Franco starts to wonder what would have made Carly change her mind about him.

Heather wants to stab Carly in the boathouse. Carly tries to buy time by saying that she and Heather are two of a kind. However, it doesn't help her and we see Heather go to stab her. In the next scene, we see Heather leaving the boathouse with a bloody knife. Later we see Heather drive Carly's car into the Metro Court parking garage and it appears that Carly could be in the trunk. Later, Heather overhears Dante, Morgan and Michael talking about Carly in the parking garage and she hides beside the car.

At the end, Ava and Julian meet up in his hotel room and compare notes on Carly's disappearance. They wonder who is responsible since they weren't involved. Carlos tells Patrick he got Sabrina pregnant the night she sleep at his place after the wedding debacle. Patrick asks Sabrina if it's true, but she doesn't say anything. Silas goes to see Sam and tells her about the prescription issue. Sam suggests Ava could be involved, meanwhile Nathan calls Ava in for questioning. Franco cries to Kiki that he doesn't know where to being looking for Carly. In the parking garage, Heather makes a run for it before Dante, Michael and Morgan see her. Then the boys notice Carly's vehicle and see blood on the door. Dante pops the trunk, but we don't get to see if Carly's inside or not.

End of show!

I guess Heather is smarter then everyone in Port Charles. I hope this plot wraps up quickly. Where do you think Carly really is?  

Have a great night!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday's Recap: Bleached Blonde Bimbo

End of Cougar love?
I got a little behind on GH this week, but I'm all caught up now. Yesterday was an interesting episode. Morgan insults Ava for Sonny's benefit, Patrick and Robin's reunion gets tested and poor Carly has to fend off a crazed knife wheedling Heather Webber!

Here's What Happened - 

Julian gets an unfriendly visit from Shawn in his hotel room. Shawn holds a gun on him and tells him to stay away from TJ. Julian threatens to tell the police about Morgan shooting Max if Shawn doesn't back off, but Shawn doesn't buy it. He knows that Julian won't incriminate himself. Shawn reminds him again to stay away from TJ or else. Julian says he has no interest in TJ and then takes off.

Michael attacks Franco at Carly's house thinking he had something to do with Carly's disappearance. Kiki tries to calm Michael down and then Franco tries to reason with Michael. However, Michael doesn't believe that Franco is innocent. He leaves Kiki with Franco at Carly's house to search for his mother. Later, Franco and Kiki get to talking and Kiki wonders if Ava had something to do with what happened to Carly.

Sonny isn't pleased to find Morgan with Ava at his restaurant. Morgan pretends he was just trying to break up with Ava and calls her a bleached blonde bimbo. He tells Ava that sleeping with a cougar was too much for him and she needs to get lost. Ava leaves, but warns him that he'll never find another woman like her. Later, Morgan sends Ava an apology text and then Michael shows up to tell them that Carly is missing. Morgan thinks Julian might have done something to Carly and takes off looking for her.

Carlos tries to convince Sabrina that he would make the best father for her baby at her apartment. He tells her that they can leave town so Patrick never finds out and he can stay alive. Carlos think Puerto Rico is the best place for them. Meanwhile at the hospital, Felix can't keep a secret and blabs to Patrick that Sabrina's pregnant. Robin overhears and thinks her happy homecoming is doomed.

Heather is happy that she got Carly to sign a goodbye note at the Quartermaine boathouse, but AJ and Monica end up having an argument outside keeping Heather from delivering it. Monica knows that AJ has been drinking and they discuss how Connie's murder got him on the sauce again. Meanwhile, Heather slips out without them noticing to bring the note to Franco. Carly tries to make noise and AJ wants to check it out, but Monica convinces him that it's just a raccoon. Monica wants AJ to go to an AA meeting, but he says it's hopeless and won't work. Monica invokes Michael's name, which inspires AJ to get to a meeting and they take off together leaving Carly stuck.

Heather makes her way to Franco's hotel room and thinks about when he stabbed her. She slips Carly's note under some papers on his desk and tries to leave. In the hallway, Ava walks by Franco's room but doesn't see Heather. Ava is too busy responding to Morgan's text to notice. Shortly after, Franco and Kiki show up and interrogate Ava about Carly. Kiki asks to speak with her mother alone. Once in private, Kiki asks what Ava knows about Carly's disappearance.

At the end, Felix tells Robin he's sorry that he was the barer of bad news. Sabrina tells Carlos thanks, but no thanks because he's more trouble then she needs. Carlos promises he'll get his life together for her, but then Patrick knocks on the door. Michael has doubts about Morgan's loyalty that he shares with Sonny. Plus, Sonny assures Michael that he'd do anything for Carly. In the Metro Court parking lot, Morgan attacks Julian thinking he hurt his mother. Franco finds the note Heather left for him in his room. At the boathouse, Heather returns and continues to torment Carly with a knife!

End of show!

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