Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Eve Begins

GH jumped ahead a week and it's now New Years Eve in Port Charles.

Quick Recap -

Nik asks Britt to move into Windermere officially with Ben. Britt worries about Lulu's reaction to their relationship and says she doesn't deserve him.

Lulu tells Dante that she wants to make another baby. Dante is delighted and they have sex to commiserate their joy.

Silas tells Sam that Danny's in excellent health and asks her to be his New Year's Eve date. Later, Silas treats a sick veteran and continues to receive calls from a restricted number.

Felix comes home and Sabrina tells him that Patrick chose Robin. Then Felix finds Carlos sleeping in his bed and he's not pleased.

Maxie calls Felicia, Mac and Robin over to tell them that she's leaving Port Charles. Maxie says she needs an Eat, Prey, Love journey!

Sam goes to visit Patrick. They talk about his reunion with Robin and her budding relationship with Silas. They also discuss Ava and her interest in Silas.

At the end, Lulu calls Britt and asks for her help to have another child. The call makes Britt happy and she agrees to move into Windermere. After, Lulu gets a visit from Maxie. Over at the hospital, Silas wants to make a confession to Sam. At the Drake's, Patrick asks Robin if she wants to have another baby. Meanwhile, Sabrina throws up at her apartment and Felix wonders if she's pregnant!

End of show!

What do you think of the friendship developing between Sam & Patrick...could it lead to a romance down the line?

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend!

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