Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There Is No Us!

Go to hell!
On today's show Julian searches for answers about Lucas, Britt & Dr. Obrecht rehash their evil plans and Brad tries to give Dante and Lulu closure!

In this episode - 

Julian pays Alexis a visit at her house. He asks if she knows where Carlos is and Molly overhears their conversation. Julian says that if Sonny ordered Carlos to be killed, it would be Shawn who does it. Hearing that, Molly says she needs to leave for school and makes a hasty exit. After, Julian point blank asks Alexis who Lucas is. He tells her that Sam mentioned him and asks her to explain. Alexis says she can't help him, but Julian thinks she's lying. Alexis finds that funny, since Julian has lied about so many things himself. Julian makes himself comfortable and continues to question her. She tells him to get out, but before he leaves Julian tells Alexis he's not giving up on finding Lucas, Carlos or on them being a couple. Alexis responds, "There is no us!" Then she tells him to go to hell and slams the door.

Shawn and TJ talk at Kelly's over breakfast. TJ asks what was happening at the warehouse last night. They go into the kitchen and Shawn tells TJ it wasn't anything he needs to worry about it. TJ gets worked up and says he's worried it's dangerous. Shawn asks why he's asking these questions now, since he's been working for Sonny for months. Before TJ can answer, Molly shows up and interrupts them. Molly tells TJ about Julian's visit to her house and her fears that Carlos will be killed. TJ worries that if something happens to Shawn he'll end up in foster care. They decide to take action themselves and TJ goes searching for Carlos.

Sonny continues to threaten Carlos at the warehouse. Sonny gags him and then leaves a frustrated Carlos alone to speak with Duke. Sonny asks Duke if he's truly ready to work with him. Duke says that Anna would feel betrayed if she knew he was working with him, but taking Julian down is the only way to protect her. Sonny advises Duke to keep a wide birth so Julian doesn't suspect they're working together. Later, Shawn meets up with them outside of Kelly's and tells them that Carlos isn't related to Lily afterall. Meanwhile, TJ returns to the warehouse looking for Carlos and finds him tied up.

Britt talks to baby Ben about her woes at Windermere. She worries she'll lose him and holds him close. Nikolas comes to talk to her and asks what happened with her mother. Britt tells him that she wants to get her mother a lawyer. Seeing that it's bothering her, Nik says it's okay with him and that he hopes he it makes her feel better. So Britt leaves for the police station to see her mother again.

Dr. Obrecht waits for Britt's aid at the police station. Anna uses the situation to taunt Dr. O with the benefits of a confession. Dante shows up and Dr. Obrecht says she has something important to share with him. Before they can talk, Britt arrives. Dante asks why she was avoiding his calls and if she knows where the embryo's are. Dr. Obrecht encourages Brita to help him if she can. Britt tells Dante that she doesn't know what happened and she's sorry this happened to him. Then she asks to speak with her mother alone. Once in private, Britt is appalled that her mother would give her up. Then we get flashbacks to Feb 2013 when Dr. Obrecht and Britt first planned to get Britt pregnant knowingly using Dante and Lulu's embryo.

Brad and Felix flirt at the hospital. Then Felix tells Brad that he needs to solve the mystery of Dante and Lulu's lost embryo's. Felix tells Brad that they'll both feel better if he can fix this problem for Dante and Lulu. Then Felix leaves Brad to consider his next move. Brad decides to call Dante.

Bobbie and Luke chat with Lulu outside of Kelly's about her missing embryo's. After, Lulu heads over to Windermere to see Nikolas and Luke and Bobby go inside and chat over coffee. Bobby brings up her fears that Julian Jerome will find out that Lucas is his biological son. After hearing the details, Luke says it's possible there is nothing to worry about. Later, Alexis calls Bobby and says that Julian was there asking questions about Lucas. Before Luke can respond, Julian walks into Kelly's.

Over at Windermere, Lulu is pleased to see baby Ben and asks to hold him. She picks him up and tells Nikolas how much she misses having a baby around. Then she tells Nikolas that she and Dante decided to try for another baby and that she needs Britt's help. Before she can tell Nik what for, Lulu gets a call from Dante asking her to come meet him. After she leaves, Nik whispers to baby Ben that he thinks he's in love with Britt.

At the end, Duke goes to the police station to see Anna and he dances around the subject of his rejoining the mob. TJ unties Carlos and sets him free. On his way out of the warehouse, Carlos wrestles with one of Sonny's henchmen and a gunshot goes off. Sonny and Shawn hear it as they make their way to the warehouse door. Back at the PCPD, Britt cries to Dr. Obrecht about her guilt over dating Nikolas knowing she's raising his sister's baby as her own. Dr. O assures her that she made arrangements to cover their asses in case anyone looks into it. Dante and Lulu head over the hospital and Brad shows them paperwork saying that Ellie accidentally destroyed their embryo's months ago.

End of show!

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