Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Verdict Is In

In today's show AJ gets surprising news, Carlos makes a shocking claim to Sonny and Franco's problems with Heather are far from over!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly impatiently waits in Franco's hotel room to surprise him with dinner and tries to call him. Sam shows up to talk to Carly about Julian. Sam tells Carly that she mentioned Lucas to Julian unintentionally. Carly gets worked up and says Bobby will be upset. Sam apologizes and offers to help out if she can. Sam asks what Lucas thinks about all this and asks if he knows that she's his sister. Carly says no and then wants Sam to leave. Sam realizes that Carly is preparing for Franco and asks if Carly is dating him. Carly says yes, but is defensive. Sam thinks it's a bad idea and asks Carly what Jason would think. Carly says that Jason would stand by her, but Sam thinks he would hate her dating a psychopath. Carly freaks and says he not a psychopath. Sam decides to leave, but tells Carly that dating Franco is a terrible idea.

Ava surprises Julian in his hotel room to discuss her concerns about Carlos. Ava is worried about Carlos being off the radar, but Julian thinks he busy consoling Sabrina. Ava says she can't shake a bad feeling regarding Carlos. Then Julian complains about Sam not wanting to see him and her mentioning Lucas. They discuss who Lucas could be and Ava says she only knows of one, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. At the end, Julian says that he doesn't think Sam was talking about Luke. Ava tells him to go ask Sam about this, but Julian thinks it's better if he looks into the matter personally.

Lucy finds Franco in the parking garage of the Metro Court and warns him that Heather is dangerous. Franco tries to conceal Heather's body in the laundry bin and says Heather won't be a problem. He tries to get moving, but then Lucy wants to discuss him bonding with Scotty. Franco tells her that Scott wants nothing to do with him. She decides to go find Scott to talk to him about this. After Lucy leaves, Franco talks to Heather's dead body about how she brought this fate on herself for threatening Carly.

Not Guilty!
Monica and Tracy see on the TV at the Quartermaine's that AJ's verdict is in. Luke pops in just as Monica makes a hasty exit. He asks what's up and Tracy tells him that she is certain AJ will be convicted. Then they discuss Luke's getting Sean Donely the cure. Luke tells her that Sean is showing signs of improvement. Tracy asks about Jerry whereabouts and Luke wonders out loud about who might have helped Jerry escape. Luke says he thinks Ava had something to do with it and tells her about seeing Ava after Jerry's fall. He also mentions the Jerome's ties to the mob. Tracy strongly advises Luke to stay out of it.

At the courthouse, Scotty taunts AJ that he's about to be sentenced to prison for life. Monica shows up to support AJ and Michael tells AJ that he loves him. Court begins and the jury reads their verdict, not guilty! AJ is in disbelief and Scotty is furious with the jury. Scotty turns to AJ and says that he knows AJ is guilty and he'll have to spend the rest of his life living with it. Later, AJ, Monica, Michael and Kiki return to the Q's just as Luke and Tracy are toasting to AJ going to jail. Monica and AJ are happy to prove them wrong. Luke and Tracy are disgusted and leave the room to drink their champagne alone. After Monica, Kiki and Michael decide to celebrate with AJ and Michael tells Kiki in private that he's not sure how to feel about the verdict. At the end, AJ watches TV and sees one of the jurors being interviewed. The woman says that she thinks AJ is guilty, but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. It makes AJ upset and he decides to take a drink.

Over at the park, Sonny and Shawn make Carlos dig his own grave. Carlos starts digging, but asks Sonny to please not do this. Sonny says he would have killed him last week, but he needed to verify his identity. Then Sonny screams at Shawn to "end it" and in a panic, Carlos yells for them to wait. Shawn goes to shoot, but Carlos claims that he's Lily's brother. Carlos says that he was the illegitimate son of one of Lily's father's mistresses. Then Carlos tells Sonny that he is responsible for Lily's death and asks if he can live with killing her brother. Sonny decides to keep Carlos alive until he can prove if this is true or not. At the end, Michael calls Sonny to tell him that AJ was found not guilty and asks Sonny not to take the law into his hands. When they get off the phone we see that Sonny is visiting Lily's grave and he promises her that he won't kill her brother if Carlos is telling the truth.

Lucy finds Scotty in his hotel room drinking over the jury's decision. She scolds him for banishing Franco from his life. Scotty says Franco being his son isn't good news, but Lucy reminds him that it was the tumor that made Franco bad. She also says that not having a father probably made it worst for Franco. Lucy advises Scott to help him, because she thinks Franco is in a bad place in his life. She mentions seeing Franco pushing a laundry cart in the parking garage. Scotty says he can't be a father to Franco now, because his political career has been neutered. Then Scotty says the only thing worth anything in his life right now is her. Lucy tells him that she is separated from Kevin and then they start making out.

At the end, we see Franco take Heather to the cemetery and bury her in an open grave. Carly finally gets him on the phone and he steps away from the buried body to speak with her. Once all is quiet, we see Heather's hand come up from the dirt, proving she's still alive or a zombie! (just kidding, but ya never know) End of show!

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