Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spindly English Succubus

Shhh it's a secret!
In today's show Sonny gets mobular in a snazzy new warehouse, Morgan reappears as a half-naked horny Santa plus Dante & Lulu continue their embryo hunt!

Here's What Happened - 

Dante and Lulu corner Brad at the hospital about the whereabouts of their embryo's. Brad says he doesn't know where they are and suggests they ask Dr. Westborne. They get annoyed and say they already tried to reach her and got nowhere. Dante insists that Brad find her himself, so Brad grudgingly agrees and walks off to find Britt. After Dante and Lulu wait for Brad to return and discuss whether or not they can trust him. They wonder why Britt has gotten back to them yet, so Dante leaves her another message. After Lulu tells him she's scared this a bad omen.

Dr. Obrecht demands over the phone that Brita rescue her from the lair of the, "Spindly English Succubus" or she'll blow the whistle on Britt's baby secret. Britt says she won't help her and that Nikolas already knows everything. Dr. Obrecht taunts her that there is no way he knows the whole truth and asks to speak with him. Right then a shirtless Nik walks in holding baby Ben. Britt hurries off the phone, but not before Dr. Obrecht gives her one hour to come to her aid. Britt tells Nikolas about her mother calling for help and says she needs to go deal with her mother immediately. Britt heads off to the police station and after Brad arrives at Windermere. Nikolas answers the door shirtless, which excites Brad. Nikolas isn't happy to see him. He tells Brad that he knows that he isn't Ben's father and orders him off the property.

Anna runs into Duke at the police as she finishes leaving a message for Robert about their secret. He asks if everything is okay and Anna replies that she's just overwhelmed by Robin's return. Duke suggests they go have dinner or take some time away to recoup, but Anna says she can't because she's got Dr. Obrecht waiting in the interrogation room. Duke says he'll leave so she can deal with Obrecht. After Anna goes into the interrogation room to speak with Obrecht and Dr. Obrecht tells her that she has help on the way. Anna turns around and sees Britt in the doorway. Anna starts lecturing Britt that she shouldn't help her mother, which enrages Dr. Obrecht. She screams at Anna to stay out of her daughter's affairs, so Anna gives up and let's them talk. Once alone, Dr. Obrecht again threatens to spill Britt's secret if she doesn't help her.

Ava leaves a worried voice message for Carlos at her apartment, while Morgan waits for her in a Santa hat and boxer shorts. After she gets off the phone they have exhausting sex and discuss how their not bored with each other. Julian stops by and wants to discuss Carlos's disappearance. Morgan offers to intervene and says he knows of a way to find out where Sonny is holding Carlos. After Morgan takes off and Julian threatens that if Morgan can't deliver he'll have to answer for it. Ava gets upset and threatens Julian in Morgan's defense. Then someone knocks on the door. When Julian answers, it's Duke. They exchange some tense words and then Duke reads Julian a scathing letter of resignation. Julian makes a vague threat toward Anna as Duke goes to leave. Duke turns and dares Julian to make a move, then walks off.

TJ and Molly argue at her house about ending their relationship. The fight is about TJ checking Taylor out at the Christmas festival and Molly slams the door in TJ's face. After, Morgan stops by to speak with Molly. He leads her into a conversation about how Shawn works for Sonny, which is bad for TJ. Molly doesn't understand, so Morgan explains that Shawn does Sonny's dirtiest business and that Carlos is missing. He suggests that TJ could get hurt from being near Shawn. Molly says she always worried about that, but doesn't know how to help. Then Molly suggests that she could follow TJ to see where Shawn is working.

Shawn stands guard as Sonny interrogates a tied up Carlos in an unknown warehouse. They have a tense conversation about Carlos's real identity. Someone buzzes on the warehouse door, so Shawn goes to investigate. When he answers the door, it's TJ looking to talk to Shawn about Molly. Shawn tells him it's not a good time to talk and says he'll see him back at home later. TJ leaves and then Shawn returns to Sonny and they tell Carlos he's going to die. Then Duke shows up to discuss phase two of their plan to take the Jerome's down. TJ heads back to Molly's to give her an early Christmas gift and they make up.

At the end, Dante tells Lulu not to be scared and assures her they'll have a baby at the hospital. Britt runs into Brad at Windermere as he's leaving the island. He tells her that Dante and Lulu know their embryo's are missing. Britt flashes to a conversation with her mother saying that they used Dante and Lulu's embryo to create Ben.  End of show!

Did you ever think you'd hear the word "embryo" so much on GH? Shocked that Ben is Dante and Lulu's baby? Not to toot my own horn, but I guessed that back in September, see my post Be Thankful for What Is

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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