Monday, December 23, 2013

Patrick's Choice

What Does This Mean?
In this episode Max takes a bullet, Emma gets a special Christmas gift and Patrick finally admits what he wants!

Today's Show - 

The warehouse showdown continues with bullets flying everywhere. Sonny shoots Carlos and Shaun takes TJ out of the building. Carlos manages to crawl out of the warehouse and runs for his life. Morgan and Sonny end up coming head to head with guns drawn at each other. Sonny looks shocked to see Morgan pointing a gun at him. Julian screams at Morgan to shoot. Sonny lowers his gun and tries to talk Morgan down. Right then, Max gets in the way and Morgan shoots him unintentionally. Morgan panics saying that he didn't mean to hurt Max, but runs like a coward when Julian orders him to make haste. Sonny tries to help Max and calls for an ambulance.

Santa comes to visit Robin and Emma in the form of Robert at the Drake house! He notices that Robin is downcast and she tells him that she was hoping he was Patrick. Robert starts to rant about how stupid Patrick is being, but Robin asks him not to speak badly about Emma's father. Then Emma sees Robert and immediately knows he's not the real Santa. Anna and Duke get a kick out of Emma and Robert lets her open one of her gifts. Robert gives Emma a didgeridoo and takes her in the back to use it. Then Anna gets a call about a shooting at Sonny's warehouse. Duke gets a little pale hearing it, but stays quiet. Then Anna takes off to investigate. After, Robin puts Emma to bed and Duke texts Sonny that Anna is on the way. Once in private, Robert and Duke start to chat about how good it is that Duke it out of the mob.

Molly waits at Ava's apartment for Julian and Morgan to return. Ava walks in and asks why she's there. Molly explains that Julian and Morgan went to find TJ at the warehouse. At first Ava is very upset, but then after seeing how worried Molly is, Ava tries to assure her everything will be okay. Diane stops by for a visit to tell Ava that she overheard that the police are looking into her. Ava flashes to her conversation with Silas about their mysterious history. Then Morgan and Julian return just as a Diane gets a call from Sonny about Max being shot. Devastated, Diane takes off to the hospital. Julian tells Molly that TJ is fine and sends her on her way. After, Morgan gets emotional thinking about what he did to Max. Ava tries to console him and suggests he makes an anonymous call to the hospital to check on Max. Then Ava rips into Julian about the terrible mess he made and worries about where Carlos is.

Patrick comes to see Sabrina at her apartment. She is surprised to see him. At first they make some idle chat and Sabrina hands him a Christmas gift. Patrick gets a little emotional and tells her that he is going back to Robin. Sabrina realizes she's the loser and starts to cry. Patrick feels terrible that he hurt Sabrina and hopes that she will be able to forgive him once day. Sabrina tells him that she does forgive him and says goodbye. She tells him to go and gives him presents to bring to Emma. Then she hands him their wedding rings back and Patrick walks out. Once alone, Sabrina breaks into more tears. At the end, a bloody Carlos bangs on Sabrina's door for help.

Over at Kelly's, Shaun and TJ arrive safely but are in shock over what happened. Shaun lectures TJ about how dangerous it was for him to be at the warehouse. TJ tells Shaun that what they were doing to Carlos was wrong. Then Molly shows up and tells them that Max was shot. Back at the warehouse, Sonny gets Max in the ambulance. He wants to go with him, but Anna tells Sonny to stay put. She asks him what happened. Sonny won't speak, but Anna guesses it has something to do with Julian Jerome. Sonny claims that Max was shot by accident when he was cleaning his gun. Anna doesn't buy it and asks Sonny to explain the extensive shell casings and blood. He can't, so she arrests Sonny and reads him his rights.

Sam and Silas start to discuss their holiday plans at the hospital when Silas gets called to examine Rafe. Rafe's hand is all cut up and he says he punched a wall, because of Molly. He tells Sam and Silas that his plan to break Molly and TJ up failed and seems to have brought them closer together. Then Silas get a call from a restricted number on his cell. Seeing it makes him flash his conversation with Ava. Silas ignores the call and tries to reengage in Sam and Rafe's conversation, but then the restricted number calls again. Before he can decide whether or not to answer it, Silas gets called to help Max when he arrives at the hospital. Silas leaves his cell phone behind. Sam and Rafe notice that it's ringing again and wonder who is trying to reach him.

Back at the Drake's, Patrick finally shows up. He tells Robin that he's finally home and sorry he kept her waiting. Robin asks what this means. Patrick answers that, "He wants her back, if she'll have him!" Robin says of course and they finally kiss! End of show!

Are you happy Robin & Patrick are finally reunited?

In case you missed it, today's show is below!

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  1. So glad that SCRUBS are reunited. This Sabrina thing is ridiculous. Obviously Patrick had to be shamed into removing his wedding ring that doesn't sound like a man who was truly in love with and committed to the woman he was dating. For the writers to turn Patrick's decision into this big soul searching is stupid. He cared for Sabrina because she was there for him and turned her life upside down to accommodate him and his daughter something Robin didn't do and he was challenged by her. Plus the age difference Sabrina is way too young for Patrick and the immaturity showed. Hope the writers put the Sabrina thing in the past and reunite her with Carlos where clearly there is a spark between the two actors in contrast with Patrick where there is no spark. Jason and Kimberly have that chemistry that Jason doesn't have with the actress that plays Sabrina. Come on writers give us something that makes sense!!!!

  2. It took awhile, but I'm also happy their back together!


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