Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Patrick, I'm Alive!

Are you real?
In this episode Luke and Jerry take a fall, Sonny makes plans to take Julian out and Patrick finally talks to Robin!

Today's Show - 

A shocked Patrick finally sees Robin as Emma runs to her at the church. Emma and Robin tell each other that they love one another. Then Patrick slowly walks over to Robin, while everyone in the church stares at them. He asks her, "Is this real?" Robin answers, "Patrick I'm alive!" Sabrina watches them, while leaning on Felix in disbelief. Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Liz and Epiphany are all happy to see Robin. Robin explains to Patrick that she's been locked up, but was desperately trying to get back to him and Emma. Robin reminds him of her various attempts to call to him. Patrick apologizes for not thinking it was real. Robin explains that she was Nik's mysterious nanny on Halloween and that the danger is finally over. Then Patrick kisses Robin in front of everyone, while Sabrina watches in tears.

Sabrina runs from the church crying and Robin urges him to go after her. Robin tells Patrick that it's obvious he truly loves Sabrina. Robin promises him that she won't go anywhere and will wait for him, so Patrick goes to chat with Sabrina. After he leaves, Robin finally gets to hug Mac and then Felicia. Meanwhile, Sabrina runs to the dressing room hysterical. Felix follows her and gives her a drink. Felix says that this isn't fair and it's okay for Sabrina to feel this way. Sabrina cries that Patrick will never be hers, even after everything they've been through to get to the alter.

Luke dangles Jerry's cure over the balcony at the Metro Court. Luke demands that Jerry let Bobby go or he'll drop the cure. Jerry lets Bobby run to Carly, then he drops his gun and asks that Luke hand over the vile. Luke calls his bluff and they end up wrestling. Their fight ends up taking both Jerry and Luke over the balcony, while Bobby and Carly watch in horror. Carly looks over the balcony and sees Luke hanging onto the railing. Her and Bobby help him back over and after Carly scolds Luke for gambling with Bobby's life. Bobby interjects and says she knew it was a bluff, even though it was a little too close for comfort. Luke says the cure is for Sean Donely, but he never would have let anything happen to Barbara Jean. Then he decides to go look for Jerry's body to be sure he's really dead.

Sonny tells Shawn at his office that it's time to send Julian a message. Sonny indicates that he's ready to send Julian on a permanent vacation. They discuss options and Sonny says they need to attack someone Julian loves, since Danny needs Julian alive. Shawn thinks they should go after Ava, but Sonny thinks killing Ava would alienate him even more from Morgan and Michael. Then Shawn suggests that they use Duke to get to Julian. Sonny agrees that Duke probably hates Julian as much as they do and might want to partner up.

Ava and Julian chat in the lobby of the Metro Court while Ava sips a martini. Julian teases her and says, "Where's Morgan tonight; studying for the SAT's?" Ava changes the subject and wonders why Duke hasn't confronted them yet. Julian laughs and says he can't wait to see the look on Duke's face when he realizes the truth. Then he says the real threat is Sonny. Ava notes that he's untouchable because of Danny, so Julian reminds her that she doesn't share the same luxury. Julian torments her that Sonny could take her out at anytime. Then they hear a crash outside and run to see what it is. Once outside, Julian and Ava find Jerry lying unconscious on the ground. They shake Jerry awake and although badly injured Jerry asks them to help him escape. Later, Luke runs downstairs and finds that Jerry is gone. Ava comes over to him and plays coy when Luke asks where Jerry went.

Duke waits for Anna in her office at the police station. When Anna arrives, she is visibly shaken and they discuss all that Robin endured while she was presumed dead. Duke senses something is off and asks what happened to Faison. Anna dances around the subject and answers that she left Faison with Robert. Then she tells Duke that she doesn't want to talk about Faison anymore. After, Anna informs Duke that Derek Wells is really Julian Jerome. Duke is shocked, so Anna explains that the WSB and Robert helped Julian fake his death. The news enrages Duke and he says that Julian has been playing with him this whole time. Duke decides he wants to kill Julian. Anna stops him and says she can't lose him again. She begs him to let the police handle it and asks him to promise her that he'll stay away from Julian. Duke tearfully promises her that he will. Then Anna and he say they love each other and she leaves to go find Robin.

At the end, Julian rides off with Jerry in his limo and tells him that if he survives, Jerry owes him big time. Sonny calls Duke to discuss Julian Jerome. Bobby and Carly take a moment in the restaurant and Carly wonders why no one arrived for the wedding reception yet. Back at the church, everyone is thrilled to see Robin, but feels bad for Sabrina. Anna arrives and Mac tells Anna that he understands why her and Robert kept the secret from him. In the dressing room, Sabrina is destroyed and certain that Patrick will dump her now. Then Patrick walks in to speak with her. End of show!

Finally everyone knows Robin is alive, thank goodness! Did you feel bad for Sabrina? 

Have a great night!

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