Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Continues

New Year, New Start!
In this episode New Year's Eve continues with Robin and Patrick recommitting to one another. Maxie tries to make peace with Lulu and Sabrina gets some surprising news!

Today's Show - 

Maxie goes to visit Lulu to say goodbye. Maxie makes a sincere apology and asks for Lulu's forgiveness. Lulu says she wants to, but she can't yet. Lulu also shares with Maxie that she asked Britt to help her and Dante have another baby. At the end, Maxie says she hopes her time away will help heal the damage to their friendship, then she leaves. When Maxie gets home she starts to pack up her things, but then a mysterious and very handsome stranger knocks on her door.

At the Drake's, Patrick asks Robin if she wants to have another baby. Robin says she's not ready to have another child and she needs time to bond with him and Emma. Robin suggests they renew their vows instead. Patrick agrees that it's a good idea and says they should do it tonight!

Silas wants to make a confession to Sam at the hospital, but he's interrupted by Monica. She's upset, because Silas was listed as a potential replacement for Monica as chief of staff. Silas says he had nothing to do with his name being on the list, so Monica asks him to take his name out of the running. At the end, Silas thinks being Chief of Staff could be a good opportunity for him. Sam asks what he wanted to tell her, but he chickens out and claims he's just happy she's going to be his NYE date.

Dante runs into Britt and baby Ben at the hospital. They discuss Lulu's decision to try IVF again. Britt apologizes for her past lies and promises Dante that she'll do anything she can to help them have another baby. At the end, Dante holds little Ben and tells Britt that he can't wait to be a father. Then Lulu shows up and they all go to get started on their new family. Once their in the exam room, Britt notices a potential problem on the ultrasound.

Despite her insistence that it can't be true, Felix convinces Sabrina to take a pregnancy test at their apartment. At the end, Felix and Sabrina look and of course the test is positive! 

End of show!

Enjoy today's show below!

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  1. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Pleeeeease Sabrina isn't the only one who wants to hurl at this new plot. Really did they have to make her pregnant? How stupid! Poor Robin nothing mentioned of the hell she went through just about poor Sabrina. Sabrina and Felix behave like highschoolers. Patrick is a grown man and a doctor he needs a wife like Robin to challenge him not a doormat like Sabrina. Never saw them as a romance it was more like marry the babysitter so I have a wife who kisses butt and takes care of my kid. Patrick's true love is Robin and it always will be!!!!!!!!


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