Monday, December 2, 2013


What do I do?
In today's show Jerry holds Bobby hostage, Anna and Robert debate killing Faison and Robin finally makes contact with her family!

Here's What Happened - 

Patrick and Sabrina's wedding ceremony continues, while Robin waits outside the church door. She listens to Lucy perform the ceremony and waits for the right moment to make her entrance. Mac gets up and reads a tender passage in tribute to their romance, then Sabrina and Patrick start their vows. Sabrina talks about her lonely childhood and how meeting Patrick was like a real life fantasy. She thanks Patrick for giving her love and a family with Emma. Patrick tells Sabrina that he was lost after Robin died, but that she gave him his life back. Robin looks on in tears. Then they exchange rings. Emma joins them at the alter to light wedding candles together and Epiphany sings for everyone.

Britt plays nursemaid to Nikolas in his bedroom at Windermere. They discuss they situation with Faison and assume it's nearly over. Britt says she is anxious to get back to work. Nik asks what she makes and says maybe he can make her a better offer. She promises to be his on call doctor if he needs it. She thanks him again for everything he's done for her and they kiss. After Nik calls Leslie to check on Ben and Spencer. Nik chats with Spencer on the phone while Britt listens. Britt gets forlorn thinking of seeing Ben again so Nikolas asks what's wrong. She tells him that Ben has been through too much already, which makes Nik annoyed at Brad for not helping out with his son. In response Britt admits to him that Brad isn't Ben's father. Nikolas gets upset, but Britt corrects herself and says she doesn't "think" of Brad as her baby's father. She explains again that it was just an arrangement. Nik apologizes for talking about Brad and asks Britt if they can just sit together. He tells her that she means a lot to him and asks her to spend the night with him. Britt tears up and says she isn't sure, but Nikolas promises it doesn't have to be sexual, he just wants to be with her.

Anna tells Robert in the stables that she wants to kill Faison. She says they have to finish this, like they should have done years ago. Robert debates with her, but Anna lists the many reasons why she knows she needs to end Faison's life. Anna rants to Robert about how Faison always escapes and always ruins their happiness. Robert agrees that Faison will always be a threat, but argues the downside of cold blooded murder. Anna says that she has thought about the consequences of her actions and she's fine with them, if it means Robin and Emma will be safe. Robert finally agrees and says if they're going to do this, they'll kill him together. Then they point they're guns and prepare to shoot Faison.

Jerry holds Bobbie hostage in Luke's hotel room and orders Luke over the phone to bring him the cure. Luke taunts him that he's got the cure, but says he's giving it to Sean Donely. Jerry threatens to hurt Bobby if Luke doesn't deliver it. After Jerry takes Bobby down to the Metro Court restaurant and they run into Carly. Jerry pulls a knife and orders Carly to stay back. Jerry tells Carly that he's waiting on Luke and won't let Bobby go until Luke arrives with the cure for him. Then Luke shows up holding up a vile in his fingers. Carly demands that Luke appease Jerry to save Bobby. Luke tells Jerry that the cure is for Sean, but he's on the list for the next batch. Jerry gets angry and holds the knife to Bobby's throat.

At the end, Britt and Nikolas cuddle on his bed together. They dose off and later Britt wakes from a bad dream. Nikolas says everything is okay now, because there aren't anymore secrets weighting them down. At the stables, Anna and Robert hug about how they did the right thing. However, we don't see if they really killed Faison or not. Jerry's helicopter arrives and he threatens to toss Bobby over the balcony if Luke doesn't comply. In response, Luke says he'll toss the cure over the balcony if Jerry doesn't let Bobby go. Over at the church, Sabrina and Patrick say I do and just as Lucy is about to pronounce them husband and wife, Emma sees Robin. She yells, "Mommy!" and runs into Robin's arms. Everyone in the church looks on in disbelief and poor Patrick is stunned! End of show!

Did you like the reunion? Enjoy it below!

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