Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mafia Wars

Bang Bang, he shot me down!
Quick Recap -

Luke and Bobby encounter Julian Jerome at Kelly's. Lucas calls Bobby while Julian is standing there, so Luke pretends he "butt dialed" her to keep Julian from getting suspicious. Later, Julian leaves and Bobby & Luke reminisce about Ruby!

Patrick asks that Robin bring Emma home for the holidays and gives her his key to the house. Patrick tells her that he will stay at the hospital until everything is resolved. Later, Patrick runs into Sam. She advises him to follow his heart, because she thinks he already knows who he wants.

Robin returns home and is later joined by Emma, Anna and Duke. Anna shares with Robin that she shared a similar dilemma with Duke & Robert as Patrick is with her and Sabrina. At the end, they all decorate for Christmas and hang stockings. Someone knocks on the door and although we don't see who, Robin smiles when she sees them.

Molly goes to Morgan for help with TJ. She tells Morgan and Ava that Carlos is probably at Uncle Sonny's warehouse. Ava gets an urgent call from Silas, so she leaves Morgan to deal with it. After, Julian shows up. He tells Molly that he and Morgan will take care of it.

Silas and Sam share a kiss at the hospital when Silas gets a mysterious phone call. He tells Sam it's about one of his patients, but once alone he calls Ava for an urgent chat. Shortly after, Ava arrives and they tensely discuss an unknown incident from their past in NYC. 

A shootout at the warehouse ensues and Carlos takes TJ hostage. When Sonny and Shawn arrive they find TJ with a gun pointed at his chest. Carlos tells them he's using TJ to escape with his life, but then Max shows up and puts a gun in Carlos's back. Sonny orders Carlos to drop his weapon, but then Morgan and Julian arrive with their guns drawn at Sonny. Julian fires, but don't see if anyone gets hit.

Sabrina pines over Patrick at her apartment while wrapping Christmas presents. Felix comes home and they discuss her woes. Felix suggests that she come to North Carolina with he and Taylor for the holidays, but Sabrina decides to stay in Port Charles. At the end, Patrick comes to talk with her.

End of show!

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