Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Dante's Fault!

Thanks Dad!
I've caught an awful cold and can't bring myself to do a full recap today. :(

Quick Recap - 

Sonny and Dante discuss Dante's troubled marriage with Lulu and his grief over losing baby Connie. Sonny tells Dante that he will always be there for him and advises him to work on his marriage with Lulu.

Franco goes to Kevin for mental health help and confesses that he killed Heather. After hearing the details, Kevin thinks it's a one time mistake and offers to take him on as a patient.

Carly visits Lulu and they discuss Lulu losing baby Connie. Lulu blames Dante, but Carly advises her to lean on Dante. Then Carly asks Lulu to consider giving Franco a job.

Lucy and Scott discuss her wanting to get back with Kevin. Scotty wants more from Lucy, but she asks if they can stay friends. Scott isn't pleased, but says okay and tells her not to confess their tryst to Kevin.

Spinelli tells Sam about his plans to move to Portland with Ellie. Sam is sad to lose him, but advises him to follow his heart.

Maxie and Robin vent to each other about Spinelli moving away and Robin's drama with Patrick. Maxie feels certain that Patrick will chose Robin. Then Spinelli drops by and is overjoyed to see Robin.

At the end, Lucy finds Kevin and they decide to fix their marriage. Franco tells Carly that he found someone who gave him hope. Spinelli decides to move officially and Dante tells Lulu that they need to try to have another baby!

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P.S According to Soaps In Depth, Spinelli & Ellie are leaving GH for good. 
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  1. I will really miss Spinelli and I'm sad that he and Maxie will never reunite now.


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