Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Still Love You

We're through!
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Patrick goes to speak with Sabrina in the church dressing room. Sabrina tells Patrick that, "We're through!" Patrick is emotional and tells her that he never wanted to hurt her. Sabrina hands him their wedding rings, but he won't take them. He responds by saying, "Sabrina I still love you!" Sabrina tells him that he needs to chose her or Robin. Patrick asks her for a little time to sort through his feelings. She tells him to go back to Robin.

Lucy, Epiphany, Liz, Felicia and Mac are overjoyed to see Robin at the church. Sam and Robin have a chat about Jason and Robin assures Sam that Faison won't hurt anyone anymore. Anna overhears and looks upset. Later, Robin thanks Lucy for bringing back the Nurse's Ball with Sabrina at the helm. Then Liz and Robin have a chat about Patrick's feelings for Sabrina.

Felix and Brad share a bonding moment outside of Sabrina's dressing room. They try to eavesdrop on Sabrina and Patrick and come close to kissing. Then Patrick opens the door and tells Felix that Sabrina is going to need him. Felix runs to Sabrina's side. Sabrina asks Felix if she should wait for Patrick or not, while Brad stands outside the room. At the end, Sabrina takes off when Felix isn't looking.

Carlos and Julian talk on the docks about Sabrina and Robin's return from the dead. Julian suggests that Carlos be Sabrina's shoulder to cry on during this tough time. Later, Sam and Silas take a walk on the docks and talk about "what if" Jason isn't really dead. They run into Julian and Carlos. Sam gives Julian a piece of her mind with Silas chiming in as well. Sam says she wants nothing to do with him and neither will Lucas. Then she walks away, leaving Julian wondering who Lucas is. At the end when he's alone, Sabrina runs into Carlos's arms in tears.

Carly informs Bobby at the Metro Court that Jerry and Luke are missing in action. They get to talking and Carly tells Bobby that Julian Jerome is alive. Bobby isn't pleased and says Tony was the only father Lucas ever knew. Later, Julian storms into the hotel thinking about Sam's comment about Lucas. Carly sees him and points him out to Bobby.

Duke goes to Sonny's office to discuss their mutual hatred for Julian Jerome. Duke says he supports Sonny in targeting Julian, but he promised Anna he'd stay out of it. Duke tells Sonny that Carlos Rivera is important to Julian. The name Rivera is familiar to Sonny and he says he needs to run a background check Carlos. Then Sonny asks Duke to come work for him.

Patrick returns to the church to see Robin. Everyone else clears the room to give them privacy and Anna advises Patrick and Robin to take their time. Once alone, Robin kisses Patrick again. Patrick tells her that he doesn't know what's next, but asks if she will come home with him and Emma. Robin gets emotional, but says she can't pretend to be normal when Sabrina is such a big part of his life. Anna returns with Emma and suggests that Robin and Emma have a girl's night to process things. Before she leaves, Patrick and Robin tell each other, "I love you!"
End of show!

I'm convinced that Faison is still alive or something happened that Anna isn't saying. What do you think is going on?

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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  1. I also think Faison is alive and must have told Anna something to stop her from killing him. He's too good of a baddie for TPTB to kill off!!!!!


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