Monday, December 9, 2013

Heather No More

Bye Bye!
Quick Recap - 

Robin goes to talk to Sabrina about Patrick. Both women are polite to one another, but are uncomfortable. Robin thanks Sabrina for taking good care of Emma. Sabrina tells her that she would never try to take her place. Then Robin asks Sabrina to help her get Patrick back by letting him go. Sabrina is overwhelmed by Robin's request, but Robin implores Sabrina to help her get her family back.

Patrick warns Carlos to stay away from Sabrina, but Carlos doesn't scare easily. He tells Patrick he'll be the one to pick Sabrina up when Patrick finally dumps her. Patrick takes off and heads to the hospital. Epiphany speaks with him and Patrick admits that he loves both Robin and Sabrina. Epiphany hugs him and tells him she understands how hard this situation is for him.

Shawn tells Sonny that Carlos is not related to Lily. So they decide to go visit Carlos in person. They knock on Carlos's door and Sonny tells Carlos that he's taking him on a ride. They take Carlos to the park to execute him, but make Carlos dig his own grave first.

Diane isn't happy when AJ wants to take the stand in his own defense. AJ politely fires Diane, so he can speak for himself without going against her wishes. When he takes the stand, AJ admits to getting drunk and hating Connie, but passionately says he can't remember killing Connie. After Scotty cross examines AJ and suggests that it's a little convenient that AJ doesn't remember. At the end, AJ thanks Michael and Kiki for their support and Scotty tells them the verdict is in.

Ellie and Spinelli tell Maxie about Ellie's job offer in Oregon. They tell Maxie that they don't feel it's right to leave her, but Maxie tells them they should go. She says that it will be easier that way so she won't be tempted to see the baby. At the end, Maxie says she knows this is the right decision and they thank her.

Heather tries to stab Carly in the shower, but Franco foils her plans. He takes her knife and puts it to Heather's throat. She admits to pretending to call him for an interview to get to Carly alone. The truth angers Franco and he stabs Heather until she dies. Heather falls dead on his bed and he drags the body away so Carly won't see it. He puts Heather in one of the hotel laundry bins, but Diane comes up behind him and asks what he's doing. He pretends it's part of an art project and quickly gets Heather's body on the elevator!

End of show!

Are you sad Heather's dead?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!


  1. not sad at all! the heather stuff was overkill months ago!

  2. AJ: Thank you for everything. You've been great. *kiss* You're fired!

    That was the best part of the show!


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