Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Ready for 2014!
GH will be a rerun today, but according to the ABC GH Blog here's what's on tap for the start of 2014!


A new year brings a new beginning for Patrick and Robin -- and new problems for Sabrina and Carlos.


A devastating development pushes Dante and Lulu to the brink on New Year's Eve. Could this be one challenge too many as 2014 begins?


As Maxie prepares to take a trip of self-discovery, she meets a sexy detective who reveals the stunning truth about Silas' past.


One couple celebrates New Year's Eve by taking their relationship to the next level. But will the past catch up with them in the new year?

So what was your favorite GH moment of 2013? Mine was definitely the Nurse's Ball!

Have a happy & safe New Year's!


  1. My favorite part was that Nikolas returned as a regular!!!!

  2. Ditto!!!! My favorite was Nikolas returning to
    GH and Robin and Robert returning to GH. Now all we need is for Luke and Sabrina to leave and Laura to return and it will be the best GH ever.


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