Sunday, December 1, 2013

GH December 2013 News, Rumors & Spoilers


According to General Hospital Happenings here is what's coming up for December! As always...take with a grain of salt!

Some News

Robert Scorpio leaves town not long after the reunion with Robin on another adventure.

Juan Santiago may stick around longer than expected.

According to SID, Sean Kanan says he is still on contract and isn't going anywhere.
AJ still wants to win back Liz and Michael.

Update: Spinelli & Ellie are leaving GH this month.

Update: Ryan Carnes is reprising his role as Lucas Jones, Read here --> Lucas Returns!

Some Rumors

New Year's Eve will be a big event with a lot of activity spread over several days.

The mob war heats up in a big way.

In all likelihood, the lie about Baby Ben will not be revealed prior to February--however, viewers will know the truth much sooner.

Robin's successful research, once revealed, will garner a lot of attention...and money.

Could there be more behind the explanation that Sabrina gave regarding why there are no photos of her mother?

Ava is up to dirty tricks in her attempt to keep Sam and Silas apart, including using Sam's greatest weakness against her, and Silas' secret past.

The Spoilers

Patrick and Sabrina don't complete their wedding.

Patrick will see Robin on his wedding day, thanks to Emma.

Robin's return has Sam thinking of Jason, praying for him to return from the dead as well.

Bobbie is unhappy about Carly's involvement with Franco.

Felix does his best to console Sabrina.

An attempted hit on Shawn goes wrong.

Sonny has Shawn dig up info about Carlos.

Sonny intends to send Julian a strong message.

Maxie and Robin offer each other words of encouragement.

Ellie has a new career opportunity

Sam learns how Faison was involved in Jason's demise.

Maxie's guardian angel keeps close watch over her.

Robin goes to Georgie's grave site.

The jury is adjourned in AJ's trial and later reaches a shocking decision.

Franco scrambles to hide a body.

Are you looking forward to watching this month?

Happy Holidays!


  1. So far it's been a pretty dull month!!!

  2. Tyler looks great in this photo. Kelly looks adorable. More Nikolas please!!!!!


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