Thursday, December 5, 2013

Georgie's Back...Again, Again!

Sweetest ghost sister ever!
Quick Recap -

Sonny and Shawn talk more about Julian Jerome and how to get control of the situation. Sonny believes finding out who Carlos really is, is the key to undermining the Jerome's. He shares with Shawn some of his history with the Rivera's, re: Lily and her father. Sonny then asks Shawn to investigate Carlos.

Robin and Anna chat about Patrick and Emma. Anna believes Patrick will come back to her sooner or later and advises Robin to give Patrick some time to adjust. Robin isn't as confident and decides to take a walk to clear her head.

Patrick goes to work and Felix tells him that Sabrina is missing. Felix finally gets through to Sabrina and she tells him that she spent the night with Carlos. She asks Felix not to tell Patrick where she is. Patrick gets suspicious and pressures Felix to tell him where Sabrina is.

Ellie helps Mac understand why Maxie is off the radar. Mac thinks that if he can find Maxie to tell her that Robin is alive, it will make her feel better. Later, Mac leaves to go see Anna and Ellie gets a troubling phone call.

Maxie goes to Georgie's grave to talk to her about the pain she's in. Maxie is suicidal and prepared to take a lot of pills. Ghost Georgie arrives to talk Maxie out of it. However, Maxie is so lost in her own head that she can't see Georgie. At the end, Robin senses that she needs to go to the cemetery. She sees Maxie just as Maxie is about to take the pills.

Sabrina wakes up in Carlos's bed with no memory of what happened. However, all they did was drink Tequila and pass out. She thanks Carlos for helping her and says she wants to go find Patrick. Carlos tells her that her relationship with Patrick is over. Carlos tells Sabrina he loves her and kisses her just as Patrick walks up to the door and sees them.

End of show!

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