Monday, December 16, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

See you on the flip side!
In this episode Britt and Nik hit the sheets, Dante & Lulu search for their missing embryo's and Spixie says a touching goodbye!

Today's Show - 

Maxie shuts the door in Spinelli's face when he brings the baby to see her. Spinelli yells for her to open the door and says he wants to risk her having a visit, because he has to leave tonight. Maxie decides to open the door afterall and Spinelli hands her the baby to hold. Spinelli tells her that he would like to rename Connie, Georgie. After, Spinelli talks about his long ago crush on Maxie that led to them becoming friends. Maxie tells him that they're friendship brought out the good in her. Spinelli says she was the first girl he ever loved. They tell each other that they still love one another and kiss. At the end, Maxie says he belongs with Ellie, but she'll always wonder what could have been. Spinelli tells her that she'll always have a piece of his heart. Then we get a touching series of flashbacks of their relationship over the years...sniff! 

Dante and Lulu aren't pleased to learn their embryo's are missing at the lab. Ellie doesn't know what happened and they all try to figure out where they went. Ellie remembers that Britt would have had access to the lab during the time the embryo's were stored. Dante suggests they ask Britt directly, so he leaves a message on Britt's phone. After Ellie says she has to leave, but will help them in anyway she can. Lulu and Dante wish her well and decide they need to figure out what happened to their DNA!

Anna brings Dr. Obrecht to the Port Charles police station and wants her to write down all of her crimes. Dr. Obrecht refuses and says she wants to call Faison. Anna tells her that it's not possible for her to talk to Faison. Dr. Obrecht demands to know why, so Anna explains it will never be allowed because of their dangerous relationship. Obrecht gets suspicious and wonders if Anna did something to Faison. Anna calls her bluff and hands her the phone. At the end, Anna leaves a message for Robert telling him about Obrecht's attempt to contact Faison.

Britt admits to Nikolas that Brad isn't her baby's father at Windermere. Nikolas isn't happy that she lied and demands to know who the real father is. Britt starts to cry and admits that she stole DNA samples from the lab to get pregnant. She asks if he can forgive her. Nikolas gets emotional and says that he can, but she needs to stop lying to him and stop hiding who she is from him. He kisses her again and says he's not going anywhere. They make their way up to his bedroom and make a little love! After, Britt says, "So we're really doing this; full steam ahead?" Nikolas answers yes and jokingly pinches her, so she knows it's for real.

Duke comes to see Sonny at the gym. He tells Sonny his offer to take down Julian Jerome is attractive, but he has to refuse due to his relationship with Anna. Sonny understands, they shake hands and then Duke leaves. Right as Duke is walking out the door, Julian sneaks in another entrance and points a gun at Sonny. Julian demands to know where Carlos is. Sonny says if anything happens to him, Julian will be the first suspect. Meanwhile, Duke listens from outside the door and grows angry when Julian threatens to kill Anna, Dante or any cop that tries to take him down. Julian decides to walk out and after Duke tells Sonny he wants to join forces afterall to protect Anna.

Felix asks Brad to be an elf while he's Santa for the hospital pediatrics unit. Brad agrees and they go to change into their costumes together. The naked closeness makes them almost kiss, but Felix pulls back and they get dressed for the kids. Later, Dante and Lulu find Brad in this hospital hallway and ask what he knows about their missing embryo's.

At the end, Dr. Obrecht calls Britt and insists that she help her, because she knows everything about Brita's baby. At Maxie's place, Ellie arrives to get Spinelli. Before they leave, Maxie gives Spinelli her and Georgie's baby shoes for her daughter. He tells her to keep one for the next time she sees little Georgie. Then they leave for Portland and Maxie sinks into the couch crying. End of show!

I have to admit that Spinelli and Maxie's scenes today were touching! How do you feel about Spinelli leaving?

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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  1. Great spixie scenes today! It made me remember all the GH history that Spinelli has been a part of. Let's hope he returns someday. Kudos to the writing team for leaving it open for him to come back & not killing him off only to resurrect him from the dead.

    1. I have long enjoyed Spinelli. This fictional character has warmed the hearts of so many and taught many to embrace the differences of others. He will be one of the few character of recent years I will miss. Many other newbies come and go but there is only one Jackal.


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