Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday's Show - Leaving for Portland!

Marry Britt Dad!
I'm still feeling under the weather and not into doing a full recap. 

Here's the highlights of Friday's show:

Leslie tells Nik she knows he lied to her about Faison at Windermere and Nik gives Leslie Heather's Egg Salad painting. Spencer likes Britt so much, he tells Nikolas to marry her. Plus, we get reminded that Sonny is Spencer's uncle. Nik and Britt come close to making love, but she stops to share some truth with him about Ben!

Dante talks Lulu into trying to have another baby. They go to the lab for their remaining embryo's and Ellie informs them that their missing.

Sonny and Olivia discuss how great Dante is and get a visit from Spencer and Leslie!

Mac & Felicia try to cheer Maxie up with some holiday fun.

Silas, Rafe and Taylor help decorate Sam's apartment for Christmas. Then Molly and TJ join the party and random teenage angst ensues! 

Ellie tells Spinelli that her new job starts immediately. Spinelli goes to say goodbye to Sam and then visits Maxie with baby Connie.

Enjoy Friday's GH Below!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love this little boy who is playing Spencer. Definitely need to keep him!! He meshes with Tyler's Nikolas and with Kelly's Britta. Love to see Leslie and Nik and Leslie and Spencer. Great show.

  2. Yes I agree, he's a little cutie pie!


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