Friday, December 6, 2013

Filler Friday

Poor Me!
In this episode Robin saves Maxie from committing suicide, Ava tries to get in Sonny's good graces and Patrick gets macho with Carlos!

Today's Show - 

Robin visits Maxie at the cemetery. Maxie doesn't think it's real and screams for Robin to get away from her. Maxie starts ranting about how she killed Robin, so Robin slaps her to prove she's real. Maxie is relived to learn that she didn't kill Robin. They start talking and Maxie fills Robin in on the baby drama. Robin comforts Maxie and then they discuss Patrick and Sabrina's wedding disaster. Maxie tells Robin to fight for Patrick. Robin asks Maxie to promise her that she won't ever think of attempting suicide again. Maxie agrees and Robin decides to go after her man.

Michael, Kiki, AJ and Diane prepare for court with Scotty at the courthouse. Outside of the courtroom, Ava and Sonny run into each other. Sonny accuses her of turning Morgan against him and threatens that he'll get her back. Ava tries to win points with Sonny, by saying she is going to testify against AJ. Later, court begins and Ava tells the court about seeing AJ drunk at The Floating Rib before Connie was killed. Diane asks if she has any proof that AJ killed Connie. Ava says no and court is briefly recessed. After Ava asks Kiki to lunch, but Kiki shuts her down. Inside the courtroom, Sonny warns Michael to watch his loyalty to AJ, because AJ is going down. At the end, AJ demands to be put on the stand in his own defense.

Carly and Franco make out in his hotel room and then chat about what happened with Jerry. Franco shares with her that Scott basically rejected him as his son. Carly brings up her troubled relationship with her bio-dad and suggests that there is still hope for Franco and Scott. They end up in the bedroom and after a little sexual activity, Carly asks if Franco's heard from Heather. Franco says no, but starts to worry. Then we see Heather sneaking up to his hotel door. Heather calls Franco's cell and pretends to be calling about a teaching job he applied for. She asks him to come for an interview. Franco leaves for his interview and after when Carly is alone taking a shower, Heather let's herself in the room. She pulls out a knife out of her purse and goes toward the bathroom.

Spinelli and Ellie discuss the situation with Maxie at Ellie's place. Ellie tells Spinelli that Robin is alive. Spinelli is overjoyed to hear that and agrees it will be good for Maxie. Then Ellie tells him that she got a terrific job offer, but isn't going to take it. Spinelli is confused and asks why. Ellie tells him that the job is in Portland, OR. Ellie says she doesn't want to leave Spinelli in order to take the job. Spinelli offers to go with her with the baby. As their discussing the details, Maxie walks in.

Patrick pushes Carlos away from Sabrina when he sees him kissing her. Carlos and Patrick argue, but Sabrina interjects and tells Patrick she chose to come see Carlos. Sabrina explains how she got drunk and Carlos helped her. Sabrina asks Patrick to tell her whether or not he's going to chose her or Robin. Patrick apologizes for hurting her and asks for a little more time. Carlos accuses Patrick of not caring about what's best for Sabrina, which makes Sabrina run off. After Patrick punches Carlos and warns him to stay away from Sabrina or he's a dead man! At the end, Robin goes to Sabrina's apartment to speak with her. End of show!

Nothing to exciting happened today, but Maxie's scenes with Robin were nice. Were you as bored as me today? lol

Enjoy this random classic GH Clip - 1996 Edward's Thanksgiving nightmare!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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