Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Egg Salad

Officially a couple!
In this episode Kevin decides to fight for Lucy, Patrick tries to explain his love triangle to Emma and Nikolas confirms his relationship with Britt!

Today's Show - 

Nik and Britt enjoy breakfast together at Windermere when a package arrives for PK Sinclair. Britt tells Nik that PK Sinclair is one of Faison's alias's'. Nikolas opens it and it's one of Heather's paintings titled, Egg Salad. Liz arrives with Ben and Spencer and tells Britt that Heather was once married to her father. Liz also mentions that Leslie and Monica are having breakfast together despite their bitter past. Britt takes Ben away and when their alone, Liz asks Nik why Britt is still staying with him. Nikolas tells her that Britt is welcome to stay as long as she wants to. Britt eavesdrops and hears Nikolas tell Liz that he thinks Britt has changed and he's glad he got to know her. Liz asks if their a couple and Nikolas answers yes! Liz replies that its a big mistake and Britt will hurt him. Nik responds that people used to think that about her. Liz agrees and says that's why she can read Britt so well. Then Liz makes her way out and Britt enters the room. Britt thanks Nik for defending her and they hug.

Anna and Robert meet in the the hotel parking garage and discuss what they did with Faison. They agree no one can ever know what happened and they agree to keep it a secret. Nearby, Duke and Kevin run into each other in the parking garage. Kevin asks if Duke has seen Lucy. Duke says no and they briefly discuss Lucy's relationship with Scott. Then Kevin gets on the elevator to find her and Duke stumbles upon Anna and Robert. Duke gives Robert an earful about his involvement in faking Julian Jerome's death. Robert gets defensive and they start to argue about the past. Robert blames Duke for his previous involvement with the mob. Anna jumps to Duke's defense and says that it's in the past and Duke promised to stay out of that stuff now. Duke gets quiet and flashes to his recent conversations with Sonny.

Lucy wakes up in Scott's bed thinking she was sleeping with Kevin. When she realizes she is with Scotty and that they had sex, Lucy starts to freak out. Scotty reminds her that she is supposedly separated from Kevin, but Lucy feels guilty for cheating. Scotty thinks that they could have a deeper relationship and Kevin is a waste of her time. Lucy asks about his relationship with Laura, but Scotty says that was a big mistake. They agree they have chemistry together, but then Kevin knocks on the door. Lucy hides and Scott answers. Kevin asks where Lucy is. Scott says he doesn't know, but Kevin pushes his way into the room. Kevin starts to share with Scotty how he loves Lucy and knows that it's his fault that he and Lucy grew apart. Kevin says Lucy means everything to him. Kevin asks if Scott will help him find Lucy and tell Lucy that he loves her. Scotty says okay and hurries Kevin out. After, Lucy gets dressed and tells Scott that she's going to find Kevin and confess.

Franco wakes up from a bad dream about killing Heather in his bed with Carly. He tells Carly not to worry and kisses her to stop of her from asking what his dream was about. He goes to take a shower and when he gets out, Carly tells him that she knows what he's dreaming about. She promises him that she's not going anywhere and he doesn't need to worry about it. Franco replies that he wasn't dreaming about her, he was dreaming about what he did last night. Carly insists that he share whatever he did with her, so Franco makes up a lie and says that he's not getting the teaching job. At the end, they go they're separate ways. Franco seeks Kevin out for help and Carly calls an unknown person for help.

Robin and Emma get a visit from Patrick at Anna's place. Emma asks if he's there to take them home. Patrick asks to speak with Robin alone and once in private, Robin asks if Patrick has spoken with Sabrina. He replies not yet. Then Patrick explains that he can't just go back to the way things used to be. He tells Robin about how hard it was for him when she was gone and how everything is different now. After, Robin decides to give him some time with Emma and leaves. Then Emma asks Patrick why he's not bringing Robin home yet or marrying Sabrina. He tries to explains the complexities of the situation and simply says he can only chose one woman. Emma asks which one he wants. Patrick says he doesn't know yet, but he will figure it out soon.

Felix and Sabrina discuss her situation with Patrick at the Nurse's Station. Sabrina tells him that she's going to let Patrick go, because it's the right thing to do. She tells Felix about her conversation with Robin, but Felix thinks she should fight for Patrick. He tells Sabrina not to let Robin push her around. Right then, Robin steps off the elevator and sees them talking. Sabrina and Robin go into one of the exam rooms for privacy and Robin asks when Sabrina is going to break up with Patrick. Sabrina says she can't do that, because it's up to Patrick who he wants to be with. Robin gets nervous and asks her to please reconsider. Sabrina refuses and Robin decides to leave. End of show!

I enjoyed the Kevin, Lucy and Scott scenes today. Of course I'm routing for Kevin, but Scotty was entertaining. Are you happy Nik and Britt made things official?

Have a great night!

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