Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very GH Christmas

Come back to us!
It's Christmas Day in Port Charles, but the drama never pauses for the holidays!

Today's Show - 

Dr. Obrecht narrates as we see where our characters are on Christmas Day. We see Robin and Patrick blissfully in bed together. Meanwhile, Sabrina's in tears over Patrick with a wounded Carlos looming over her. Ava leaves a message for Morgan not to go to the hospital. However it's too late, because Morgan is already at the hospital and Olivia runs into him. Lulu misses baby Connie/Georgie and our claustrophobic Sonny is stuck in jail with Dr. Obrecht regaling him with her words of wisdom.

Over at the Q's, AJ opens a gift from Michael and Kiki to see a Broadway show. Although, he is thankful for the gift, AJ is downcast at the thought that he did kill Connie. Michael tells him to be grateful for his freedom, but AJ wonders who else could be responsible. Meanwhile, Ava comes to the Q's to see Kiki and they get into heated conversation. Then Michael interrupts to bring Kiki to the hospital to see Max, so Ava goes to visit with AJ in the living room. Ava fixes herself a drink and taunts AJ about killing Connie. She tells him to celebrate, because he got away with murder. AJ gets angry and orders Ava to leave. She goes to walk out, but not before rubbing Connie's death in his face a little more.

Dante gives Lulu a two year anniversary gift at their apartment. With all the drama of late, she forgot it was their anniversary and says they were more hopeful when they first got married. Dante comforts her and promises they'll get through this. Later, when Lulu is alone Nikolas, Britt and baby Ben stop over. Britt is uncomfortable and it only gets worst when Lulu starts talking about how she and Dante can't have children. Britt tells her that it's not true, they can fertilize more eggs. Lulu gets quiet at the thought.

At the Drake house, Patrick apologizes to Robin for delaying their reunion. Robin says it's okay and asks if he broke things off with Sabrina. Patrick says yes and they rejoice in their renewed happiness. Their fun is interrupted by Emma playing her didgeridoo. Emma runs into their room and wants them to get up for Christmas. They start opening presents and it turns out that Sabrina's gifts were more in line with what Emma wanted then Robin's. Emma asks if she can call Sabrina to thank her. It throws Robin a little, but she takes it in stride. Later, Patrick gives Robin her wedding ring back.

Carlos tries to talk to Sabrina at her apartment. He tells her that she saved him from his gun shot wound, but Sabrina doesn't want to be sweet talked. She demands he tell her who did this to him. Carlos says he can't get into it. Sabrina doesn't like that answer and threatens to call the police. He admits to being in the mob, but says if she turns him in Sonny will kill him. Carlos asks if he can stay for awhile until he knows what to do next. She says okay, but then they get into a heated conversation about Patrick. Sabrina assumes that Carlos wants to gloat over her loosing Patrick, but Carlos says he just never wanted her to get hurt.

Olivia sees Morgan outside of Max's hospital room and tells him that Sonny was arrested. Then Olivia wishes Morgan a Merry Christmas and goes in Max's room to visit him. Milo and Diane sit at Max's bedside and tell Olivia that Sonny told them he shot Max. Later, Olivia returns to speak with Morgan and tells him about Sonny admitting to shooting Max. Olivia says it doesn't sound right and heads off to the police station to see Sonny. Back in Max's room, Milo cries over his brother and Diane tries to console him. She advises him to get out of the business and says something about Max's shooting doesn't add up.

Dr. Obrecht chats Sonny up at the police station and calls him the Don of the Port Charles mafia. She brings up how Faison killed Jason, but says she doesn't want to strike a nerve. Then she says she has a lot of respect for him since he's been a successful mob boss for 20 years. With that in mind, Dr. O wonders how he could end up in jail. Sonny tells her to stop talking, because she's annoying him. She ignores him and suggests he is there to protect one of his children. Then Dante shows up and quietly asks Sonny to explain what really happened with Max. Sonny tells Dante not to push the issue, but Dante takes a guess that Morgan might be involved. Olivia shows up and Dante takes off to find Morgan. Olivia says she won't pressure Sonny to explain what happened and tells him about seeing Morgan at the hospital.

Michael and Kiki arrive at the hospital and run into Morgan. Kiki is angry with Morgan for pushing Michael into the water and almost letting him drown. Michael asks to speak with Morgan in private and once alone Michael asks what Morgan knows about Max getting shot. Michael suspects Morgan was involved, but Morgan won't admit anything. Then Kiki calls for Michael to come visit Max and Dante arrives to speak with Morgan in private. Dante asks Morgan if he shot Max and promises that he can trust him. Morgan won't admit the truth, which ticks Dante off so he leaves.

 At the end, Sonny gets called away for more questioning. Dr. Obrecht stays behind and starts singing O'tannenbaum. It leads into a music montage and we see Olivia walking Sonny into interrogation. Max wakes up to a delighted Milo and Diane. Seeing that Max is conscious pleases Morgan. Then Ava appears out of nowhere and they hug. Kiki and Michael kiss at the Q's and AJ takes a drink in the living room. Carlos makes Sabrina spaghetti and the Drake's play with Emma's didgeridoo. Dante comes home and Britt watches as Dante and Lulu play with baby Ben!

End of show! 

Today was a good episode, wasn't it? I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Have a good night!

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