Monday, November 18, 2013

You Didn't Choose Us

Back off, jack-off!
Quick Update:

Dante tells the court that Lulu lied about wanting to leave the country with baby Connie. Lulu isn't pleased and after tells Dante, "You didn't choose us!" Then Spinelli takes the stand and pleads with Lulu to let go. At the end, everyone waits breathlessly for the judge's ruling.

Luke learns he's officially cured at the hospital from Patrick and Sabrina. After Patrick informs them that Anna & Robert are missing and possibly Duke. They all compare notes and Luke reveals that a mysterious female doctor helped developed the cure on Cassadine Island at the behest of Jerry. Luke decides to go to Windermere for answers.

Anna & Robert try to escape Cassadine Island, but end up in a gun standoff with Jerry. Jerry shows them a picture that Faison sent to him of Duke tied up at Windermere. He threatens them to go back into the lab or Duke will be killed, but Anna's not interested and shoots Jerry in the leg. Robert threatens to kill him once and for all, but Jerry says if he does Robert will never know where Robin is.

Dr. Obrecht tries to foil Faison, but he overpowers her and knocks her out. Then Faison ties her up next to Duke and leaves them there. Once alone, Obrecht spills the beans that Jerry is holding Anna on Cassadine Island. Duke suggests that Obrecht talk with the WSB to get revenge on Faison.

Nik & Britt make out at Windermere. Britt gets cold feet and tells him that she's not a good person. Nikolas realizes she's scared and kisses her again. After Faison comes out of the wall and sees them making out. He doesn't approve of their romance, but Britt tells him it's not his business. Then she asks where her mother is. Faison is vague and says Dr. Obrecht probably got lost in the catacombs.

Carlos thinks Robin is Sabrina at the GH lab. When he sees her face, Robin lies and says she's Epiphany. They have a chat about Sabrina and Patrick. Robin tells Carlos not to give up on Sabrina and he says that Robin looks familiar. Later Carlos sees a picture of the real Epiphany and realizes who he was really speaking with. Back at the lab, Robin figures out how to synthesize the cure. She returns to Windermere to share the news with Nikolas, but then Luke arrives!

End of show!

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  1. Woo Hoo! Robin found the cure! Now we can give Sabrina the boot and get Robin back with her family. Ship Sabrina back to Puerto Rico!

  2. I think Sabrina will be around for a little longer, especially since her cousin Juan is coming to town soon!

  3. Great Show with all my favorites, Nikolas, Robin, Britt. Now soon Patrick can kick the little twit princess to the curb and reunite with the love of his life. Glad that Nik and Robin have scenes together and have remained good friends, have always loved them together as friends. Like his romance with Britt just don't want to see him get hurt and want her to tell him the truth as she knows it.


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