Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where's Nikolas?

Together again!
In this episode Nikolas is MIA, Maxie continues to miss her daughter and Patrick starts to wonder if Robin is really alive!

Today's show -

Maxie is depressed and asks Ellie about her daughter at their apartment. Ellie tries to put a positive spin on the situation and assures Maxie that the baby is being well cared for. Maxie is despondent and not easily consoled. Ellie leaves and later Mac and Felicia knock on Maxie's door. Maxie tells them that she can't go to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Mac and Felicia refuse to accept that and Mac gives Maxie a dress he bought for her to wear.

Spinelli tends to his daughter at Sam's place. Spinelli thanks Sam for helping him and he explains the pain that Maxie is in since the custody hearing. Sam shares her woes over finding out Julian was her father. Silas shows up to take Sam to Patrick's wedding. Then Ellie arrives and wonders where her invitation went. Sabrina calls and assures Ellie that she did invite her to their wedding so Ellie decides to go to the wedding afterall. On her way out, Maxie shows up.

Sabrina and Emma get ready for the wedding at Sabrina's place. Emma worries that Felix is going to mess up Sabrina's wedding dress. Sabrina says it doesn't matter what she wears, because she is determined to get married. Then Felix comes out of the bedroom and says the dress is ready. They collect all the essentials, re: something borrowed, something blue, etc. and after Sabrina confides to Felix that she is worried that Robin took Ellie's invitation from the lab. Felix thinks it's ridiculous and promises Sabrina everything will be fine.

Liz comes to help Patrick get ready at his house. Patrick tells Liz about Ava's visit and her claim that Carlos saw Robin alive. Liz thinks it's a sick lie that Carlos created to ruin the wedding. Patrick says that he's not sure it's a lie. Liz quickly responds that he shouldn't be chasing ghosts. Patrick heads off to talk to Brad. After, Epiphany shows up. Liz tells her about Patrick thinking Robin is alive and Epiphany isn't happy to hear about it. They leave for the wedding and ignore Patrick's cell phone ringing on the way out the door.

Britt admits that she panicked when she told Patrick that Brad was Ben's father at the lab. Brad threatens to expose the lie if she doesn't confirm whether Robin is alive or not. They argue and Britt tells him to shut-up about Robin. Brad takes it as confirmation that Robin's alive. Then Patrick walks in. He shows Brad a picture of Robin on his cell phone and asks if Brad saw her in the lab. Brad lies and Britt encourages Patrick to call off the wedding. However, Patrick says he wishes he didn't come and that Sabrina is waiting for him.

Anna and Robin finally see each other at Windermere. They share a tearful reunion and Anna promises that she'll never lose Robin again. Robert, Anna and Robin have a family hug. Then Duke comes out of the wall and is delighted to see Robin. Anna tells Robin that she can go home to Emma and Patrick now. Robin tells Anna about Patrick getting married, so Anna advises her to go talk to Patrick. Then Robin remembers and asks, "Where's Nikolas?" Anna explains how Faison took Nikolas. Later, Anna and Robert take off looking for Nik. Duke stays behind with Robin and tells her to call her husband. Robin agrees and leaves Patrick a voice message. At the end, Anna and Robert return and tell them they couldn't find Nikolas. End of show!

I think there was a mistake with Patrick's cell phone today, did you notice? He had it at the lab, but Liz and Epiphany said he left it at the house. Oh well, I guess we can pretend we didn't notice.

Enjoy today's below!

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  1. Yesterday was a great show. Hope that Anna and Robert find Nikolas fast and that Nikolas is the one to do away with Faison for good, this way Anna and Robert will be eternally grateful to him as well as the fact that he took care of and protected their daughter. Want Britt to finally tell Nikolas the truth about Ben before all hell breaks loose.

    Can't wait for Patrick to be reunited with Robin and kick the Sobby Bobby Soxer to the curb.


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