Monday, November 25, 2013

Juan Returns!

Read about his GH history here ---> Michael Saucedo
Quick Recap - 

Juan comes to visit Sabrina at Elizabeth's behest. He brings Sabrina her mother's wedding dress. Sabrina is thrilled and asks Juan to stay for the wedding. However, he says he has to get back to his music tour. Liz walks Juan out and they have a brief talk about Emily. Juan also says he's married to a wonderful girl named Becky! How cute is that?

Ava tells Patrick that Robin's alive and that Carlos saw her. Patrick is skeptical and doesn't trust Ava. However, Ava rattles him and she warns him not to marry Sabrina. Patrick kicks her out, but after Patrick looks at Robin's picture and thinks about what Ava told him.

Brad confronts Britt in the lab about Carlos seeing Robin. He wants to score points with Felix by warning him if Robin is really alive and asks Britt to confirm. Brad threatens to reveal that he's not the father of Britt's baby, if she doesn't tell him the truth.

Anna and Obrecht have a show down over Duke in the catacombs. Obrecht wants to kill Duke to hurt Anna, but Anna offers her own life to save him. Obrecht says Faison would never forgive her if she killed Anna. Then Duke manages to wrangle free. He grabs Dr. Obrecht and subdues her. After, Anna tells Duke she loves him and that Robin is alive!

Robert and Robin has a reunion at Windermere. They fill each other in on the time they missed and discuss getting revenge against Faison. Downstairs, Luke and Faison lock guns in the living room. Luke brings up Faison hurting Lucky in the past and then shoots him in the chest. However, Faison is wearing a bullet proof vest and jumps back up. Shortly after Robert and Robin show up. Robert keeps his gun on Faison and ties him to a chair. At the end, Anna emerges from the wall and finally comes face to face with Robin! End of show!

Enjoy today's show below!

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