Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wine Soured

Lucy broke my Daddy's heart!
In this episode Heather begins to harass Carly, Julian puts the screws to Scotty and Maxie comes under fire at the court house!

Today's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see a shirtless Julian at his hotel room. He tries to flirt with her, but Alexis isn't interested. She shows him a copy of his newspaper with his announcement about being Julian Jerome. He asks her if she really came over because of the kiss he gave her last night. Alexis gets annoyed and slaps him. She accuses him of being in the mob and trying to attack Sonny. Julian says she needs to trust him and he feels an attraction to her now like he did when they were young. He compares them now to a mature aged wine, but Alexis responds that, "the wine soured" then she storms out.

Sonny wakes up with Olivia in his bed. Sonny wants to talk about their love making, but Olivia tries to avoid the subject. Sonny tells her that she means a lot to him and he thinks she's beautiful and sexy. Olivia is touched and they start making out again. After they decide to go to the court to support Dante and Lulu.

Tracy is anxious to get Luke to the hospital for a check up at the Metro Court. Lulu and Dante show up with baby Connie. Lulu is happy to see Luke alive. Then they fill Luke and Tracy in on the situation with the baby and court. Lulu asks them to babysit. They agree if they can take the baby to the hospital while Luke gets checked up on.

Ellie and Spinelli chat about their reconciliation and his court hearing at the Nurse's station. Spinelli tells Ellie that Diane suggested that he marry Maxie to secure their court case. However, he assures her that he's not going to do that. Ellie wishes him good luck and Spinelli takes off. Later, Luke and Tracy arrive at the hospital and Ellie asks why they have Spinelli's baby. Tracy and Luke aren't interested in Ellie's interference. Later, they have Ellie run blood for Luke.

Diane congratulates Scotty on Franco being his son outside of the court room. Diane also informs him that Franco is in love with Carly. Scotty isn't happy to hear about that. Shortly after, Julian calls him. Scotty heads over to Julian's hotel room and asks why Julian had Morgan give him that recording of Lazaro working with Sonny. Julian brings up Lucy's involvement with his father, Victor. Julian implies that Lucy breaking his father's heart was indirectly responsible for Victor's death. Scotty senses that Julian is threatening him via Lucy and he leaves.

Carly and Franco wake up blissful in his bed. He wonders if in the light of day if she regrets sleeping with him. Carly tells him that she has no regrets. Franco says he scared he's going to lose her, but Carly she's not going anywhere. Then Carly goes to take a shower and Franco gets a knock on the door. He finds that someone sent Carly dead roses. When Carly comes back out, Franco shows her the dead flowers. He pretends that he sent them to her and says the florist messed up so she doesn't get upset. Then they make their way back into the bedroom. At the end, we see that Franco hide the card that came with the flowers and they were from Heather.

Maxie prepares in the courtroom, with Felicia at her side. Maxie shares her fears, but Felicia tries to assure her that it will be okay. Later, Spinelli shows up and then Dante and Lulu. The judge enters and court begins. Alexis calls Elizabeth to the stand. Alexis gets Liz to talk about Maxie's affair with Lucky and her attempt to get Lucky on pills. Liz also talks about Maxie faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage during that time. After Dante has doubts about ripping Maxie apart. However, Lulu insists they continue so Alexis calls Maxie to the stand. Maxie tries to say that she is very sorry for her actions where Lucky is concerned and claims that she was a different person then. Alexis jumps up and says that Maxie is a murderer! End of show!

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