Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Wedding

I do?
In today's show Britt and Robin talk about Patrick, Anna saves Luke & Nikolas from Faison and Robin tries to make it to the church on time!

Here's What Happened - 

Guests begin to arrive at the church for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Silas notices that Sam looks sad when she signs the guest book and asks what's wrong. She shares that she was thinking of Jason. Inside the church, Sabrina and Emma get ready in the backroom. Felix comes in with her dress and Emma wonders where Sabrina's something blue is. Felix says they're waiting for Ellie. After Lucy shows up and tells Sabrina that she can't marry them, because her marriage is over and she doesn't believe anymore. Lucy cries over a fight she had with Kevin, but Felix says they can fix it. Then Patrick knocks on the door and asks for a minute with the bride. Once alone, Patrick tells Sabrina that he wants to clear the air. Patrick explains what Ava told him about Robin, but says he knows it's not true. He tells Sabrina he loves her and can't wait to be her husband. After Patrick leaves, Lucy, Emma and Felix return and Lucy tells Sabrina that she reconsidered and will perform the ceremony afterall. Lucy gives Emma her blue and used handkerchief for Sabrina to use.

Maxie goes to see her daughter at Sam's place with a gift. Spinelli and Ellie aren't happy to see Maxie and Spinelli asks her to leave. Ellie takes pity on Maxie, but Spinelli is very concerned that the judge will take the baby away if she visits. Maxie refuses to leave. Spinelli threatens to call the police if she comes any closer. Maxie says she can't wait six months to see her child, but Ellie and Spinelli convince her that it's not best for the baby. Spinelli closes the door on her and Maxie decides to leave the present and sulks away.

Liz tries to sooth Patrick's nerves in the church before the ceremony. They talk about his father and Bobby getting together. Epiphany arrives and Liz notices Brad signing the guest book, so she goes to ask what he's doing there. Brad tells her that he's Felix's date. Back inside, Epiphany tells Patrick that she's happy he ignored all that Robin nonsense. They have a nice chat and Patrick thanks her for helping him after Robin died.

Bobby arrives in town! She talks to Noah on the phone and we learn that he can't make it to PC for the wedding due to hospital business in Seattle. Bobbie goes to Luke's hotel room to get him for the wedding and let's herself in. She finds Jerry tied to the bed. Bobby says she heard he died. Jerry says no, but he's not far off. Jerry asks her for help getting the cure from the lab, but Bobby decides to call Luke instead. She can't reach him, so Jerry continues to plead for her help. He even brings up their past romance and tries to play on her feelings. Bobby takes pity on him and goes to the lab to search. When she returns, Bobby tells Jerry that she couldn't find the cure. Jerry asks her to let him go, so he'll have a chance to save himself. Then we see Bobby leave a message for Liz saying she can't make it to the wedding.

Anna, Robert and Robin wonder where Nikolas is at Windermere. Britt arrives with Jerry's cure and is surprised to see Anna and Robert. Anna explains to Robert that she is Obrecht and Faison's daughter. They tell Britt that Faison has Nikolas somewhere unknown. Britt is upset and wants to find Nikolas asap. Robert and Anna take off to look for him and after Britt and Robin get to talking. Britt tells Robin that she saw Patrick and he was looking for her in the lab earlier. Robin is curious, but gets dismayed when Britt tells her that Patrick said he was sure about Sabrina.

Luke holds Faison at gun point in the stables and wants Faison to show him where Nikolas is. When they open the door, we see Nik getting punched by one of Faison henchmen. Luke thinks he has control of the situation, but gets overpowered by another one of Faison's loyalists. Luke ends up tied up next to Nik. Faison tells them that he has plans to escape and can take one hostage. He wants to take Nikolas, but says he will flip a coin to determine who the hostage will be. Luke loses the bet and Faison prepares to shoot him. Unbeknownst to Faison, Anna and Robert arrive at the stables and see what is transpiring. Anna bursts in and asks Faison to let Luke and Nikolas go. She offers to be his hostage instead. Anna lies and tells them that Obrecht escaped and killed Robin, Robert and the gang. Anna pretends to be suicidal and says she'll kill herself if Faison doesn't let Luke and Nik go. She pretends to shoot, but Faison freaks and tries to stop her. In the confusion, Robert bursts in with his guns blazing and saves the day.

At the end, Luke and Nikolas return to the house safely. Britt is thrilled to see Nikolas and gives the cure to Luke for Jerry. Luke says he's going to use it for Sean Donely. Then Luke gets a call from Bobbie, but when he answers he hears Jerry's voice. Apparently, Jerry bested Bobbie off camera and is now holding her at gunpoint. Robin decides it's time to get to the church and heads to the stables to see Anna and Robert. Robert says he'll take Robin to the mainland, leaving Anna alone with Faison. Once alone, Faison reminds Anna of his intense love for her and says he'll be back sooner or later. Anna is disgusted and looks ready to kill, but then Robert returns saying he got Robin on a boat to the mainland. Anna informs Robert that Faison has to die for everything he's done.

Over at the church, the wedding begins. Liz walks down the aisle, then Emma as the flower girl and finally Felix walks Sabrina down. Patrick looks elated and Emma notes how pretty Sabrina is. Sabrina makes it to the alter and Lucy begins the ceremony. Then Robin finally arrives at the church and opens the door. She sees Patrick standing at the alter with Sabrina smiling and decides to hide from sight. End of show!

So that concludes November sweeps. Have you been enjoying GH this month?

Monday's preview is below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

P.S. GH will be a rerun tomorrow & preempted on Friday. 

See you Monday!


  1. November sweeps wasn't bad, but at times the show feels disjointed. Sam's been MIA, AJ's trial came out of nowhere & Sonny & Olivia stalled, plus Robin's return dragged. Patrick should have seen her on today's show. Let's hope for more cohesion in December. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. No Quartermaine's eating pizza? I guess GH is skipping Thanksgiving this year. Disappointed!

  3. Just so/so for me

    I would like to see Sam and Silas relationship with Danny!!!!

    And RC can you give Sam a/baby girl

    Because Danny wasn't written right
    I will be in heaven if/you give her a baby with Silas!!!!


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