Thursday, November 21, 2013

Person of Honor

Carlos Danger
In today's show Sabrina and Patrick line up their wedding party, Nikolas helps Robin stay focused and Ava destroys evidence!

Here's What Happened - 

Sabrina apologizes to Felix at the Metro Court for being late. Felix accuses of her of not showing enough interest in her own wedding, so Sabrina explains that Carlos held her up. She tells Felix about Carlos working for the mob and Felix calls him, "Carlos Danger!" Then Sabrina tells Felix about Carlos saying Robin is still alive. Felix suggests that maybe Carlos saw Robin's ghost. Sabrina is skeptical and thinks Carlos is just trying to manipulate her. Then Sabrina asks Felix to be her maid of honor. Felix says he won't go drag, so Sabrina adjusts it and asks if he'll be her person of honor. Felix at first says no, but then says he was just kidding and of course he'll be her person of honor.

Ava comes across Carlos on the docks. He shares his concerns about Sabrina and tells Ava that Robin is alive. He explains what happened at the GH lab. Ava says maybe his mind is playing tricks on him, since he doesn't have any proof that Robin is alive. Carlos replies that Sabrina didn't believe him either. Ava suggests that Carlos go to Patrick and tell him that Robin is alive. Carlos says that he can't do that, because it would make him look even worse to Sabrina. Ava says she understands what it's like to have your life and heart wrapped up in someone who doesn't feel the same. Silas I presume! Then Ava offers to speak with Patrick on Carlos's behalf. Carlos says thanks, but no thanks and takes off.

Robin shows Nikolas the invitation for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding at Windermere. She explains how she swiped it from Ellie at the GH lab. Robin also tells Nik about her run in with Carlos and how Carlos said she looked familiar. Nik isn't pleased, but Robin says they just have to hope for the best. Then she expresses her continued displeasure over not being able to see her family. Nikolas says that he admires her will power and that even though Patrick doesn't know it, he's waiting for her. Robin says that's not true, because even when Patrick knows she alive, it won't change his feelings for Sabrina. Nik tries to make her feel better, but Robin thinks it's ironic that she asked Patrick to move on and now he did. Nik tells her that Patrick and Emma still need her, but Robin thinks that since they have Sabrina they don't need her. Nik hugs her and assures that she is invaluable to Emma and Patrick.

Patrick chats with Elizabeth at the Nurse's station. She shares with him that she feels guilty for her testimony against AJ. Liz thinks she might be responsible if AJ goes to jail. Patrick tells her that she did the right thing and AJ will understand. Liz says that whatever happened between her and AJ is over. Liz expresses her disappointment over things not working out with AJ. Then they talk about Patrick's upcoming wedding to Sabrina. Patrick asks Liz to be his "best man" at the wedding. He tells her that she's a dear friend of his and he couldn't image her not being there with him. Liz is touched and says yes, but asks to be called the best person. Then she offers to throw him a bachelor party, Patrick agrees and then takes off to meet Sabrina. At the end, Felix comes to the hospital and tells Liz they have tons of wedding work to do. Then he asks her to get a spray tan. Over at the Metro Court, Sabrina tells Patrick that they can't spend the night together, because it's bad luck before the wedding. 

At the courthouse, Scotty produces security footage from the Metro Court on the night of Connie's murder. He has Olivia confirm that it's authentic as the manager of the hotel. She does and Diane accuses Olivia of deliberately denying the defense the opportunity to view the footage. Sonny yells out for justice for Connie and the judge calls for order. Then the judge allows the video to be played. The video shows a very drunk AJ coming into the Metro Court on the night in question and going to the elevators. Then we see AJ in the elevators holding a gun and going to Connie's floor. Seeing the footage makes AJ think he's guilty. Diane asks Scott to provide the footage of AJ getting off the elevator and actually shooting Connie. Scott says it's gone and is presumed to be destroyed in a flood at the hotel. Diane asks that Scott's video be barred from the trial, because it's incomplete and prejudicial. The judge agrees and denies the jury from seeing it. Court adjourns and AJ shares with Diane, Michael, Kiki and Monica that the tapes make him wonder if he really did kill Connie. Over at the docks, we see Ava alone tossing and then burning the missing video footage in a garbage can. End of show!

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