Friday, November 1, 2013

Masked Mayhem

I'm Alive!
In this episode the Halloween fun continues. Heather shows up again, Duke gets a surprise at Windermere and Patrick runs into Robin!

Today's Show - 

Dr. Obrecht and Faison find that Robin is missing at Windermere. Then they hear Duke calling out for Nikolas. They try to hide, but drop a vase and draw Duke's attention to the living room. They duct into the secret passageway when Duke enters. He notices the broken vase, but then "Anna" makes a sudden appearance. She tells him she came to Windermere looking for Obrecht. Duke notices that something is off and wonders if the passageway is where Faison and Obrecht are hiding. Duke decides to enter the tunnel to check it out and Faison quickly comes up behind him with a gun.

Emma, Sabrina and Patrick just miss Robin walking into the hospital in costume. She sees a picture of herself and then Epiphany walks up behind her. Epiphany asks if shes looking for the Halloween party. Robin pretends to not speak English, so Epiphany escorts her to the party. Nearby, Liz comes over with Cameron to Sabrina, Emma and Patrick. Patrick keeps an eye on the kids and Sabrina chats with Liz about Nik. She wonders if Liz is jealous about Britt.

A mysterious person dressed as the big bad wolf follows Franco from Carly's house to his hotel room. The wolf comes up behind him with a knife and then pulls the mask off to reveal Heather. She wants to know why Franco was trying to kiss Carly and wonders why he cares so much about Carly. Franco accuses Heather of being in love with him, but Heather says that's disgusting. Franco gets insulted, so Heather explains that she does think he's handsome, but not in that way. So Franco asks again why Heather is so invested in his not being with Carly. She says he will understand one day. So I'm guessing she's his mother? Yuck!

Back at Carly's place she thinks of her almost kiss with Franco. Then someone knocks on the door. It's Derek/Julian dressed as Zorro. She's not pleased to see him, but he asks if he can come in for a quick drink. Carly says okay and once inside she questions him about being Ava's silent partner. Carly accuses him of sleeping with Ava. Derek/Julian says the thought of touching Ava sexually is disgusting to him, but the idea of touching Carly sexually is a different story. Then he plants a big kiss on her. He tries to get Carly up to her bedroom, but she tells him to go. He agrees to leave, but says he still wants to be her date to the art show.

Britt and Nik walk into the hospital party with baby Ben and Felix immediately asks her why Brad would say he's not the baby's father. Britt says she doesn't know what Brad's talking about and quickly changes the subject. Her and Nik decide to take the Ben to other side of the room and after Felix scolds Brad again for ignoring his child. Once in private, Nikolas asks Britt what Brad was talking about. She blows him off and sends Nik off to talk to one of the nurses. Brad comes up to Britt and asks to hold the baby. Felix goes up to Nik and notes that baby Ben doesn't look like either Britt or Brad. Nik flashes to what Faison said about Britt not being the child's natural mother. Then Liz comes in with Spencer and Cameron. The kids play while Nik and Liz chat about the love triangle brewing between Emma, Cameron and Spencer. Then Epiphany walks in with Robin. Epiphany calls for Sabrina to translate, but Robin quickly runs over to the beverage table.

Later, Nik approaches the subject of baby Ben's parentage with Britt again. Britt insists that anything Faison or Brad say is nonsense. Nearby, Robin runs into Emma at the beverage table. Emma asks what her costume is, but then Cameron accidentally spills punch on Emma causing her to run away. Robin helps clean Emma up and Emma hugs her in thanks. Epiphany congratulates Patrick on his engagement to Sabrina and tells him she is proud of him. Then Sabrina walks in to check on Emma and Emma introduces Sabrina as her new mommy to Robin. The comment upsets Robin and she runs off. Patrick notices and says he'll go check on her, not knowing who she is. 

At the end, Felix notices that Brad changed his costume and Brad says he did it for him. Brad tells Felix that he can be nice. Felix softens and offers to get a drink with him. Nik notices that the woman with Emma had a costume that looked like the one Obrecht had picked out for Robin. Sabrina promises Emma that she will never try to replace her real mommy. Robin runs into one of the exam rooms and takes her mask off. Then Patrick shows up and goes to open the door. End of show!

Enjoy some scenes from today's show below!

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