Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Week's Wrap Up

Valentini & Carlivati - The Dream Team!
Read a good article here ---> Ron Carlivati Dishes on GH
I'm back and I finally got to catch up on GH this morning. What a crazy week & GH hits a ratings high! Apparently Heather has a flexible schedule at the mental institution and somewhere in a Tennessee prison Steven Lars is cringing!

Last Week's Wrap Up - 

Monday 11/04/13 - the Halloween drama wrapped up, Robin almost got caught by Patrick and Duke ended up unconscious in the Windermere catacombs. 

Tuesday 11/05/13 - McSilas got a bad haircut - whoa! The DA election drama ensues, Sam confronts her Aunt Ava and Julian listens in on Sonny's plans to murder him. 

Wednesday 11/06/13 - Carly and Franco have more angst, Heather tries to take ownership for her art and Morgan aids Scotty in his DA plans. Plus Franco's art show begins! 

Thursday 11/07/13 - Scotty forces Lazaro out of the DA race and Sonny finds the bug in his office. Franco fumbles when asked to explain his "art" and Heather crashes show to say that Kelly's BLT's were the real inspiration!

Friday 11/08/13 - Sonny realizes that Morgan betrayed him. Heather makes a spectacle of herself at the art show with a cheese knife so Franco admits it's not his work. Scotty vows to clean up PC and Heather drops the bomb that Franco is her and Scott's child! Plus Sonny goes to confront Derek/Julian!

On a side note, I did get to visit Standing Sun Winery while on vacation. I would say it's more of a warehouse/wine store. Apparently they bottle the wine there, but the vineyards are actually at Laura (Carly) & John Wright's property. I guess they don't want stalkers like me knowing where they live (can't say I blame them) lol! However, compared to many of the other beautiful vineyards in the area it wasn't that impressive. The wine is fabulous though and they treat their club members very well! Enjoy some pictures below!

Have a great day!

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