Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Remember You

I love you, I hate you!
In this episode Carly makes her final decision about Franco and Kiki freaks out manically on the docks. Plus Sonny and Olivia get frisky!

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Carly and Franco make out in his hotel room. They come close to taking the next step, but Carly pulls back. She tells him that she wants him, but that what he did to her daughter and son are holding her back. Franco says he never meant to hurt Michael or Jocelyn. He asks what he can do to prove it to her. Carly ultimately decides that although she wants him, she can't go any further. Then she takes off and he decides to follow her.

Julian tells Sam that he loves her and Danny, but Sonny's plan to murder him will keep them from having a relationship at the gallery. Sam asks Sonny if it's true, but Sonny won't confirm or deny it. Everyone chimes in with their opinions on Julian's and Sonny's various transgressions. Sam asks Sonny not to hurt Julian for Danny's sake. Alexis also insists that Sonny back off. Then Silas tells Sonny that Danny may need more bone marrow down the line. Sonny agrees to back off, but warms Sam and Alexis not to trust Julian. Sonny taunts Julian by saying accidents can happen. Then Sonny walks out and Sam asks Julian if he will bank some bone marrow in advance. Julian assures her that he will help Danny anyway he can, but says he needs to be alive to do so. Silas calls Julian out for his lies and accuses him of using Danny as a life insurance policy. Then Sam and Silas walk out.

After Alexis confronts Julian. She warns him that she'll do anything she has to protect her family. Then she wishes him good luck on his tryst with Carly. Julian grabs Alexis and says, "I don't want Carly!" Alexis tells him to go get tested for the bone marrow, but he says he can't and asks her to trust him. Then he tries to seduce Alexis and kisses her. He tells her, "I remember you" then walks away.

Shawn waits outside of the gallery to take a shot at Julian. It appears that someone is watching him. When Shawn turns around Carlos is standing there. Carlos claims to be security for the gallery. Shawn doesn't believe him. They have a brief standoff, but then Sonny strolls out and tells Shawn the hit is off. Then Sonny walks away. After, Shawn warns Carlos to quit working for Julian if he wants to live. Carlos says that wouldn't be very loyal and tells Shawn that he'll see again. Shawn replies, "No, you won't even see me coming!"

TJ and Molly watch Danny at Sam's place. TJ is worried about Shawn getting hurt, so Molly assures him that Shawn will be okay. They play video games until Sam and Silas come home. Silas gives them money to get something to eat and tells them to get going. Once alone, Sam and Silas talk about the drama at the gallery. At the end Sam asks Silas to stay, but Danny starts crying, so Silas decides to take a rain check.

Kiki screams at Morgan while Michael slips into the water on the docks. Michael bobs to the top, but Morgan refuses to help pull Michael out. Then Morgan takes off, so Kiki jumps in the water to help Michael. Shortly after, Carly and Franco come across them and see Kiki struggling in the water. They pull her out, but she frantically tells him that Michael is still in the water. Franco jumps in to find Michael. Carly calls 911 and then Franco surfaces with Michael. Carly performs CPR and revives Michael, while Kiki screams hysterically. Carly tells Michael that Franco saved him. Franco tells Michael that he has a good mother and walks away.

Later the medics arrive, but Michael refuses treatment. Kiki agrees to take him home and Carly heads off. Once everyone leaves, we see Morgan lurking in the background. At the end, Kiki and Michael talk at home in their bed about Morgan. Kiki thinks Michael should have told everyone what Morgan did, but Michael still wants to protect Morgan. Back at the docks, Ava finds Morgan. She promises to help Morgan and tells him she understands the pain that working against your family can cost. Over at the Metro Court, Carly returns to Franco's room. she tells him that she changed her mind and she wants to take the "leap" with him. They start to make out and make their way into his bedroom for some lovin'!

Max escorts Olivia to Sonny's bedroom. Apparently Olivia gave Max a black eye on the way there, so Max insists that she stay put. They talk about Sonny and Olivia shares her worries about Sonny. Then Sonny walks in. He tells Max to get something for his black eye. Once alone, Sonny confesses to Olivia the pain he feels over Morgan betraying him. She asks what she can do to make things better for Sonny. He answers, "Just be here with me." Then they start kissing and undressing each other. They end up semi naked on Sonny's bed and make love. End of show!

Are you happy that Olivia and Sonny finally hooked up?

Have a great night!

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