Friday, November 15, 2013

Gum Thumb

Lulu is a killer too!
In this episode Nik and Britt admit their feelings for each other, Robert and Anna find a way to escape the Cassadine lab and Carlos stumbles upon Robin!

Today's Show - 

Diane tells Lulu that she is the real murderer on the stand at the courthouse. Diane talks about Logan and asks if Lulu justifies stabbing him in the name of self defense. Then Diane brings up Lulu's abortion. Mac and Felicia watch and cringe, as do Sonny and Olivia. Dante looks ill and Lulu explains that she was young when she had the abortion. After Diane brings up Lulu's talk with Maxie about leaving the country with baby Connie. However, Lulu denies ever saying that. The judge calls for a break. During that time Lulu and Dante confer with Sonny and Olivia, while Maxie confers with Spinelli, Diane, Mac and Felicia. Dante asks Lulu why she lied on the stand. Lulu answers, "who cares?" Then court goes back in session and Diane calls Dante to the stand. Once he's up there, Diane asks him if Lulu was telling the truth.

Robert and Anna try to find a way out of the secret lab on Cassadine Island. Robert gets an idea on how to escape. They start chewing gum furiously and when the guards come in Robert asks them for some salt. After the guards leave, they create some crazy Macgyver/24 like concoction (See the video below) and make a fingerprint to use to open the door. Robert calls it, "Gum thumb!" Then they put it to use and the lab door finally opens!

Britt finds Dr. Obrecht bringing a tray of food into the wall and asks what it's for. Dr. Obrecht answers that it's for Cesar. Britt doesn't believe it and wants to follow her. Dr. Obrecht says no and goes into the wall alone. After Nikolas comes home and Britt tells him about her mother going into the wall. They get to talking about how nuts Britt's parents are. Nikolas promises to help protect her from them. He says he'd even consider murder to protect the people he cares about it. Britt says she doesn't believe that Nikolas could kill, because he's so generous and honorable. Nik says that she doesn't know him that well, but Britt responds, "I know you're my hero!" She tells him that she wants to look out for him and they'll beat her parents together without murdering them. Nikolas promises not to take any unnecessary risks, but says he'll protect her because he cares so much about her. Then they share a sweet kiss that leads into a make out session.

Down in the musty cobwebbed bowels of Windermere's catacombs, Faison holds Duke captive. He has poor Duke tied and gagged to a pipe. Dr. Obrecht comes down and Faison criticizes her food choices for Duke. She responds that she doesn't understand why they are keeping Duke alive. She tries to stab Duke, but Faison stops her. Duke tells her that Faison wants to keep him alive in order to get to Anna. The mention of Anna makes Dr. Obrecht angry and she snarls that Faison's obsession puts them all at risk. Duke baits Obrecht into finally breaking the hold that Faison has on her. She makes a try to stab Faison, but he grabs her and stops her attack.

Carlos shows up at Patrick's house to see Sabrina. He sees all the wedding dresses so she tells him she's getting married next week. Sabrina also tells Carlos that she thinks working for Derek Wells is dangerous, but Carlos says everything he does for Mr. Wells is legit. Then Carlos once again tells Sabrina that he wants her to come away with him. Sabrina once again answers no. Carlos has a minor temper tantrum and then Sabrina kicks him out.

Robin talks to herself in the lab at GH, but then hears Patrick outside the door talking to an orderly about getting married to Sabrina. Shortly after Patrick walks into the lab, so Robin hides under the desk. While Patrick is picking up some papers, Sabrina comes in and Robin overhears them talking about their upcoming wedding. Then they kiss. After Sabrina tells Patrick about Carlo's visit. They also talk about Derek Wells being Julian Jerome. Patrick isn't happy to hear about Carlos or his working for the mob. Sabrina suggests that they call Anna for help. Then the leave the lab together. After Robin finds an invitation for Ellie to their wedding. Then Carlos walks in, sees Robin from behind and mistakes her for Sabrina. Then he turns Robin around and sees her face. End of show!

Enjoy the "Gum Thumb" clip from today's show below!

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