Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Give the Cure to Sean Donely

You can't take my baby!
In this episode Luke makes a discovery at Windermere, Felix agrees to go on a date with Brad and both Lulu & Maxie lose baby Connie!

Here's What Happened - 

Brad and Felix commiserate about the lack of perfect wedding dresses for Sabrina at the Nurse's Station. Brad asks Felix to go on an official date with him and much to Brad's surprise, Felix agrees. Brad is delighted and then makes his way back to the lab. Patrick overhears their conversation and warns Felix to stay away from Brad. Felix and Patrick discuss the possibility of Brad not being the father of Britt's baby. Then they talk about Patrick and Sabrina getting married. Felix asks if Sabrina really has Patrick's whole heart. Patrick answers that he's going to do everything in his power to love and protect Sabrina. Felix says that's good enough for him and they share a manly hug. Later, Felix finds Brad and asks if he'll be his date for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding.

Carlos tells Sabrina outside of the GH lab that Robin is alive. Sabrina asks him when and where he saw Robin. Carlos tells her about what happened with Robing pretending to be Epiphany in the lab and then his seeing Epiphany's picture in the hallway. Sabrina still doesn't believe him. Frustrated, Carlos insists it's true. Then Brad stumbles upon them and Sabrina asks him who was working in the lab today. Brad says he doesn't know and it's none of Sabrina's business, but when he notices Robin is gone he slips and says, "Where the hell did she go?" Sabrina asks who he's talking about. Brad tries to worm out of the question, but Carlos pressures him. Brad thinks quickly and says Ellie was the woman Carlos must have seen. Then he quickly scurries away. Carlos asks if Ellie looks anything like the picture of Robin he saw at Patrick's house. Sabrina says no, but she still refuses to believe him. Carlos tells her to mark his words that if she goes ahead with her wedding plans it will all be for nothing. Then Carlos storms off. At the end, Patrick comes up behind Sabrina at the Nurse's station. They kiss and she sees Carlos getting on the elevator nearby. Patrick asks if everything is okay and she says yes.

Luke bursts into Windermere looking for Nikolas. Robin hides in the wall before he sees her, so Luke is greeted by Nik and Britt. Luke informs Nikolas about Jerry being alive on Cassadine Island. Luke notices that Nikolas doesn't seem that surprised, so Nikolas tells him that he's aware of the situation and is handling it. Luke insists that they take off to the island as soon as possible, but Nik says no and insists that Luke stay out of it. Luke refuses, so Robin comes out of hiding and asks him not to make waves. Luke is shocked to see her and asks what happened. Robin explains how she became a captive and that she found his cure. She also explains why Anna and Robert must stay Jerry's prisoners for now. Luke doesn't think anyone can trust Jerry and he tells Robin about Robert attempting suicide when he thought she was dead. Luke says Robin should give the cure to Sean Donely and let Jerry die a slow death. At the end, Nik, Robin and Britt convince Luke to keep quiet for the time being.

Everyone at the courthouse anxiously awaits the judge's decision. Ellie arrives to support Spinelli and then the judge starts his ruling. He says that he is denying Dante and Lulu custody. Lulu freaks out and begs the judge to reconsider, but he denies her request. Lulu runs from the courtroom in tears, but Dante stays behind to speak with Alexis. The judge starts to tell Dante about how to surrender the baby, which puts Dante over and he quickly exits the courtroom. Maxie assumes that she and Spinelli will be taking the baby home, but then the judge says he feels that it's best for Connie that Spinelli get full custody. The judge also says that he's denying Maxie any visitation and wants her to think about all the damage she has caused. He scolds Maxie for her behavior and tells her he will revisit the issue in six months. Maxie is devastated.

Tracy brings baby Connie back to her hotel room at the Metro Court. Olivia is waiting for them and worried about the baby. Tracy and Olivia talk about big Connie and how Tracy and her were becoming friends before she died. Then they become anxious for news about the baby and decide to head off to the courthouse. When Olivia opens the door, Lulu is standing there and tells them that she won. Tracy notices something is off, but Lulu insists that she needs to take the baby home to Dante immediately. Lulu is about to walk out with little Connie when Dante opens the door. He tells Olivia and Tracy the truth and that he suspects that Lulu wants to run away with the baby. Lulu asks Dante to let her go, but he says it's wrong and he can't let her. Tracy agrees with Dante, but Lulu is terrified of losing Connie and cries that she can't. Dante embraces Lulu and the baby and says they have to let Connie go. End of show!

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