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GH November 2013 Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's some rumors & spoilers for November! As always, take with a grain of salt.

The Rumors

AJ disappears! This occurs not long after AJ's trial ends in a hung jury, after which AJ has a flashback involving the evening that Connie was shot. 

Liz and Duke search for AJ after Olivia shares her vision of AJ soaked in blood.

Carly is charged with the murder of AJ after evidence is discovered that implicates her.

Both Monica and Liz will secretly believe that AJ has faked his death (in an effort to avoid repercussions from what he recalled during his flashback).

Michael is seriously injured in an explosion that Morgan set up in cahoots with Julian, to get rid of Sonny once and for all. Ava learns of the plans and successfully saves Kiki in time. Michael may suffer from amnesia for a time but Kiki will help him heal and recover his lost memories. Meanwhile, Sonny cuts Morgan out of his life and vows to get his revenge on Carlos, Julian and Ava. This will be easier said than done as Julian has Morgan go to the PCPD with information that could send Sonny to prison. While Morgan may consider himself sitting pretty with Julian, Julian may not have such long term plans for Morgan.

Brenda returns to Port Charles around Christmas time and reunites with Robin. Robin is shocked to learn her of close friend's serious health issues. 

Carly asks Brenda to bring Jocelyn to Jax while she is incarcerated. 

A murder in Ava's long-ago past may come back to haunt her.

Nikolas plans to celebrate New Years in a big way. As past experience with celebrations at Windermere have proven, look for a big reveal to come out at an inopportune time, namely the true paternity of Ben. 

Duke and Robert have serious issues with each other.

Nik's son, Spencer, may help uncover a secret in the New Year.

The Spoilers

Coming up next week...

11/4 Duke's discovery puts lives in danger. 
Luke and Tracy have an important discussion about their future.

11/5 Sonny prepares to make a move, but someone is one step ahead of him. 
Carly's discovery leads to an unexpected revelation.

11/6 Scott and Lucy celebrate his election win.
Kiki's desire to help may cause more harm than good.

11/7 Franco is put on the spot at the gallery opening.
Secrets, deception and a major outburst set the stage for a shocking admission. 

11/8 Will Sonny listen to reason when he discovers a major betrayal?
Fear and uncertainty spread through Port Charles. 

Spoilers Continued...

Franco and Diane take advantage of Carly's confusion to put their scheme into motion.

Morgan's betrayal gives Sonny's enemies the upper edge.

Heather shows up at the art gallery opening.

Someone's performance art will outshine Franco's on his big night.

The aftermath of major revelations will lead to big changes in the relationships of Olivia and Sonny, Carly and Franco, Sam and Silas.

As Patrick and Sabrina go full steam ahead in planning their wedding, Robin struggles with her desire to run them off the rails. But even as someone close to Robin discovers she's alive, it's someone else getting closer to the truth who could blow everything!

Carly tries to use to use her feminine wiles to learn more about Julian Jerome.
Will Franco have to come to her rescue?

Here's the preview for Monday 11/4/13

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  1. Personally I hope AJ survives and the rumors aren't true. :(


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