Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gandalf the Great

Nonsense Brita!
On today's show Felix warms up to Brad, Lulu gets a taste of her own medicine and Patrick almost finds Robin in the GH lab!

Here's What Happened - 

Robin shares with Nikolas the information about Jerry's cure at Windermere. They discuss Halloween and how hard it is for her to be away from Patrick and Emma. Nikolas remarks on how amazing it is that Robin developed a cure while being a captive. He also apologizes for not going to her funeral. Then she explains that she needs Luke's blood to test. Nikolas tells her that Luke has a appointment at the hospital today.

Britt sees Dr. Obrecht come out of the wall at Windermere, so Dr. Obrecht explains the catacombs and secure passageways. She says Faison took her on a stroll down memory lane on his old stomping grounds. Britt is suspicious and accuses her of lying. Britt says she is going to check the passageway for Faison, but then Nikolas and Robin walk in and interrupt. Robin tells them about her plans to test the cure and Nikolas refers to Faison as, Gandalf the Great. After Dr. Obrecht taunts Robin about Patrick sleeping with "Brita" just months after she died. Robin wants to go to the hospital lab, but Dr. Obrecht tells her no way. They manage to convince her by saying thats where all the equipment they need is. Then Nik and Robin take off to the hospital. At the end, Britt sees Dr. Obrecht taking food into the wall and asks what she's doing.

Brad pages Felix to the lab to give him a picture of them together on Halloween. Felix appreciates it and says he likes it a lot. Then Ellie walks in and interrupts them. Felix feels uncomfortable and makes an excuse to leave. After Brad tells Ellie she's an idiot and ruined his moment with Felix. Ellie tells him to leave her alone, because she's upset about Spinelli's court hearing. They argue, but then Britt calls Brad to ask him about Luke's blood sample and asks him to allow a mystery person to work in the lab for awhile. Brad orders Ellie to get out and shortly after Robin arrives with Nik to work. She notes it's the last place Patrick saw her alive. Nik leaves her alone to work. Robin has flashbacks of seeing Patrick at the lab door before the explosion.

Alexis calls Maxie a murderer in the courtroom. Diane objects and Spinelli has an outburst in Maxie's honor. Maxie asks who she supposedly murdered. Alexis answers, "Robin!" Felicia jumps up and scolds Lulu for allowing this. The judge calls for order and then asks Maxie if it's true. Maxie says yes and explains what happened the day Robin died. We get new flashbacks of Robin and Maxie in the lab prior to the explosion. After the judge calls for a break and Lulu and Maxie have a moment alone. Maxie asks Lulu how she could do that do her. Lulu scolds Maxie for her various lies and refuses to feel sorry. The end up fighting over Lulu using Robin.

Out in the hallway, Dante and Sonny talk about the intensity in the court room. Dante expresses his displeasure with the way things are going. They hear arguing in the courtroom and run back in. Alexis breaks it up and everyone falls into their mutual corners. Maxie tells Spinelli they should hit Lulu as hard as she hit her. Later Lulu takes the stand, rips into Maxie and calls her a careless person to Alexis. Then Diane steps up to question Lulu. Diane says that Lulu is the only murderer in the courtroom.

Sabrina and Patrick show Emma her bridesmaid dress at Patrick's house. They tell her they're getting married next week. Emma brings up the lady from the party who helped her after she spilled on Halloween. She says she wants to go to Windermere to thank her and invite her to the wedding. Then Felix knocks on the door with some dresses for Sabrina to try on. Felix sends Patrick off to work and they have some wedding fun. Sabrina has a mini fashion show, but they don't like any of the dresses. Emma shows her a picture of Robin's wedding dress and says Sabrina should wear that dress. Sabrina tells she can't wear that and shares the story of how her mother died. Her and Emma bond, hug and Felix promises to find her the perfect wedding dress.

Luke and Tracy wait in the hospital exam room for his test results with baby Connie. Luke has to feed her with a bottle and they discuss waiting on Ellie for his results. They run into Patrick and tell him about the terrific doctor who they think cured Luke. Patrick says he'd like to meet her and asks her name. Luke says the doctor likes her privacy. At the end, Tracy talks about how rewarding helping to raise Lulu was to Luke. Over at the lab, Patrick walks up to the door where Robin is. End of show!

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  1. Once again, GH takes extravagant liberties with anything and everything. There is no way that a judge would not grant Maxie and Spinelli joint custody. The mother would have to be a derelict (drud-addict, alcoholic...etc.) to be denied joint custody. Please take my word for it. As much as I am enjoying this storyline, some truths are distorted to the pun intended.


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