Friday, November 22, 2013

Does It Have a Parasol?

Dress Drama!
In this episode Sabrina and Patrick prepare for their wedding, Nikolas gets bitch slapped by Faison and Robert makes a wonderful discovery.

Today's Show - 

Britt informs a shirtless Nikolas at Windermere that she can't find her mother. Britt is certain something is off and thinks her father knows where Obrecht is. Nikolas tries to make her feel better when Britt says she doesn't understand why she cares about where her mother is at all. Nikolas brings up Stefan and his complicated feelings towards the Cassadine's. Then Nik says he'll help her find Dr. Obrecht.

Robert comes to visit Luke at the Metro Court with Anna and a beleaguered Jerry in tow. Luke confirms to them that Robin is alive and explains Faison and Obrecht's involvement. They tell Luke about Duke being held hostage at Windermere. Jerry says he's still in charge, because Faison will kill Duke if he doesn't call him. They decide to tie Jerry up and head off to Windermere to find Robin and Duke themselves.

Faison asks why Robin is sad in Nik's living room. Robin is annoyed by him and asks to left alone. He threatens her to watch her attitude and suggests that he will kill Robert. Then he grabs her, but Robin snaps that her mother hates him. Faison pulls a gun on her, but fortunately Nik walks in with his own gun pointed. Britt wants to know where her mother is, but Faison claims he doesn't know. Then they send Britt to the hospital to get the cure and Nik goes into the wall to find Obrecht. Robin stays behind with Faison and taunts him about how Anna will never love him. Faison gets angry and locks Robin in one of the many bedrooms.

Patrick and Sabrina gush about their wedding on the phone to each other. Felix insists that Sabrina get off the phone to get ready for the wedding at her apartment. Felix has a new dress that he got from Corinth. Later at Patrick's house, a hung over Liz arrives to help Patrick with sunglasses on. They discuss they're wild bachelor party (too bad we didn't get to see it) and Patrick says he's fine and ready for his wedding. Emma and Mac show up shortly after and then Felix calls Liz for her help.

When Liz arrives at Sabrina's apartment, Felix tells her that Sabrina hates the dress he got for her. Sabrina shows them the dress and Emma asks if it has a parasol. Liz approves and then a mysterious person knocks on Sabrina's door. Back and Patrick's house, Mac and Patrick have a nice heart to heart chat about Robin. Mac tells Patrick he's family and they hug. After Mac leaves, a mysterious person knocks on Patrick's door.

Duke and Dr. Obrecht argue in the catacombs under duress from being tied up. Obrecht says all of this is Luke's fault for stealing the cure from Jerry. They also argue about Anna and Obrecht refers to Anna as a beanpole and a scarecrow. They decide to work together to escape, but shortly after Nikolas finds them. He starts to untie then, but then Faison comes up behind him. Faison slaps Nikolas and he drops to the floor. Upstairs Anna, Robert and Luke arrive. They all split up to search the house and Anna heads into the catacombs. 

At the end, Dr. Obrecht manages to get free as Faison drags an unconscious Nik off. Duke wants her to untie him, but she grabs a gun and points it at Duke. She tries to shoot, but Anna bursts in to save him. In the living room, Luke screams for Faison to come out and Faison walks out of the wall. Upstairs, Robert opens one of the bedroom doors and finds Robin! End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

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  1. I think we all know that Juan is coming to see Sabrina! Can you see how happy Becky looks in the background? lol

  2. It seemed to me that Faison sucker punched Nikolas, took him by surprise, not slapped him. It is hard to imagine that Nik being slapped by Faison would knock him out????? Love the Robin return. Hope that the Patrick/Sabrina wedding gets called off, that relationship is ridiculous a grown man dating what amounts to a teenager. Patrick needs to go and search for his wife, find her and renew their vows and kick Sobby to the curb and then hopefully off the show. The they need to redeem Britt so that she can hook up with my Prince. Definitely love that Nikolas is finally getting great air time. Definitely like the friendship between Robin and Nikolas, always have. Just wish that Luke, Anna, Robert, Mac, Patrick would treat Nikolas with a little more respect and consideration considering the many times he has helped Robin. Really want Luke to stop the Nikolas snide remarks all the time. At least Laura thought Luke was dead before she had Nik and she was held captive. As I recall Luke was still married to Laura and had an affair with Holly which produced Ethan. Laura has treated Ethan with courtesy and respect I wish that Luke would do the same with Nikolas, getting very tired of Luke's immaturity.


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