Monday, November 11, 2013

Crazy Genes

Hi, I'm Julian!
In today's show Franco and Carly discuss their relationship, Julian's cover as Derek Wells is finally blown and Morgan's life implodes...again!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly finds Franco sulking in his hotel room. She tries to make him feel better about Heather being his mother, but Franco says it makes a lot of sense, because Heather gave him crazy genes. He thinks his talent was cut out with his tumor. Franco starts to get upset thinking about it and yells at Carly to get out. She doesn't listen and stays put. Then they start talking about their mutual attempts to make each other jealous with Derek and Diane. Franco says that Carly is the only woman for him. Later, Franco talks about losing his connection to Jason and everything he thought he was. At the end, Carly offers to be his friend, but Franco says he doesn't want that. Carly is moved and they kiss.

Sonny strolls into the gallery to confront Morgan and the gang. Sonny asks Morgan why he would stab him in the back. At first Morgan denies it, but after Sonny starts yelling and shows him the bug, Morgan finally admits it. Michael can't believe what he's hearing and starts to lay into Morgan. Sonny asks Morgan if Ava put him up to it. Morgan gets brazen and snaps that he planted the bug, because Sonny chose Michael over him. Michael and Morgan start arguing. Sonny chokes up and tells Morgan that he broke his heart. Morgan replies, "Good you broke mine first!" Then Morgan storms out and Michael decides to go after him.

Silas and Sam talk about Heather outside of the art gallery. Sam shares with Silas all of her history with Heather and says that Heather destroyed her family. Silas disagrees and says Danny is a survivor because of her and Heather didn't destroy that. Sam says that Silas is the hero who saved Danny's life. She also says she's thankful for Derek. Then they start discussing what they've come to notice about one another and that leads into a passionate kiss. Then Morgan and Michael storm past them, so they decide to go inside to see whats going on. When they enter Kiki is scolding Ava for her mistreatment of Morgan. Alexis explains to Sam what's going on and then Kiki takes off after Michael.

Michael finds Morgan on the docks and they start fighting and yelling at the top of their lungs. Michael blames Ava for turning Morgan against Sonny. Morgan says no, Sonny chose Michael over him and that's why he's doing this. Michael tries to defend Sonny, but Morgan won't let go of his anger toward Michael. They also argue about Kiki. Michael says that he doesn't deserve Kiki and that Morgan turned out to be a traitor. Then they starting punching and grappling with one another, Michael says Morgan's actions nearly got Sonny killed. They claim to hate each other and Michael goes to hit Morgan again, but Kiki shows up and screams for him to stop. Morgan uses the opportunity to strike back and sucker punches Michael when he looks at Kiki. Michael takes a fall and hits his head on the docks, then he rolls into the water much like Jason did when he was killed.

Back at the gallery, Sam demands to know what's going on so Derek/Julian steps up and admits that he's Julian Jerome. Alexis can't believe it, so Sonny fills in the gaps for everyone. Sam is in shock, as is Alexis. Julian says that he had no idea that he was Sam's father until Alexis shared her story with him about Sam's conception. Julian gets choked up and tells Sam that she loves her and Danny, but they won't be able to get close because Sonny plans to kill him. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show!

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode! Morgan is the new AJ.

  2. This was the best episode!!!

    Sam Silas Julian and Alexis

    I don't care about Robin!!!!


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