Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AJ's Back!

Guilty or Not Guilty?
In this episode Liz got a cute haircut, AJ's trial begins and Spinelli takes his daughter home!

Today's Recap -

Ellie tells Liz about Maxie's hearing at the Nurse's station, while Liz thinks about AJ's trial. Over at the courthouse, Kiki finds a heads up penny in front of the court room and gives it to Michael for good luck before AJ's trial begins. Monica joins them and then AJ is walked out in chains and an orange jumpsuit. Monica brings AJ a suit to wear and he thanks all of them for showing up for him. They go into the court room and AJ wonders if Liz will show up or not. Sure enough, Liz walks in a few minutes later. She tries to talk to him, but then court goes into session.

Diane brings Spinelli and Maxie the court order for Connie's custody paperwork at Maxie's place. Diane warns Maxie not to pull any stunts. She also gives Spinelli her bill. She apologizes to Maxie that she couldn't win for her. Maxie sits quietly, but is clearly depressed. Spinelli leaves and goes to talk to Ellie at the hospital Ellie offers to go with him to pick up little Connie. Later when Maxie's alone, Felicia and Mac knock on her door. She screams, "go away" and opens the door in tears. They try to comfort her, but Maxie says she can't live without her daughter. Mac and Felicia promise to help her.

Olivia and Sonny come over to Lulu and Dante's place to say goodbye to baby Connie. Olivia holds and cries to the baby about how much she is going to miss her. Sonny talks to the baby and says she helped give him a reason to go on after big Connie died. Olivia shares with Dante and Lulu that Maxie was denied visitation and Spinelli got full custody. It gives Lulu some solace, but after Sonny and Olivia leave she tells Dante, "It's all your fault!" Lulu is enraged with Dante for not lying for her and reminds him about how he protected Sonny after Sonny shot him. She asks why he wouldn't lie for her. Dante says because Connie never belonged to them. At the end, Spinelli and Ellie come to pick up Connie. Dante and Lulu tell him how to take care of her and Spinelli thanks them for all they've done. Lulu and Dante say a tearful goodbye and hand her to Spinelli. Lulu breaks down watching her leave.

Carly blurts out to Felix that she slept with Franco at the Metro Court. They gossip about her tryst and Carly tells him about Heather being Franco's mother. Felix tells her to run before things get any worst. Nearby, Heather lurks and watches them. Carly tells Felix that she's sure everyone is safe from Heather given all of the security measures being taken with her. Carly tells Felix not to judge her and reminds him about his attraction to Brad the cad. Felix tells Carly that he has her back, but he also says, "Don't say I never warned you!"

Franco makes a call to find out if Heather is "securely" locked up, when someone knocks on his hotel door. He assumes it's Heather and he gets ready to knock her out when he opens the door. However, Scott is standing there. Franco shows Scott the card Heather sent with the dead roses she sent to Carly. He asks for Scott's help. Scott tells him that discovering that Franco is his son and the scandal with Heather came at bad time for his political career. Scott says he really can't get involved, but he wanted to tell Franco that he didn't know Heather's secret and is sorry. Then Scotty awkwardly suggests that Franco keep his distance. Franco takes offense and shows Scott the door. Later, Heather goes to Franco's room. Franco grabs her and tells her that he'll kill her if she hurts Carly. He starts to strangle Heather, but then the guards from the institute come to take Heather back. Franco tells them to take her away, but it turns out the guards are working with Heather.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny warns Scott that he should stick it to AJ and Julian Jerome owns him. Diane sees it and teases Scott about the difficult trial ahead of him. Everyone goes into the courtroom and shortly after Scott starts his opening. He calls AJ a coldblooded killer. Then Diane starts her opening and says AJ is innocent and the real killer is still out there. Scott calls Sonny as his first witness. Sonny woefully recounts how he saw AJ attack Connie at his house and then later found her dying with the bloody AJ letters written beside her at Crimson. Then Diane questions Sonny and brings up Sonny's long standing grudge with AJ. After Scott calls Liz to the stand. Liz flashes to AJ saying he wanted to kill Connie and tells the courtroom when Scott pressures her. Olivia screams at Liz for not saying anything. The judge calls for order. Then Diane questions Liz further and Liz says that she thinks AJ was just venting and never intended to kill Connie. At the end, Scott calls Olivia to the stand. He brings up security footage from the Metro Court that he claims will prove that AJ killed Connie! End of show!

Do you think AJ's really guilty?

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

P.S. Did anyone else see Coleman on Supernatural last night?

Have a great night!

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