Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Wedding

I do?
In today's show Britt and Robin talk about Patrick, Anna saves Luke & Nikolas from Faison and Robin tries to make it to the church on time!

Here's What Happened - 

Guests begin to arrive at the church for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Silas notices that Sam looks sad when she signs the guest book and asks what's wrong. She shares that she was thinking of Jason. Inside the church, Sabrina and Emma get ready in the backroom. Felix comes in with her dress and Emma wonders where Sabrina's something blue is. Felix says they're waiting for Ellie. After Lucy shows up and tells Sabrina that she can't marry them, because her marriage is over and she doesn't believe anymore. Lucy cries over a fight she had with Kevin, but Felix says they can fix it. Then Patrick knocks on the door and asks for a minute with the bride. Once alone, Patrick tells Sabrina that he wants to clear the air. Patrick explains what Ava told him about Robin, but says he knows it's not true. He tells Sabrina he loves her and can't wait to be her husband. After Patrick leaves, Lucy, Emma and Felix return and Lucy tells Sabrina that she reconsidered and will perform the ceremony afterall. Lucy gives Emma her blue and used handkerchief for Sabrina to use.

Maxie goes to see her daughter at Sam's place with a gift. Spinelli and Ellie aren't happy to see Maxie and Spinelli asks her to leave. Ellie takes pity on Maxie, but Spinelli is very concerned that the judge will take the baby away if she visits. Maxie refuses to leave. Spinelli threatens to call the police if she comes any closer. Maxie says she can't wait six months to see her child, but Ellie and Spinelli convince her that it's not best for the baby. Spinelli closes the door on her and Maxie decides to leave the present and sulks away.

Liz tries to sooth Patrick's nerves in the church before the ceremony. They talk about his father and Bobby getting together. Epiphany arrives and Liz notices Brad signing the guest book, so she goes to ask what he's doing there. Brad tells her that he's Felix's date. Back inside, Epiphany tells Patrick that she's happy he ignored all that Robin nonsense. They have a nice chat and Patrick thanks her for helping him after Robin died.

Bobby arrives in town! She talks to Noah on the phone and we learn that he can't make it to PC for the wedding due to hospital business in Seattle. Bobbie goes to Luke's hotel room to get him for the wedding and let's herself in. She finds Jerry tied to the bed. Bobby says she heard he died. Jerry says no, but he's not far off. Jerry asks her for help getting the cure from the lab, but Bobby decides to call Luke instead. She can't reach him, so Jerry continues to plead for her help. He even brings up their past romance and tries to play on her feelings. Bobby takes pity on him and goes to the lab to search. When she returns, Bobby tells Jerry that she couldn't find the cure. Jerry asks her to let him go, so he'll have a chance to save himself. Then we see Bobby leave a message for Liz saying she can't make it to the wedding.

Anna, Robert and Robin wonder where Nikolas is at Windermere. Britt arrives with Jerry's cure and is surprised to see Anna and Robert. Anna explains to Robert that she is Obrecht and Faison's daughter. They tell Britt that Faison has Nikolas somewhere unknown. Britt is upset and wants to find Nikolas asap. Robert and Anna take off to look for him and after Britt and Robin get to talking. Britt tells Robin that she saw Patrick and he was looking for her in the lab earlier. Robin is curious, but gets dismayed when Britt tells her that Patrick said he was sure about Sabrina.

Luke holds Faison at gun point in the stables and wants Faison to show him where Nikolas is. When they open the door, we see Nik getting punched by one of Faison henchmen. Luke thinks he has control of the situation, but gets overpowered by another one of Faison's loyalists. Luke ends up tied up next to Nik. Faison tells them that he has plans to escape and can take one hostage. He wants to take Nikolas, but says he will flip a coin to determine who the hostage will be. Luke loses the bet and Faison prepares to shoot him. Unbeknownst to Faison, Anna and Robert arrive at the stables and see what is transpiring. Anna bursts in and asks Faison to let Luke and Nikolas go. She offers to be his hostage instead. Anna lies and tells them that Obrecht escaped and killed Robin, Robert and the gang. Anna pretends to be suicidal and says she'll kill herself if Faison doesn't let Luke and Nik go. She pretends to shoot, but Faison freaks and tries to stop her. In the confusion, Robert bursts in with his guns blazing and saves the day.

At the end, Luke and Nikolas return to the house safely. Britt is thrilled to see Nikolas and gives the cure to Luke for Jerry. Luke says he's going to use it for Sean Donely. Then Luke gets a call from Bobbie, but when he answers he hears Jerry's voice. Apparently, Jerry bested Bobbie off camera and is now holding her at gunpoint. Robin decides it's time to get to the church and heads to the stables to see Anna and Robert. Robert says he'll take Robin to the mainland, leaving Anna alone with Faison. Once alone, Faison reminds Anna of his intense love for her and says he'll be back sooner or later. Anna is disgusted and looks ready to kill, but then Robert returns saying he got Robin on a boat to the mainland. Anna informs Robert that Faison has to die for everything he's done.

Over at the church, the wedding begins. Liz walks down the aisle, then Emma as the flower girl and finally Felix walks Sabrina down. Patrick looks elated and Emma notes how pretty Sabrina is. Sabrina makes it to the alter and Lucy begins the ceremony. Then Robin finally arrives at the church and opens the door. She sees Patrick standing at the alter with Sabrina smiling and decides to hide from sight. End of show!

So that concludes November sweeps. Have you been enjoying GH this month?

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

P.S. GH will be a rerun tomorrow & preempted on Friday. 

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where's Nikolas?

Together again!
In this episode Nikolas is MIA, Maxie continues to miss her daughter and Patrick starts to wonder if Robin is really alive!

Today's show -

Maxie is depressed and asks Ellie about her daughter at their apartment. Ellie tries to put a positive spin on the situation and assures Maxie that the baby is being well cared for. Maxie is despondent and not easily consoled. Ellie leaves and later Mac and Felicia knock on Maxie's door. Maxie tells them that she can't go to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Mac and Felicia refuse to accept that and Mac gives Maxie a dress he bought for her to wear.

Spinelli tends to his daughter at Sam's place. Spinelli thanks Sam for helping him and he explains the pain that Maxie is in since the custody hearing. Sam shares her woes over finding out Julian was her father. Silas shows up to take Sam to Patrick's wedding. Then Ellie arrives and wonders where her invitation went. Sabrina calls and assures Ellie that she did invite her to their wedding so Ellie decides to go to the wedding afterall. On her way out, Maxie shows up.

Sabrina and Emma get ready for the wedding at Sabrina's place. Emma worries that Felix is going to mess up Sabrina's wedding dress. Sabrina says it doesn't matter what she wears, because she is determined to get married. Then Felix comes out of the bedroom and says the dress is ready. They collect all the essentials, re: something borrowed, something blue, etc. and after Sabrina confides to Felix that she is worried that Robin took Ellie's invitation from the lab. Felix thinks it's ridiculous and promises Sabrina everything will be fine.

Liz comes to help Patrick get ready at his house. Patrick tells Liz about Ava's visit and her claim that Carlos saw Robin alive. Liz thinks it's a sick lie that Carlos created to ruin the wedding. Patrick says that he's not sure it's a lie. Liz quickly responds that he shouldn't be chasing ghosts. Patrick heads off to talk to Brad. After, Epiphany shows up. Liz tells her about Patrick thinking Robin is alive and Epiphany isn't happy to hear about it. They leave for the wedding and ignore Patrick's cell phone ringing on the way out the door.

Britt admits that she panicked when she told Patrick that Brad was Ben's father at the lab. Brad threatens to expose the lie if she doesn't confirm whether Robin is alive or not. They argue and Britt tells him to shut-up about Robin. Brad takes it as confirmation that Robin's alive. Then Patrick walks in. He shows Brad a picture of Robin on his cell phone and asks if Brad saw her in the lab. Brad lies and Britt encourages Patrick to call off the wedding. However, Patrick says he wishes he didn't come and that Sabrina is waiting for him.

Anna and Robin finally see each other at Windermere. They share a tearful reunion and Anna promises that she'll never lose Robin again. Robert, Anna and Robin have a family hug. Then Duke comes out of the wall and is delighted to see Robin. Anna tells Robin that she can go home to Emma and Patrick now. Robin tells Anna about Patrick getting married, so Anna advises her to go talk to Patrick. Then Robin remembers and asks, "Where's Nikolas?" Anna explains how Faison took Nikolas. Later, Anna and Robert take off looking for Nik. Duke stays behind with Robin and tells her to call her husband. Robin agrees and leaves Patrick a voice message. At the end, Anna and Robert return and tell them they couldn't find Nikolas. End of show!

I think there was a mistake with Patrick's cell phone today, did you notice? He had it at the lab, but Liz and Epiphany said he left it at the house. Oh well, I guess we can pretend we didn't notice.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Juan Returns!

Read about his GH history here ---> Michael Saucedo
Quick Recap - 

Juan comes to visit Sabrina at Elizabeth's behest. He brings Sabrina her mother's wedding dress. Sabrina is thrilled and asks Juan to stay for the wedding. However, he says he has to get back to his music tour. Liz walks Juan out and they have a brief talk about Emily. Juan also says he's married to a wonderful girl named Becky! How cute is that?

Ava tells Patrick that Robin's alive and that Carlos saw her. Patrick is skeptical and doesn't trust Ava. However, Ava rattles him and she warns him not to marry Sabrina. Patrick kicks her out, but after Patrick looks at Robin's picture and thinks about what Ava told him.

Brad confronts Britt in the lab about Carlos seeing Robin. He wants to score points with Felix by warning him if Robin is really alive and asks Britt to confirm. Brad threatens to reveal that he's not the father of Britt's baby, if she doesn't tell him the truth.

Anna and Obrecht have a show down over Duke in the catacombs. Obrecht wants to kill Duke to hurt Anna, but Anna offers her own life to save him. Obrecht says Faison would never forgive her if she killed Anna. Then Duke manages to wrangle free. He grabs Dr. Obrecht and subdues her. After, Anna tells Duke she loves him and that Robin is alive!

Robert and Robin has a reunion at Windermere. They fill each other in on the time they missed and discuss getting revenge against Faison. Downstairs, Luke and Faison lock guns in the living room. Luke brings up Faison hurting Lucky in the past and then shoots him in the chest. However, Faison is wearing a bullet proof vest and jumps back up. Shortly after Robert and Robin show up. Robert keeps his gun on Faison and ties him to a chair. At the end, Anna emerges from the wall and finally comes face to face with Robin! End of show!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Does It Have a Parasol?

Dress Drama!
In this episode Sabrina and Patrick prepare for their wedding, Nikolas gets bitch slapped by Faison and Robert makes a wonderful discovery.

Today's Show - 

Britt informs a shirtless Nikolas at Windermere that she can't find her mother. Britt is certain something is off and thinks her father knows where Obrecht is. Nikolas tries to make her feel better when Britt says she doesn't understand why she cares about where her mother is at all. Nikolas brings up Stefan and his complicated feelings towards the Cassadine's. Then Nik says he'll help her find Dr. Obrecht.

Robert comes to visit Luke at the Metro Court with Anna and a beleaguered Jerry in tow. Luke confirms to them that Robin is alive and explains Faison and Obrecht's involvement. They tell Luke about Duke being held hostage at Windermere. Jerry says he's still in charge, because Faison will kill Duke if he doesn't call him. They decide to tie Jerry up and head off to Windermere to find Robin and Duke themselves.

Faison asks why Robin is sad in Nik's living room. Robin is annoyed by him and asks to left alone. He threatens her to watch her attitude and suggests that he will kill Robert. Then he grabs her, but Robin snaps that her mother hates him. Faison pulls a gun on her, but fortunately Nik walks in with his own gun pointed. Britt wants to know where her mother is, but Faison claims he doesn't know. Then they send Britt to the hospital to get the cure and Nik goes into the wall to find Obrecht. Robin stays behind with Faison and taunts him about how Anna will never love him. Faison gets angry and locks Robin in one of the many bedrooms.

Patrick and Sabrina gush about their wedding on the phone to each other. Felix insists that Sabrina get off the phone to get ready for the wedding at her apartment. Felix has a new dress that he got from Corinth. Later at Patrick's house, a hung over Liz arrives to help Patrick with sunglasses on. They discuss they're wild bachelor party (too bad we didn't get to see it) and Patrick says he's fine and ready for his wedding. Emma and Mac show up shortly after and then Felix calls Liz for her help.

When Liz arrives at Sabrina's apartment, Felix tells her that Sabrina hates the dress he got for her. Sabrina shows them the dress and Emma asks if it has a parasol. Liz approves and then a mysterious person knocks on Sabrina's door. Back and Patrick's house, Mac and Patrick have a nice heart to heart chat about Robin. Mac tells Patrick he's family and they hug. After Mac leaves, a mysterious person knocks on Patrick's door.

Duke and Dr. Obrecht argue in the catacombs under duress from being tied up. Obrecht says all of this is Luke's fault for stealing the cure from Jerry. They also argue about Anna and Obrecht refers to Anna as a beanpole and a scarecrow. They decide to work together to escape, but shortly after Nikolas finds them. He starts to untie then, but then Faison comes up behind him. Faison slaps Nikolas and he drops to the floor. Upstairs Anna, Robert and Luke arrive. They all split up to search the house and Anna heads into the catacombs. 

At the end, Dr. Obrecht manages to get free as Faison drags an unconscious Nik off. Duke wants her to untie him, but she grabs a gun and points it at Duke. She tries to shoot, but Anna bursts in to save him. In the living room, Luke screams for Faison to come out and Faison walks out of the wall. Upstairs, Robert opens one of the bedroom doors and finds Robin! End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Person of Honor

Carlos Danger
In today's show Sabrina and Patrick line up their wedding party, Nikolas helps Robin stay focused and Ava destroys evidence!

Here's What Happened - 

Sabrina apologizes to Felix at the Metro Court for being late. Felix accuses of her of not showing enough interest in her own wedding, so Sabrina explains that Carlos held her up. She tells Felix about Carlos working for the mob and Felix calls him, "Carlos Danger!" Then Sabrina tells Felix about Carlos saying Robin is still alive. Felix suggests that maybe Carlos saw Robin's ghost. Sabrina is skeptical and thinks Carlos is just trying to manipulate her. Then Sabrina asks Felix to be her maid of honor. Felix says he won't go drag, so Sabrina adjusts it and asks if he'll be her person of honor. Felix at first says no, but then says he was just kidding and of course he'll be her person of honor.

Ava comes across Carlos on the docks. He shares his concerns about Sabrina and tells Ava that Robin is alive. He explains what happened at the GH lab. Ava says maybe his mind is playing tricks on him, since he doesn't have any proof that Robin is alive. Carlos replies that Sabrina didn't believe him either. Ava suggests that Carlos go to Patrick and tell him that Robin is alive. Carlos says that he can't do that, because it would make him look even worse to Sabrina. Ava says she understands what it's like to have your life and heart wrapped up in someone who doesn't feel the same. Silas I presume! Then Ava offers to speak with Patrick on Carlos's behalf. Carlos says thanks, but no thanks and takes off.

Robin shows Nikolas the invitation for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding at Windermere. She explains how she swiped it from Ellie at the GH lab. Robin also tells Nik about her run in with Carlos and how Carlos said she looked familiar. Nik isn't pleased, but Robin says they just have to hope for the best. Then she expresses her continued displeasure over not being able to see her family. Nikolas says that he admires her will power and that even though Patrick doesn't know it, he's waiting for her. Robin says that's not true, because even when Patrick knows she alive, it won't change his feelings for Sabrina. Nik tries to make her feel better, but Robin thinks it's ironic that she asked Patrick to move on and now he did. Nik tells her that Patrick and Emma still need her, but Robin thinks that since they have Sabrina they don't need her. Nik hugs her and assures that she is invaluable to Emma and Patrick.

Patrick chats with Elizabeth at the Nurse's station. She shares with him that she feels guilty for her testimony against AJ. Liz thinks she might be responsible if AJ goes to jail. Patrick tells her that she did the right thing and AJ will understand. Liz says that whatever happened between her and AJ is over. Liz expresses her disappointment over things not working out with AJ. Then they talk about Patrick's upcoming wedding to Sabrina. Patrick asks Liz to be his "best man" at the wedding. He tells her that she's a dear friend of his and he couldn't image her not being there with him. Liz is touched and says yes, but asks to be called the best person. Then she offers to throw him a bachelor party, Patrick agrees and then takes off to meet Sabrina. At the end, Felix comes to the hospital and tells Liz they have tons of wedding work to do. Then he asks her to get a spray tan. Over at the Metro Court, Sabrina tells Patrick that they can't spend the night together, because it's bad luck before the wedding. 

At the courthouse, Scotty produces security footage from the Metro Court on the night of Connie's murder. He has Olivia confirm that it's authentic as the manager of the hotel. She does and Diane accuses Olivia of deliberately denying the defense the opportunity to view the footage. Sonny yells out for justice for Connie and the judge calls for order. Then the judge allows the video to be played. The video shows a very drunk AJ coming into the Metro Court on the night in question and going to the elevators. Then we see AJ in the elevators holding a gun and going to Connie's floor. Seeing the footage makes AJ think he's guilty. Diane asks Scott to provide the footage of AJ getting off the elevator and actually shooting Connie. Scott says it's gone and is presumed to be destroyed in a flood at the hotel. Diane asks that Scott's video be barred from the trial, because it's incomplete and prejudicial. The judge agrees and denies the jury from seeing it. Court adjourns and AJ shares with Diane, Michael, Kiki and Monica that the tapes make him wonder if he really did kill Connie. Over at the docks, we see Ava alone tossing and then burning the missing video footage in a garbage can. End of show!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AJ's Back!

Guilty or Not Guilty?
In this episode Liz got a cute haircut, AJ's trial begins and Spinelli takes his daughter home!

Today's Recap -

Ellie tells Liz about Maxie's hearing at the Nurse's station, while Liz thinks about AJ's trial. Over at the courthouse, Kiki finds a heads up penny in front of the court room and gives it to Michael for good luck before AJ's trial begins. Monica joins them and then AJ is walked out in chains and an orange jumpsuit. Monica brings AJ a suit to wear and he thanks all of them for showing up for him. They go into the court room and AJ wonders if Liz will show up or not. Sure enough, Liz walks in a few minutes later. She tries to talk to him, but then court goes into session.

Diane brings Spinelli and Maxie the court order for Connie's custody paperwork at Maxie's place. Diane warns Maxie not to pull any stunts. She also gives Spinelli her bill. She apologizes to Maxie that she couldn't win for her. Maxie sits quietly, but is clearly depressed. Spinelli leaves and goes to talk to Ellie at the hospital Ellie offers to go with him to pick up little Connie. Later when Maxie's alone, Felicia and Mac knock on her door. She screams, "go away" and opens the door in tears. They try to comfort her, but Maxie says she can't live without her daughter. Mac and Felicia promise to help her.

Olivia and Sonny come over to Lulu and Dante's place to say goodbye to baby Connie. Olivia holds and cries to the baby about how much she is going to miss her. Sonny talks to the baby and says she helped give him a reason to go on after big Connie died. Olivia shares with Dante and Lulu that Maxie was denied visitation and Spinelli got full custody. It gives Lulu some solace, but after Sonny and Olivia leave she tells Dante, "It's all your fault!" Lulu is enraged with Dante for not lying for her and reminds him about how he protected Sonny after Sonny shot him. She asks why he wouldn't lie for her. Dante says because Connie never belonged to them. At the end, Spinelli and Ellie come to pick up Connie. Dante and Lulu tell him how to take care of her and Spinelli thanks them for all they've done. Lulu and Dante say a tearful goodbye and hand her to Spinelli. Lulu breaks down watching her leave.

Carly blurts out to Felix that she slept with Franco at the Metro Court. They gossip about her tryst and Carly tells him about Heather being Franco's mother. Felix tells her to run before things get any worst. Nearby, Heather lurks and watches them. Carly tells Felix that she's sure everyone is safe from Heather given all of the security measures being taken with her. Carly tells Felix not to judge her and reminds him about his attraction to Brad the cad. Felix tells Carly that he has her back, but he also says, "Don't say I never warned you!"

Franco makes a call to find out if Heather is "securely" locked up, when someone knocks on his hotel door. He assumes it's Heather and he gets ready to knock her out when he opens the door. However, Scott is standing there. Franco shows Scott the card Heather sent with the dead roses she sent to Carly. He asks for Scott's help. Scott tells him that discovering that Franco is his son and the scandal with Heather came at bad time for his political career. Scott says he really can't get involved, but he wanted to tell Franco that he didn't know Heather's secret and is sorry. Then Scotty awkwardly suggests that Franco keep his distance. Franco takes offense and shows Scott the door. Later, Heather goes to Franco's room. Franco grabs her and tells her that he'll kill her if she hurts Carly. He starts to strangle Heather, but then the guards from the institute come to take Heather back. Franco tells them to take her away, but it turns out the guards are working with Heather.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny warns Scott that he should stick it to AJ and Julian Jerome owns him. Diane sees it and teases Scott about the difficult trial ahead of him. Everyone goes into the courtroom and shortly after Scott starts his opening. He calls AJ a coldblooded killer. Then Diane starts her opening and says AJ is innocent and the real killer is still out there. Scott calls Sonny as his first witness. Sonny woefully recounts how he saw AJ attack Connie at his house and then later found her dying with the bloody AJ letters written beside her at Crimson. Then Diane questions Sonny and brings up Sonny's long standing grudge with AJ. After Scott calls Liz to the stand. Liz flashes to AJ saying he wanted to kill Connie and tells the courtroom when Scott pressures her. Olivia screams at Liz for not saying anything. The judge calls for order. Then Diane questions Liz further and Liz says that she thinks AJ was just venting and never intended to kill Connie. At the end, Scott calls Olivia to the stand. He brings up security footage from the Metro Court that he claims will prove that AJ killed Connie! End of show!

Do you think AJ's really guilty?

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P.S. Did anyone else see Coleman on Supernatural last night?

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Give the Cure to Sean Donely

You can't take my baby!
In this episode Luke makes a discovery at Windermere, Felix agrees to go on a date with Brad and both Lulu & Maxie lose baby Connie!

Here's What Happened - 

Brad and Felix commiserate about the lack of perfect wedding dresses for Sabrina at the Nurse's Station. Brad asks Felix to go on an official date with him and much to Brad's surprise, Felix agrees. Brad is delighted and then makes his way back to the lab. Patrick overhears their conversation and warns Felix to stay away from Brad. Felix and Patrick discuss the possibility of Brad not being the father of Britt's baby. Then they talk about Patrick and Sabrina getting married. Felix asks if Sabrina really has Patrick's whole heart. Patrick answers that he's going to do everything in his power to love and protect Sabrina. Felix says that's good enough for him and they share a manly hug. Later, Felix finds Brad and asks if he'll be his date for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding.

Carlos tells Sabrina outside of the GH lab that Robin is alive. Sabrina asks him when and where he saw Robin. Carlos tells her about what happened with Robing pretending to be Epiphany in the lab and then his seeing Epiphany's picture in the hallway. Sabrina still doesn't believe him. Frustrated, Carlos insists it's true. Then Brad stumbles upon them and Sabrina asks him who was working in the lab today. Brad says he doesn't know and it's none of Sabrina's business, but when he notices Robin is gone he slips and says, "Where the hell did she go?" Sabrina asks who he's talking about. Brad tries to worm out of the question, but Carlos pressures him. Brad thinks quickly and says Ellie was the woman Carlos must have seen. Then he quickly scurries away. Carlos asks if Ellie looks anything like the picture of Robin he saw at Patrick's house. Sabrina says no, but she still refuses to believe him. Carlos tells her to mark his words that if she goes ahead with her wedding plans it will all be for nothing. Then Carlos storms off. At the end, Patrick comes up behind Sabrina at the Nurse's station. They kiss and she sees Carlos getting on the elevator nearby. Patrick asks if everything is okay and she says yes.

Luke bursts into Windermere looking for Nikolas. Robin hides in the wall before he sees her, so Luke is greeted by Nik and Britt. Luke informs Nikolas about Jerry being alive on Cassadine Island. Luke notices that Nikolas doesn't seem that surprised, so Nikolas tells him that he's aware of the situation and is handling it. Luke insists that they take off to the island as soon as possible, but Nik says no and insists that Luke stay out of it. Luke refuses, so Robin comes out of hiding and asks him not to make waves. Luke is shocked to see her and asks what happened. Robin explains how she became a captive and that she found his cure. She also explains why Anna and Robert must stay Jerry's prisoners for now. Luke doesn't think anyone can trust Jerry and he tells Robin about Robert attempting suicide when he thought she was dead. Luke says Robin should give the cure to Sean Donely and let Jerry die a slow death. At the end, Nik, Robin and Britt convince Luke to keep quiet for the time being.

Everyone at the courthouse anxiously awaits the judge's decision. Ellie arrives to support Spinelli and then the judge starts his ruling. He says that he is denying Dante and Lulu custody. Lulu freaks out and begs the judge to reconsider, but he denies her request. Lulu runs from the courtroom in tears, but Dante stays behind to speak with Alexis. The judge starts to tell Dante about how to surrender the baby, which puts Dante over and he quickly exits the courtroom. Maxie assumes that she and Spinelli will be taking the baby home, but then the judge says he feels that it's best for Connie that Spinelli get full custody. The judge also says that he's denying Maxie any visitation and wants her to think about all the damage she has caused. He scolds Maxie for her behavior and tells her he will revisit the issue in six months. Maxie is devastated.

Tracy brings baby Connie back to her hotel room at the Metro Court. Olivia is waiting for them and worried about the baby. Tracy and Olivia talk about big Connie and how Tracy and her were becoming friends before she died. Then they become anxious for news about the baby and decide to head off to the courthouse. When Olivia opens the door, Lulu is standing there and tells them that she won. Tracy notices something is off, but Lulu insists that she needs to take the baby home to Dante immediately. Lulu is about to walk out with little Connie when Dante opens the door. He tells Olivia and Tracy the truth and that he suspects that Lulu wants to run away with the baby. Lulu asks Dante to let her go, but he says it's wrong and he can't let her. Tracy agrees with Dante, but Lulu is terrified of losing Connie and cries that she can't. Dante embraces Lulu and the baby and says they have to let Connie go. End of show!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

You Didn't Choose Us

Back off, jack-off!
Quick Update:

Dante tells the court that Lulu lied about wanting to leave the country with baby Connie. Lulu isn't pleased and after tells Dante, "You didn't choose us!" Then Spinelli takes the stand and pleads with Lulu to let go. At the end, everyone waits breathlessly for the judge's ruling.

Luke learns he's officially cured at the hospital from Patrick and Sabrina. After Patrick informs them that Anna & Robert are missing and possibly Duke. They all compare notes and Luke reveals that a mysterious female doctor helped developed the cure on Cassadine Island at the behest of Jerry. Luke decides to go to Windermere for answers.

Anna & Robert try to escape Cassadine Island, but end up in a gun standoff with Jerry. Jerry shows them a picture that Faison sent to him of Duke tied up at Windermere. He threatens them to go back into the lab or Duke will be killed, but Anna's not interested and shoots Jerry in the leg. Robert threatens to kill him once and for all, but Jerry says if he does Robert will never know where Robin is.

Dr. Obrecht tries to foil Faison, but he overpowers her and knocks her out. Then Faison ties her up next to Duke and leaves them there. Once alone, Obrecht spills the beans that Jerry is holding Anna on Cassadine Island. Duke suggests that Obrecht talk with the WSB to get revenge on Faison.

Nik & Britt make out at Windermere. Britt gets cold feet and tells him that she's not a good person. Nikolas realizes she's scared and kisses her again. After Faison comes out of the wall and sees them making out. He doesn't approve of their romance, but Britt tells him it's not his business. Then she asks where her mother is. Faison is vague and says Dr. Obrecht probably got lost in the catacombs.

Carlos thinks Robin is Sabrina at the GH lab. When he sees her face, Robin lies and says she's Epiphany. They have a chat about Sabrina and Patrick. Robin tells Carlos not to give up on Sabrina and he says that Robin looks familiar. Later Carlos sees a picture of the real Epiphany and realizes who he was really speaking with. Back at the lab, Robin figures out how to synthesize the cure. She returns to Windermere to share the news with Nikolas, but then Luke arrives!

End of show!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Gum Thumb

Lulu is a killer too!
In this episode Nik and Britt admit their feelings for each other, Robert and Anna find a way to escape the Cassadine lab and Carlos stumbles upon Robin!

Today's Show - 

Diane tells Lulu that she is the real murderer on the stand at the courthouse. Diane talks about Logan and asks if Lulu justifies stabbing him in the name of self defense. Then Diane brings up Lulu's abortion. Mac and Felicia watch and cringe, as do Sonny and Olivia. Dante looks ill and Lulu explains that she was young when she had the abortion. After Diane brings up Lulu's talk with Maxie about leaving the country with baby Connie. However, Lulu denies ever saying that. The judge calls for a break. During that time Lulu and Dante confer with Sonny and Olivia, while Maxie confers with Spinelli, Diane, Mac and Felicia. Dante asks Lulu why she lied on the stand. Lulu answers, "who cares?" Then court goes back in session and Diane calls Dante to the stand. Once he's up there, Diane asks him if Lulu was telling the truth.

Robert and Anna try to find a way out of the secret lab on Cassadine Island. Robert gets an idea on how to escape. They start chewing gum furiously and when the guards come in Robert asks them for some salt. After the guards leave, they create some crazy Macgyver/24 like concoction (See the video below) and make a fingerprint to use to open the door. Robert calls it, "Gum thumb!" Then they put it to use and the lab door finally opens!

Britt finds Dr. Obrecht bringing a tray of food into the wall and asks what it's for. Dr. Obrecht answers that it's for Cesar. Britt doesn't believe it and wants to follow her. Dr. Obrecht says no and goes into the wall alone. After Nikolas comes home and Britt tells him about her mother going into the wall. They get to talking about how nuts Britt's parents are. Nikolas promises to help protect her from them. He says he'd even consider murder to protect the people he cares about it. Britt says she doesn't believe that Nikolas could kill, because he's so generous and honorable. Nik says that she doesn't know him that well, but Britt responds, "I know you're my hero!" She tells him that she wants to look out for him and they'll beat her parents together without murdering them. Nikolas promises not to take any unnecessary risks, but says he'll protect her because he cares so much about her. Then they share a sweet kiss that leads into a make out session.

Down in the musty cobwebbed bowels of Windermere's catacombs, Faison holds Duke captive. He has poor Duke tied and gagged to a pipe. Dr. Obrecht comes down and Faison criticizes her food choices for Duke. She responds that she doesn't understand why they are keeping Duke alive. She tries to stab Duke, but Faison stops her. Duke tells her that Faison wants to keep him alive in order to get to Anna. The mention of Anna makes Dr. Obrecht angry and she snarls that Faison's obsession puts them all at risk. Duke baits Obrecht into finally breaking the hold that Faison has on her. She makes a try to stab Faison, but he grabs her and stops her attack.

Carlos shows up at Patrick's house to see Sabrina. He sees all the wedding dresses so she tells him she's getting married next week. Sabrina also tells Carlos that she thinks working for Derek Wells is dangerous, but Carlos says everything he does for Mr. Wells is legit. Then Carlos once again tells Sabrina that he wants her to come away with him. Sabrina once again answers no. Carlos has a minor temper tantrum and then Sabrina kicks him out.

Robin talks to herself in the lab at GH, but then hears Patrick outside the door talking to an orderly about getting married to Sabrina. Shortly after Patrick walks into the lab, so Robin hides under the desk. While Patrick is picking up some papers, Sabrina comes in and Robin overhears them talking about their upcoming wedding. Then they kiss. After Sabrina tells Patrick about Carlo's visit. They also talk about Derek Wells being Julian Jerome. Patrick isn't happy to hear about Carlos or his working for the mob. Sabrina suggests that they call Anna for help. Then the leave the lab together. After Robin finds an invitation for Ellie to their wedding. Then Carlos walks in, sees Robin from behind and mistakes her for Sabrina. Then he turns Robin around and sees her face. End of show!

Enjoy the "Gum Thumb" clip from today's show below!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gandalf the Great

Nonsense Brita!
On today's show Felix warms up to Brad, Lulu gets a taste of her own medicine and Patrick almost finds Robin in the GH lab!

Here's What Happened - 

Robin shares with Nikolas the information about Jerry's cure at Windermere. They discuss Halloween and how hard it is for her to be away from Patrick and Emma. Nikolas remarks on how amazing it is that Robin developed a cure while being a captive. He also apologizes for not going to her funeral. Then she explains that she needs Luke's blood to test. Nikolas tells her that Luke has a appointment at the hospital today.

Britt sees Dr. Obrecht come out of the wall at Windermere, so Dr. Obrecht explains the catacombs and secure passageways. She says Faison took her on a stroll down memory lane on his old stomping grounds. Britt is suspicious and accuses her of lying. Britt says she is going to check the passageway for Faison, but then Nikolas and Robin walk in and interrupt. Robin tells them about her plans to test the cure and Nikolas refers to Faison as, Gandalf the Great. After Dr. Obrecht taunts Robin about Patrick sleeping with "Brita" just months after she died. Robin wants to go to the hospital lab, but Dr. Obrecht tells her no way. They manage to convince her by saying thats where all the equipment they need is. Then Nik and Robin take off to the hospital. At the end, Britt sees Dr. Obrecht taking food into the wall and asks what she's doing.

Brad pages Felix to the lab to give him a picture of them together on Halloween. Felix appreciates it and says he likes it a lot. Then Ellie walks in and interrupts them. Felix feels uncomfortable and makes an excuse to leave. After Brad tells Ellie she's an idiot and ruined his moment with Felix. Ellie tells him to leave her alone, because she's upset about Spinelli's court hearing. They argue, but then Britt calls Brad to ask him about Luke's blood sample and asks him to allow a mystery person to work in the lab for awhile. Brad orders Ellie to get out and shortly after Robin arrives with Nik to work. She notes it's the last place Patrick saw her alive. Nik leaves her alone to work. Robin has flashbacks of seeing Patrick at the lab door before the explosion.

Alexis calls Maxie a murderer in the courtroom. Diane objects and Spinelli has an outburst in Maxie's honor. Maxie asks who she supposedly murdered. Alexis answers, "Robin!" Felicia jumps up and scolds Lulu for allowing this. The judge calls for order and then asks Maxie if it's true. Maxie says yes and explains what happened the day Robin died. We get new flashbacks of Robin and Maxie in the lab prior to the explosion. After the judge calls for a break and Lulu and Maxie have a moment alone. Maxie asks Lulu how she could do that do her. Lulu scolds Maxie for her various lies and refuses to feel sorry. The end up fighting over Lulu using Robin.

Out in the hallway, Dante and Sonny talk about the intensity in the court room. Dante expresses his displeasure with the way things are going. They hear arguing in the courtroom and run back in. Alexis breaks it up and everyone falls into their mutual corners. Maxie tells Spinelli they should hit Lulu as hard as she hit her. Later Lulu takes the stand, rips into Maxie and calls her a careless person to Alexis. Then Diane steps up to question Lulu. Diane says that Lulu is the only murderer in the courtroom.

Sabrina and Patrick show Emma her bridesmaid dress at Patrick's house. They tell her they're getting married next week. Emma brings up the lady from the party who helped her after she spilled on Halloween. She says she wants to go to Windermere to thank her and invite her to the wedding. Then Felix knocks on the door with some dresses for Sabrina to try on. Felix sends Patrick off to work and they have some wedding fun. Sabrina has a mini fashion show, but they don't like any of the dresses. Emma shows her a picture of Robin's wedding dress and says Sabrina should wear that dress. Sabrina tells she can't wear that and shares the story of how her mother died. Her and Emma bond, hug and Felix promises to find her the perfect wedding dress.

Luke and Tracy wait in the hospital exam room for his test results with baby Connie. Luke has to feed her with a bottle and they discuss waiting on Ellie for his results. They run into Patrick and tell him about the terrific doctor who they think cured Luke. Patrick says he'd like to meet her and asks her name. Luke says the doctor likes her privacy. At the end, Tracy talks about how rewarding helping to raise Lulu was to Luke. Over at the lab, Patrick walks up to the door where Robin is. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wine Soured

Lucy broke my Daddy's heart!
In this episode Heather begins to harass Carly, Julian puts the screws to Scotty and Maxie comes under fire at the court house!

Today's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see a shirtless Julian at his hotel room. He tries to flirt with her, but Alexis isn't interested. She shows him a copy of his newspaper with his announcement about being Julian Jerome. He asks her if she really came over because of the kiss he gave her last night. Alexis gets annoyed and slaps him. She accuses him of being in the mob and trying to attack Sonny. Julian says she needs to trust him and he feels an attraction to her now like he did when they were young. He compares them now to a mature aged wine, but Alexis responds that, "the wine soured" then she storms out.

Sonny wakes up with Olivia in his bed. Sonny wants to talk about their love making, but Olivia tries to avoid the subject. Sonny tells her that she means a lot to him and he thinks she's beautiful and sexy. Olivia is touched and they start making out again. After they decide to go to the court to support Dante and Lulu.

Tracy is anxious to get Luke to the hospital for a check up at the Metro Court. Lulu and Dante show up with baby Connie. Lulu is happy to see Luke alive. Then they fill Luke and Tracy in on the situation with the baby and court. Lulu asks them to babysit. They agree if they can take the baby to the hospital while Luke gets checked up on.

Ellie and Spinelli chat about their reconciliation and his court hearing at the Nurse's station. Spinelli tells Ellie that Diane suggested that he marry Maxie to secure their court case. However, he assures her that he's not going to do that. Ellie wishes him good luck and Spinelli takes off. Later, Luke and Tracy arrive at the hospital and Ellie asks why they have Spinelli's baby. Tracy and Luke aren't interested in Ellie's interference. Later, they have Ellie run blood for Luke.

Diane congratulates Scotty on Franco being his son outside of the court room. Diane also informs him that Franco is in love with Carly. Scotty isn't happy to hear about that. Shortly after, Julian calls him. Scotty heads over to Julian's hotel room and asks why Julian had Morgan give him that recording of Lazaro working with Sonny. Julian brings up Lucy's involvement with his father, Victor. Julian implies that Lucy breaking his father's heart was indirectly responsible for Victor's death. Scotty senses that Julian is threatening him via Lucy and he leaves.

Carly and Franco wake up blissful in his bed. He wonders if in the light of day if she regrets sleeping with him. Carly tells him that she has no regrets. Franco says he scared he's going to lose her, but Carly she's not going anywhere. Then Carly goes to take a shower and Franco gets a knock on the door. He finds that someone sent Carly dead roses. When Carly comes back out, Franco shows her the dead flowers. He pretends that he sent them to her and says the florist messed up so she doesn't get upset. Then they make their way back into the bedroom. At the end, we see that Franco hide the card that came with the flowers and they were from Heather.

Maxie prepares in the courtroom, with Felicia at her side. Maxie shares her fears, but Felicia tries to assure her that it will be okay. Later, Spinelli shows up and then Dante and Lulu. The judge enters and court begins. Alexis calls Elizabeth to the stand. Alexis gets Liz to talk about Maxie's affair with Lucky and her attempt to get Lucky on pills. Liz also talks about Maxie faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage during that time. After Dante has doubts about ripping Maxie apart. However, Lulu insists they continue so Alexis calls Maxie to the stand. Maxie tries to say that she is very sorry for her actions where Lucky is concerned and claims that she was a different person then. Alexis jumps up and says that Maxie is a murderer! End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Remember You

I love you, I hate you!
In this episode Carly makes her final decision about Franco and Kiki freaks out manically on the docks. Plus Sonny and Olivia get frisky!

Today's Show - 

Carly and Franco make out in his hotel room. They come close to taking the next step, but Carly pulls back. She tells him that she wants him, but that what he did to her daughter and son are holding her back. Franco says he never meant to hurt Michael or Jocelyn. He asks what he can do to prove it to her. Carly ultimately decides that although she wants him, she can't go any further. Then she takes off and he decides to follow her.

Julian tells Sam that he loves her and Danny, but Sonny's plan to murder him will keep them from having a relationship at the gallery. Sam asks Sonny if it's true, but Sonny won't confirm or deny it. Everyone chimes in with their opinions on Julian's and Sonny's various transgressions. Sam asks Sonny not to hurt Julian for Danny's sake. Alexis also insists that Sonny back off. Then Silas tells Sonny that Danny may need more bone marrow down the line. Sonny agrees to back off, but warms Sam and Alexis not to trust Julian. Sonny taunts Julian by saying accidents can happen. Then Sonny walks out and Sam asks Julian if he will bank some bone marrow in advance. Julian assures her that he will help Danny anyway he can, but says he needs to be alive to do so. Silas calls Julian out for his lies and accuses him of using Danny as a life insurance policy. Then Sam and Silas walk out.

After Alexis confronts Julian. She warns him that she'll do anything she has to protect her family. Then she wishes him good luck on his tryst with Carly. Julian grabs Alexis and says, "I don't want Carly!" Alexis tells him to go get tested for the bone marrow, but he says he can't and asks her to trust him. Then he tries to seduce Alexis and kisses her. He tells her, "I remember you" then walks away.

Shawn waits outside of the gallery to take a shot at Julian. It appears that someone is watching him. When Shawn turns around Carlos is standing there. Carlos claims to be security for the gallery. Shawn doesn't believe him. They have a brief standoff, but then Sonny strolls out and tells Shawn the hit is off. Then Sonny walks away. After, Shawn warns Carlos to quit working for Julian if he wants to live. Carlos says that wouldn't be very loyal and tells Shawn that he'll see again. Shawn replies, "No, you won't even see me coming!"

TJ and Molly watch Danny at Sam's place. TJ is worried about Shawn getting hurt, so Molly assures him that Shawn will be okay. They play video games until Sam and Silas come home. Silas gives them money to get something to eat and tells them to get going. Once alone, Sam and Silas talk about the drama at the gallery. At the end Sam asks Silas to stay, but Danny starts crying, so Silas decides to take a rain check.

Kiki screams at Morgan while Michael slips into the water on the docks. Michael bobs to the top, but Morgan refuses to help pull Michael out. Then Morgan takes off, so Kiki jumps in the water to help Michael. Shortly after, Carly and Franco come across them and see Kiki struggling in the water. They pull her out, but she frantically tells him that Michael is still in the water. Franco jumps in to find Michael. Carly calls 911 and then Franco surfaces with Michael. Carly performs CPR and revives Michael, while Kiki screams hysterically. Carly tells Michael that Franco saved him. Franco tells Michael that he has a good mother and walks away.

Later the medics arrive, but Michael refuses treatment. Kiki agrees to take him home and Carly heads off. Once everyone leaves, we see Morgan lurking in the background. At the end, Kiki and Michael talk at home in their bed about Morgan. Kiki thinks Michael should have told everyone what Morgan did, but Michael still wants to protect Morgan. Back at the docks, Ava finds Morgan. She promises to help Morgan and tells him she understands the pain that working against your family can cost. Over at the Metro Court, Carly returns to Franco's room. she tells him that she changed her mind and she wants to take the "leap" with him. They start to make out and make their way into his bedroom for some lovin'!

Max escorts Olivia to Sonny's bedroom. Apparently Olivia gave Max a black eye on the way there, so Max insists that she stay put. They talk about Sonny and Olivia shares her worries about Sonny. Then Sonny walks in. He tells Max to get something for his black eye. Once alone, Sonny confesses to Olivia the pain he feels over Morgan betraying him. She asks what she can do to make things better for Sonny. He answers, "Just be here with me." Then they start kissing and undressing each other. They end up semi naked on Sonny's bed and make love. End of show!

Are you happy that Olivia and Sonny finally hooked up?

Have a great night!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Crazy Genes

Hi, I'm Julian!
In today's show Franco and Carly discuss their relationship, Julian's cover as Derek Wells is finally blown and Morgan's life implodes...again!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly finds Franco sulking in his hotel room. She tries to make him feel better about Heather being his mother, but Franco says it makes a lot of sense, because Heather gave him crazy genes. He thinks his talent was cut out with his tumor. Franco starts to get upset thinking about it and yells at Carly to get out. She doesn't listen and stays put. Then they start talking about their mutual attempts to make each other jealous with Derek and Diane. Franco says that Carly is the only woman for him. Later, Franco talks about losing his connection to Jason and everything he thought he was. At the end, Carly offers to be his friend, but Franco says he doesn't want that. Carly is moved and they kiss.

Sonny strolls into the gallery to confront Morgan and the gang. Sonny asks Morgan why he would stab him in the back. At first Morgan denies it, but after Sonny starts yelling and shows him the bug, Morgan finally admits it. Michael can't believe what he's hearing and starts to lay into Morgan. Sonny asks Morgan if Ava put him up to it. Morgan gets brazen and snaps that he planted the bug, because Sonny chose Michael over him. Michael and Morgan start arguing. Sonny chokes up and tells Morgan that he broke his heart. Morgan replies, "Good you broke mine first!" Then Morgan storms out and Michael decides to go after him.

Silas and Sam talk about Heather outside of the art gallery. Sam shares with Silas all of her history with Heather and says that Heather destroyed her family. Silas disagrees and says Danny is a survivor because of her and Heather didn't destroy that. Sam says that Silas is the hero who saved Danny's life. She also says she's thankful for Derek. Then they start discussing what they've come to notice about one another and that leads into a passionate kiss. Then Morgan and Michael storm past them, so they decide to go inside to see whats going on. When they enter Kiki is scolding Ava for her mistreatment of Morgan. Alexis explains to Sam what's going on and then Kiki takes off after Michael.

Michael finds Morgan on the docks and they start fighting and yelling at the top of their lungs. Michael blames Ava for turning Morgan against Sonny. Morgan says no, Sonny chose Michael over him and that's why he's doing this. Michael tries to defend Sonny, but Morgan won't let go of his anger toward Michael. They also argue about Kiki. Michael says that he doesn't deserve Kiki and that Morgan turned out to be a traitor. Then they starting punching and grappling with one another, Michael says Morgan's actions nearly got Sonny killed. They claim to hate each other and Michael goes to hit Morgan again, but Kiki shows up and screams for him to stop. Morgan uses the opportunity to strike back and sucker punches Michael when he looks at Kiki. Michael takes a fall and hits his head on the docks, then he rolls into the water much like Jason did when he was killed.

Back at the gallery, Sam demands to know what's going on so Derek/Julian steps up and admits that he's Julian Jerome. Alexis can't believe it, so Sonny fills in the gaps for everyone. Sam is in shock, as is Alexis. Julian says that he had no idea that he was Sam's father until Alexis shared her story with him about Sam's conception. Julian gets choked up and tells Sam that she loves her and Danny, but they won't be able to get close because Sonny plans to kill him. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show!

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Last Week's Wrap Up

Valentini & Carlivati - The Dream Team!
Read a good article here ---> Ron Carlivati Dishes on GH
I'm back and I finally got to catch up on GH this morning. What a crazy week & GH hits a ratings high! Apparently Heather has a flexible schedule at the mental institution and somewhere in a Tennessee prison Steven Lars is cringing!

Last Week's Wrap Up - 

Monday 11/04/13 - the Halloween drama wrapped up, Robin almost got caught by Patrick and Duke ended up unconscious in the Windermere catacombs. 

Tuesday 11/05/13 - McSilas got a bad haircut - whoa! The DA election drama ensues, Sam confronts her Aunt Ava and Julian listens in on Sonny's plans to murder him. 

Wednesday 11/06/13 - Carly and Franco have more angst, Heather tries to take ownership for her art and Morgan aids Scotty in his DA plans. Plus Franco's art show begins! 

Thursday 11/07/13 - Scotty forces Lazaro out of the DA race and Sonny finds the bug in his office. Franco fumbles when asked to explain his "art" and Heather crashes show to say that Kelly's BLT's were the real inspiration!

Friday 11/08/13 - Sonny realizes that Morgan betrayed him. Heather makes a spectacle of herself at the art show with a cheese knife so Franco admits it's not his work. Scotty vows to clean up PC and Heather drops the bomb that Franco is her and Scott's child! Plus Sonny goes to confront Derek/Julian!

On a side note, I did get to visit Standing Sun Winery while on vacation. I would say it's more of a warehouse/wine store. Apparently they bottle the wine there, but the vineyards are actually at Laura (Carly) & John Wright's property. I guess they don't want stalkers like me knowing where they live (can't say I blame them) lol! However, compared to many of the other beautiful vineyards in the area it wasn't that impressive. The wine is fabulous though and they treat their club members very well! Enjoy some pictures below!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vacation Break!

Well I'm off to Santa Barbara, CA for my 5th Anniversary this week! I'll be back on November 11th with regular recaps!  

We plan on visiting Standing Sun Winery (Carly's Place) while we're out there, so I'll definitely put up some pictures when I get there. I'm a member of the their wine club and I can tell you that their red wines in particular are fabulous. If you haven't tried it, you should!

Enjoy this week on GH, it should be a good one!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

GH November 2013 Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's some rumors & spoilers for November! As always, take with a grain of salt.

The Rumors

AJ disappears! This occurs not long after AJ's trial ends in a hung jury, after which AJ has a flashback involving the evening that Connie was shot. 

Liz and Duke search for AJ after Olivia shares her vision of AJ soaked in blood.

Carly is charged with the murder of AJ after evidence is discovered that implicates her.

Both Monica and Liz will secretly believe that AJ has faked his death (in an effort to avoid repercussions from what he recalled during his flashback).

Michael is seriously injured in an explosion that Morgan set up in cahoots with Julian, to get rid of Sonny once and for all. Ava learns of the plans and successfully saves Kiki in time. Michael may suffer from amnesia for a time but Kiki will help him heal and recover his lost memories. Meanwhile, Sonny cuts Morgan out of his life and vows to get his revenge on Carlos, Julian and Ava. This will be easier said than done as Julian has Morgan go to the PCPD with information that could send Sonny to prison. While Morgan may consider himself sitting pretty with Julian, Julian may not have such long term plans for Morgan.

Brenda returns to Port Charles around Christmas time and reunites with Robin. Robin is shocked to learn her of close friend's serious health issues. 

Carly asks Brenda to bring Jocelyn to Jax while she is incarcerated. 

A murder in Ava's long-ago past may come back to haunt her.

Nikolas plans to celebrate New Years in a big way. As past experience with celebrations at Windermere have proven, look for a big reveal to come out at an inopportune time, namely the true paternity of Ben. 

Duke and Robert have serious issues with each other.

Nik's son, Spencer, may help uncover a secret in the New Year.

The Spoilers

Coming up next week...

11/4 Duke's discovery puts lives in danger. 
Luke and Tracy have an important discussion about their future.

11/5 Sonny prepares to make a move, but someone is one step ahead of him. 
Carly's discovery leads to an unexpected revelation.

11/6 Scott and Lucy celebrate his election win.
Kiki's desire to help may cause more harm than good.

11/7 Franco is put on the spot at the gallery opening.
Secrets, deception and a major outburst set the stage for a shocking admission. 

11/8 Will Sonny listen to reason when he discovers a major betrayal?
Fear and uncertainty spread through Port Charles. 

Spoilers Continued...

Franco and Diane take advantage of Carly's confusion to put their scheme into motion.

Morgan's betrayal gives Sonny's enemies the upper edge.

Heather shows up at the art gallery opening.

Someone's performance art will outshine Franco's on his big night.

The aftermath of major revelations will lead to big changes in the relationships of Olivia and Sonny, Carly and Franco, Sam and Silas.

As Patrick and Sabrina go full steam ahead in planning their wedding, Robin struggles with her desire to run them off the rails. But even as someone close to Robin discovers she's alive, it's someone else getting closer to the truth who could blow everything!

Carly tries to use to use her feminine wiles to learn more about Julian Jerome.
Will Franco have to come to her rescue?

Here's the preview for Monday 11/4/13