Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday's Show - Quick Recap

Awkward Couple Day!
Quick Recap:

Sexy day on GH. Kiki and Michael decide to move in together and make love for the first time. We got lots of underwear and up close shots of their action too. I think I even saw a stretch mark.

Morgan helps Ava move into her new apartment. They discuss Kiki, where he'll live and break it in with some untoward sex of their own. Plus, Morgan avoids Carly's phone calls.

Franco manages to get interest in some art even though Carly thinks his work sucks. However the piece his art dealer likes was the gift Heather gave him for his birthday.

Olivia finds out she's not a grandmother afterall and finally makes the connection to her "Jackal" and "Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back" visions. She also helps Dante to see he might have to let go of baby Connie. However, Lulu isn't sure she can move on and says no one is taking the baby away.

Spinelli and Maxie talk at the church and realize they want to raise their child.

Enjoy today's GH below!

P.S. These YouTube video's come and go quickly lately, so if this video isn't available I apologize.

Have a good night!

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