Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday's Recap

I can't take credit for the recap below. Work has been super busy, so I didn't get to watch yet. I found this recap online and wanted to share.
According to GHFunFacts here's what happened on today's show - 

Danny was released from GH. Molly & Rafe visit Sam & Danny at home & find Silas in very casual clothing at her place. Uncomfortable for Sam & Silas, Molly & Rafe leave to go forage for food. After Molly & Rafe leave, Sam & Silas enjoy a glass of wine & time together; things get hot & heavy and then Danny starts crying.

At Kelly’s Taylor & Rafe pretend to be a couple, Molly & TJ think it’s weird.

Alexis corners Carly to ask questions about Lucas’s biological father, Julian Jerome. Alexis tells Carly her intention is to find out if Julian Jerome is Sam’s biological father. Carly pours shots & the ladies continue a conversation about Alexis’s past.

Franco tries to stop Derek from going out to dinner with Carly. Franco tries to convince Derek that Carly is crazy & he should not go out with her. This peaks Derek’s curiosity. Franco admits his belief that he & Carly have feelings for each other. Derek reveals that Carly is who asked HIM out. Franco asks his favor, to cancel his date, Derek denies the request. Franco makes a half assed threat which Derek scoffs at & leaves.

Derek finds Carly talking with Alexis; Alexis takes a call from Maxie, Derek & Carly go have dinner.

Lulu & Dante and Maxie & Spinelli discuss custody terms of Connie; they each have their own prospective of the situation. Lulu wants Maxie to sign adoption papers, Maxie & Spins want to keep their daughter.
Spixie is surprised that Dante & Lulu want to raise her daughter; Maxie & Spinelli do not agree to give up their parental rights to their daughter. They explain that they want to raise their daughter.
After exchanging words, Maxie & Spins leave upset; Lulu calls Alexis very upset.

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