Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wave Hello

I'm coming home!
In this episode Maxie admits the truth to Dante and Lulu, Patrick takes his ring off and Alexis asks Derek to find Julian Jerome!

Today's Show - 

A feisty Robin spits on Jerry in the Cassadine lab. He reminds her that their deal is that she cure him of radiation poisoning and he'll let her go home. To help motivate her, Jerry gives her a DVD of the 2013 Nurse's Ball. He confesses that he paid for the whole ball anonymously, because he thinks AIDS is a terrible disease. They talk about how Jerry has kept Robin up to date with her medication and Robin eagerly watches the ball. She sees Patrick on stage talking about her. She also sees Anna and Duke together in the audience and is happy that the real Duke is alive. Then she sees little Emma on stage with Patrick. It brings tears to her eyes. At the end, Jerry shows Robin Sabrina. He tells Robin to wave hello at the new woman in Patrick's life. Jerry steps out of the room and Robin vows to get back to Patrick.

Nikolas wakes an unconscious Britt at Windermere. She tells him that her mother took baby Ben and knocked her out. Britt is panicked about where the baby is, so Nikolas says he'll call Anna for help. Britt grabs the phone and tells him not to do that. Britt thinks Anna won't help her, because she hates her for lying to Patrick. Nikolas insists that Anna will be professional and convinces Britt to let him make the call.

Duke and Anna chat at Kelly's about Robin. Anna shares with him that she can't let go. She starts crying and tells Duke that she thinks about Robin constantly. Duke is sympathetic. Then Anna reveals that she feels like Robin is still alive in some way, but says she knows she has to move on. Then Anna gets a call from Nikolas about Britt's missing baby. Anna makes her way over to Windermere to question Britt. Anna doesn't understand why Britt didn't call the police immediately when she saw Dr. Obrecht. Britt explains that she tried to call Nikolas for help, but must have slipped, hit her head and passed out. Anna wonders why Dr. Obrecht would take the baby and asks Britt if it could have anything to do with Patrick. Britt says she doesn't know anything about her mother's plan. At the end, Anna leaves to start the investigation and Nikolas hugs Britt to console her.

Patrick and Sabrina talk about Robin at his house. Patrick confides in her that there is a big part of him that can't accept that Robin is gone. Sabrina is understanding, but Patrick thinks she is being to generous. Then he talks about still wearing his wedding ring. He tells Sabrina that he loves her, he thinks she's wonderful and that he's serious about her. Sabrina admits that it bothered her when Carlos brought up the ring. Patrick says that he knows it's time to let it go. At the end, Patrick takes off his ring and puts it on the mantle.

Alexis goes to Crimson to speak with Derek/Julian. She tells him she wants to talk about Julian Jerome. Derek claims not to know who that is, so Alexis tells him a little about Julian's mob history. They start talking about Sam's father and Alexis tells him that Sam's father was named Julian. She asks Derek to find out if Julian Jerome is truly Sam's father through his media connections. He tells her that he'll have his research department get on it immediately. Then Duke walks in and hears Alexis mention Julian Jerome. Duke tells Alexis a bit about his history with Julian. Alexis asks if Duke knows anything about Julian spending time in New Hampshire as a young man. Duke says yes, Julian went to Dartmouth. Then Duke leaves and Alexis can't believe it. She asks Derek, "Did I have another kid with a mobster?"

Maxie finally admits to Lulu and Dante that the baby isn't their child at the church. Spinelli confirms that he is the father. Lulu is irate and devastated. Dante is angry and yells at them. Maxie fills them in on how this all happened. The story is very hard for Dante and Lulu to swallow. They ask why Maxie didn't tell them immediately. They get angry with Spinelli, but Maxie defends him and says she didn't tell him the truth either. Dante doesn't understand why Spinelli would give up his child. Maxie says that they're giving their child to them. Dante yells at Maxie that she knows nothing about being a parent and says she was playing god for nine months. Lulu tells Maxie that she is a terrible person. Maxie tries to get them to understand and says she gave up her daughter, because Lulu is her best friend. The comment enrages Lulu and she slaps Maxie across the face. She tells Maxie she doesn't know anything about love. At the end, Lulu and Dante storm out and Maxie hugs Spinelli in despair. End of show!

 I'm so glad we finally learned who the secret benefactor was for the Nurse's Ball, that really bothered me for some reason. Alexis asking Derek/Julian for help was so stupid...she's a lawyer for heaven's sake...wouldn't she know how to do research on someone? 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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