Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat - Happy Halloween!

In today's show Dr. Obrecht delights as usual, Faison frightens everyone plus Robin makes a bold exit from Windermere!

In this Spooktacular Episode -

Carly dares to be a sexy cat woman and little Jocelyn wants to be an ear of corn again at Carly's house. They get a knock on the door and it's Franco/Todd wearing an Andy Warhol costume. Carly tries to slam the door in his face, but he talks his way in by offering treats. He gives Carly an invitation for his art opening, but Carly says she can't go without her date Derek Wells. He informs her that Derek Wells is Ava's silent partner at the gallery. Franco tries to flirt with Carly and tells her to stay away from Derek. Carly plays hard to get, but he tells her to stop pretending they don't have feelings for each other. Carly lets her guard down and they almost kiss, but Jocelyn calls for her and interrupts. Then Carly tells Franco to leave. He does, but says he's not giving up. After we see a mysterious person in costume lurking outside of Carly's house.

At the hospital Felix and the rest of the nursing staff prepare a haunted house for the kids. Brad interrupts wearing the same dead body costume as Felix. Brad tries to make nice, but Felix isn't interested. He scolds Brad again for being a bad guy. Brad says that he did good by spilling the beans at baby Connie's christening, but Felix says it ruined people lives. Then Felix reminds him about not taking responsibility for his own kid. Brad responds, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?"

Robin argues with Dr. Obrecht about not wearing a costume for Halloween at Windermere. Dr. Obrecht dresses as a Swedish maiden and tells her that she is boring. Nearby in Nik's bedroom, Britt complains to Nikolas about Obrecht trying to dress baby Ben up as Rosemary's baby. Britt is upset about her parents being so over the top and crazy. Nikolas promises he will keep them away from Ben and they hug. They almost kiss, but then they hear a scream.

Over at Patrick's house Sabrina and Emma dress as superheros and Patrick does his best Indiana Jones. Liz comes over with the boys. Liz does her best Snow White, Cam is Woody from Toy Story and I'm honestly not sure what little Aiden was supposed to be. Does anyone know? Patrick tells Liz about his engagement to Sabrina. Emma and Cameron seem to like each other. Then Liz leaves with the boys and after Emma says she is getting married to Cameron. Then Duke knocks on the door. Duke tells Patrick in private that Anna might be in trouble with Faison. Later, Patrick heads to the hospital with Sabrina and Emma for the party. Emma tries to kiss Cameron, but he runs away. Spencer offers to kiss her instead.

At the front door at Windereme, Leslie brings Spencer to surprise Nikolas in their costumes. A wild-eyed Faison opens the door as Beetlejuice to greet them. The sight of him terrifies Leslie, she screams and then passes out. Robin, Dr. Obrecht, Britt and Nik all run out to see what happened. Nikolas tries to revive Leslie, while Faison, Robin and Obrecht hide. When Leslie wakes she starts freaking out about Faison. Nik tells her it was just Alfred in costume, but Spencer asks about the missing ladies who tried to help her. Before Leslie can investigate, Liz knocks on the door with her boys. Leslie takes all the kids off to get some candy and after Liz and Nikolas flirt in front of Britt.

Robin, Obrecht and Faison listen from the living room door. Robin hears Cameron tell Nikolas that Emma Drake is his girlfriend. She also hears Liz talking about Patrick and Sabrina's engagement. Liz invites all of them to come to the hospital Halloween party. Then Liz and Leslie take the kids to the hospital. In private, Leslie tells Liz she thinks she saw Faison. After they all leave, Nik opens the living room door. Faison remarks how fetching Elizabeth is. Nikolas tells Obrecht and Faison to hide upstairs. Britt and Nik get into their costumes as a bad angel and a dark prince. Nikolas and Robin talk about how hard it is for Robin to be without her family. Nikolas reminds her of their plan to get her family back and then heads off the party with Britt and baby Ben. Robin goes back inside the living room and decides to take the costume Dr. Obrecht gave her and sneaks off to the party.

At the end, Liz lists Nik's many attractive qualities to Patrick and Sabrina. Duke sneaks into Windermere and Robin arrives at the hospital in disguise! End of Show!

Very fun show today! Did you enjoy it? 

More Halloween madness continues tomorrow, enjoy the preview below!

Happy Halloween!


  1. It was a good episode and this is a fun blog post too!
    Not sure what Cam was either.

  2. Thank you! Buzz could I miss that! lol

  3. One of the best GH's ever. What a hoot. Emma is definitely for Spencer NOT Cam!!
    Glad to see the friendship between Nik and Robin, I have missed that. Hope that this Robin situation is cleared up soon and Patrick can say adios to Sabrina and get back with his true family.

  4. Got a kick out of Faison and Lisa O. They were a real treat. Didn't think they could do comedy so well. Loved Leslie Weber's performance and especially liked little Spencer Cassadine. He is his father's son.


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