Thursday, October 17, 2013

Such Insolence

Quick Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht cruelly taunts Robin with her "Anna" mask, which briefly makes Robin think it's her mother. Then Dr. Obrecht pulls the mask off and Faison walks in. Faison holds baby Ben and Dr. Obrecht explains to Robin that Faison is Brita's father. Then Faison and Dr. Obrecht tell Robin that Robert woke up and told Anna she is alive. Robin smirks at Anna's resolve so Dr. Obrecht scolds her by saying, "Such insolence!"

Shawn has Duke come to Sonny's office to discuss Julian Jerome. Duke gives Sonny some background on Julian's supposed death and mentions that Robert found the dead body. Sonny tells Duke about the recent mentions of Julian Jerome, but Duke doesn't think it could be true. Duke tells Sonny about Lucas being Julian's son. Then Sonny mentions Derek Wells and asks what Duke knows about him. Despite what Duke tells him, Sonny still believes Derek Wells and Julian Jerome are one in the same.

Britt and Nikolas chat about Faison, the Cassadine's history and baby Ben on the plane ride to Athens. Nikolas is convinced that something is going on at the Cassadine compound.   Britt is determined to get her baby back. When they land Nikolas sees that he missed a call from Anna, so he calls her back.

Anna comes to talk with Mac and Robert at the clinic in Switzerland. Mac wants to know what's going on, but Anna explains she can't tell him. Once in private Anna tells Robert that Faison admitted that Robin is alive. Then Anna gets a call from Nikolas, who tells her about the video message from Dr. Obrecht and shares his suspicions regarding Cassadine Island. Anna tells Nik not to go to the island, but Nikolas politely tells her it's his island and he'll go if he wants to. 

Sabrina hears Patrick talking on the phone with Duke and wonders if he was going to tell Anna about the mysterious call from Robin. Sabrina doesn't think the call was for real, but Patrick isn't so sure. Sabrina suggests that someone might be trying to mess with Patrick's head. Patrick's asks who would do that. Sabrina gets a funny look on her face and quickly makes an excuse to leave.

At the end, Mac overhears Anna and Robert talking and asks what's going on. They tell him that Anna was just worried about Robert taking care of himself. Mac tells them he needs to get back to Port Charles to help Maxie. After, Robert tells Anna he is coming with her to get Robin. Faison and Dr. Obrecht go to take the baby away and a desperate Robin tells them her parents won't stop looking for her. End of show!

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