Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Little Schnitzel

Damn that Frisco!
In today's show Maxie and Spinelli realize what they want, Dr. Obrecht insists Robin babysit for her and Mac tells Anna some great news!

Here's What Happened -

Spinelli fills Ellie in on the baby mess at the hospital. He tells her about Brad dropping the bomb at the christening. Ellie realizes that Brad wanted to do the right thing and got the address for the church from her. Then she says that maybe it's for the best. Ellie advises him to claim his daughter and be a father. Spinelli thinks about it and agrees that it's what he wants.

Dante wakes up to an exhausted Lulu watching over baby Connie at their apartment. They start to talk about Maxie's lie. They can't believe that Spinelli and Maxie would have been willing to give up their child. Lulu wants to keep baby Connie, but Dante thinks Maxie and Spinelli might decide they want to raise their child afterall. Lulu doesn't think Maxie will really want to raise the child, but Dante's not convinced. Lulu tells him that they should legally adopt baby Connie and then Maxie wouldn't be able to do anything.

Anna makes a call to Frisco from her office at the police station. We don't hear Frisco, but we do hear Anna thank him for any help the WSB can offer. However we don't know what he is helping her with. Then Nikolas and Britt come into the office to ask if Anna knows anything about Dr. Obrecht's and baby Ben's whereabouts yet. Anna tells them that she found out that Dr. Obrecht took off in a plane, but somehow erased the flight plan. Anna asks Britt if Dr. Obrecht ever mentioned any associates. Britt answers no, so Anna assumes it's Faison. Nikolas offers all his resources to help find the baby and asks Anna what they can do. Anna tells them to sit tight, but Britt doesn't like that. She gets emotional and wonders how she can sit tight with her mother doing whatever with her child. Anna brings up Robin being kidnapped as a child and Nikolas remarks that Robin had mentioned that to him at one point. Anna tells Britt to hang in. Britt and Nikolas walk out and Britt is in tears. Nikolas comforts her, promises they'll find him and they leave. Later, Anna sits alone and has a memory of when she was reunited with Robin after being kidnapped as a little girl. Then Mac walks in and tells her Holly called and told him that Robert is awake.

Robin makes her verbal notes into a recorder at the Cassadine lab. She talks about wishing Anna would come and save her. Robin looks at still photos of her family from the Nurse's Ball and wonders if Emma remembers her. Jerry comes in and turns her TV off. He tells her to get to work and reminds her that she'll never go home, if she doesn't cure him. He tells her that she has his word that he'll let her go home if cures him and that's all he'll give her. Jerry walks out and runs into Dr. Obrecht carrying baby Ben. She calls him little Casar and explains to Jerry that she had to "rescue" the baby from his mother. Jerry thinks it's a terrible idea, because now Britt will be looking for them. Dr. Obrecht mocks him for being a coward and says she needs a babysitter. She wants Robin to watch the baby, but Jerry doesn't like the idea. Dr. Obrecht threatens him and reminds him that she is in control.

Back in the lab, Robin sees Britt making her baby confession on the Nurse's Ball DVD. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in with the baby and asks Robin to watch the "little schnitzel" for her. Robin isn't interested until Dr. Obrecht tells her it's Patrick's baby. She tells Robin that Brita is her daughter and the mother. Robin can't believe that Patrick would have a child with another woman. Dr. Obrecht says that Patrick isn't known for his fidelity and Brita is very attractive. This makes Robin wonder if Brita and Dr. Obrecht were working together to keep her from Patrick, but Dr. Obrecht tells Robin that Brita doesn't know she's alive.

Maxie looks at a picture of baby Connie outside of Kelly's. Inside, Felicia, Mac, Patrick, Sabrina and Emma have breakfast together. Emma notices that Patrick's not wearing his wedding and asks why it's not on his finger anymore. He tells her that he put it in a safe place and that she is his reminder of Robin. Felicia tears up and looks at Mac just as Maxie walks in. Patrick tells Maxie they were talking about Robin. Maxie asks to talk to Felicia and Mac outside. Then Sabrina and Patrick talk about Emma's question about the ring and Carlos. Sabrina tells him that she thinks Carlos got the hint, but then a flower delivery guy walks into Kelly's with a bouquet for her from Carlos. Later, they run into Britt and Nikolas as they walk out of Kelly's. Britt tells them that her mother kidnapped her child.

Once alone, Maxie tells Mac & Felicia the truth about the baby. Felicia is happy to learn that she is a grandmother. Mac asks why Maxie didn't tell anyone before now, so Maxie tells them that she did confide in Frisco. The mention of his name makes Felicia angry. She thinks Frisco enabled Maxie into making a bad decision. Maxie corrects her and says that it was her lie and it's doesn't matter now, because the secret is out. They ask why she didn't bring the baby home with her. Maxie says she doesn't want to force Lulu to give her up. Felicia asks if Maxie wants the baby. Maxie says yes, so Felicia tells her she just has to take the baby. At the end, Maxie runs into Spinelli at the hospital. He tells her that he wants their daughter back and Maxie tells him she wants the same. End of show!

Classic Clip in honor of today's Frisco mention - GH 1994 - Felicia searches for Frisco to tell him she is pregnant with Georgie!

Have a great night!

P.S. It's Jack Wagner's birthday today. You can wish him a happy birthday at @JackWagnerhpk on twitter!

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