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Someone's Reached the Age of Consent

I'm Old Enough to Get Laid!
In this episode Kiki and Morgan ask their parents for jobs, Derek/Julian and Franco box and Alexis get some of Lucas's DNA.

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Sonny asks Shawn to get more information on Ava at his office. Shawn tells him that he saw Derek Wells at the docks when their last shipment was blown up. Michael interrupts them to talk to Sonny. Shawn excuses himself so they can chat privately. Once alone, Sonny apologizes to Michael for not telling him about Kiki not being his cousin sooner. Michael accepts his apology and they hug. Michael tells Sonny that he and Kiki are together. Then they discuss Morgan's relationship with Ava. Sonny tells Michael that Morgan said he was done with him and he doesn't understand what Ava is up to. Sonny brings up the Julian Jerome link and tells Michael he thinks Ava is trying to stay close to their family. Later, Michael asks Sonny for a job at the coffee warehouse. Sonny says that he'll see what he can do.

Morgan and Ava make out at her apartment, while each fantasizes about other people. Morgan thinks of Kiki and Ava thinks of Silas. Diane knocks on the door and is surprised to see Morgan there. She makes a joke that, "Someone's reached the age of consent!" Diane says she wants to talk to Ava about Franco's art, because Ava is opening a new gallery in Port Charles. Diane wants Ava to debut Franco's new collection. At first Ava says no, but Diane is ready to close the deal and has paperwork for Ava to sign. Diane mentions Ava needing her partner to sign off. Morgan asks who Ava's partner is. Ava says it's a silent partner, but says she'll have he or she sign. At the end, Morgan asks Diane to help him get divorced.

Kiki and Michael wake up discussing how great their love making is. Kiki realizes that she needs money, decides to get dressed and says she is going to the hospital to ask Silas for a job. Over at the hospital, a busty looking Sam dressed in all black brings Silas a clean shirt. They have a flirty chat and Silas suggests they go on another date. Then Kiki interrupts them. Kiki tells them about the debacle with Morgan and how she is now living with Michael. Silas is shocked that Ava slept with Morgan. Kiki asks Silas how he and Ava got together. Silas gives her some background and mentions Ava having a brother. Kiki is shocked, because she never knew her mother had a brother. Sam says she could help find him if they want. Later, Kiki asks if Silas can help her get a job at the hospital and he agrees. At the end, Silas leaves Sam hanging when she asks about their next date.

Alexis talks to Carly again at the Metro Court about Lucas. Carly thinks Alexis wants to know about her date with Derek Wells. Alexis denies it and says there is nothing going on between her and Derek Wells. Carly says Derek is hot and asks if Alexis has seen him without his shirt on. Alexis answers yes and says, "Derek is very fit!" Then they get to talking about Morgan having sex with Ava and Carly explains that she wanted Derek to help her find Ava. Then a delivery arrives for Carly and she gives it to Alexis. She says its Lucas's DNA sample. Alexis thanks Carly and leaves. Later, Alexis goes to the hospital and Sam overhears her trying to get the DNA tested.

Derek/Julian boxes at the gym shirtless, when Franco walks up to him. Franco wants to discuss Carly and warns him not to see her again. Derek/Julian taunts him and asks if Franco will kill him if he does go out with Carly again. Franco says not if he stays away from Carly. Then they have some witty banter about their mutual make out sessions at the Metro Court the night before with Diane and Carly. Franco asks if kissing Diane made Carly jealous. Derek/Julian answers no, because Carly was to busy kissing him. He tells Franco that Carly is super attractive and he plans to see her again. Franco asks what it will take to get him to give up. Derek/Julian suggests that they fight and Franco reluctantly agrees. Shawn creeps up and watches them from a distance. Later, they get in the boxing ring and do more talking then boxing. Franco takes a couple cheat shots, Shawn runs to tell Sonny about them boxing and Carly arrives at the gym in time to see Derek knock Franco out. At the end, Kiki goes to Sonny's office and spills the beans to Sonny and Michael that Ava has a mysterious brother. End of show!

Where the hell are AJ & Liz? That story was dropped like a hot potato!

Enjoy Sam's scenes below!

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  1. Glad that Liz and AJ storyline is kaput. Hated her with him. Where is the Prince???? Saw Tyler in CT a few weeks ago at Stella's. He is soooo much better looking in person. The camera doesn't do him justice. He is also about fifteen pounds lighter and looks way taller in person. Very nice, polite, and personable. Doesn't take himself too seriously and can laugh at himself. GH is fortunate to have him on the show. Naturally he promoted the show quite a bit and spoke highly of everyone. But where the hell is he??????? His fans are waiting for a storyline!


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