Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sit Down & Talk

Baby Blues!
Quick Recap - 

Michael plans a romantic dinner for Kiki at Sonny's restaurant. He tells her about running the place and his plans to make it a legit business. They also talk about the continued tension with Morgan and about who cooked the wonderful food their eating. Michael says he wants to get "Cook 2" from the Q's to work at the restaurant. 

Derek/Julian comes to talk to Morgan at Ava's apartment. He wants assurances that Morgan won't tell Sonny the truth. Morgan passionately expresses his hatred for Sonny and asks Derek/Julian to trust him. He tells Morgan he'll have to prove his loyalty. Later, Ava and Julian talk about Sam and Alexis figuring out Julian is Sam's dad. They also wonder who the family member is that they got DNA from. 

Sonny and Olivia discuss killing Julian Jerome at the warehouse. Olivia thinks it's a bad idea and asks him to rethink that idea. Olivia suggests that Sonny and Julian have a sit down and talk it out. Olivia tells Sonny to ask Dante for police help. Sonny doesn't think that will work and tells Olivia not to worry. At the end, she calls Dante anyway.

Lulu and Dante discuss Maxie's court order to take Connie away. Terrified at the idea of losing her, Lulu suggests they take Connie and run away. She says that Nikolas can help them escape, then says Sonny might be better at getting them out of the country. Dante isn't so sure it's a good idea. Later, Alexis shows up to tell them that the court isn't taking the baby yet. Then Alexis asks Lulu to write down all of Maxie's past transgressions for their smear campaign. 

Sam and Silas try to get Delia talking at Ryan's bar. They mention that Ava has a daughter and that gets Delia to open up. She admits to having an affair with Victor and creating 'baby Ava". She tells them that she gave Ava up for adoption, but Ava eventually found her. Silas tells Delia a bit about Kiki and shows her a picture. Then Silas admits that he's Kiki's dad. Delia is pleased to learn about her granddaughter and warns them to be careful when dealing with the Jerome family.

Maxie and Spinelli prepare for the arrival of their baby at Maxie's place. Maxie is scared that they're not prepared to be parents, but Spinelli assures her it will be okay. Diane shows up to tell them about Alexis's attempt to prove Maxie unfit. Maxie is in shock and can't believe Lulu would do that to her. At the end, Maxie heads over to Lulu's apartment to confront her. End of show!

Personally I'm finding Maxie's outrage toward Lulu ridiculous given all of Maxie's lies. What do you think?

Have a great night!


  1. I feel that connie is Maxies baby and Lulu is being redic. A child should be with her mother and father. All maxie has done is lied ALOT but that does not mean she should never get to have her child. I can see dante knows what shes doing is wrong but wont say anthing. I hope someone kicks some sence into Lulu before she makes it worse!

  2. I agree the baby belongs with Maxie & Spinelli. I just think that Maxie being surprised that Nulu is fighting dirty is stupid. After all, she lied about their baby for months and then was willing to give up her child to make Lulu & Dante happy. She only changed her mind after Brad, of all people, spilled the beans.


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