Monday, October 21, 2013

Nikolas to the Rescue!

Cassadine hero!
In this episode Lulu won't give up baby Connie without a fight, Dr. Obrecht helps Anna and Robert plus Britt drops a baby bomb!

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Robert and Anna arrive with guns drawn on Cassadine Island. They find Dr. Obrecht passed out on the floor. They decide to question her, so Robert pushes her and says, "Wake up bitch!" Dr. Obrecht wakes up and Anna immediately asks where Robin is. Robert quickly reminds Obrecht about him seeing Robin at the clinic and her drugging him, but she insists that Faison lied and Robert imaged it. Then Dr. Obrecht screams about Faison wanting her to wear the "Anna" mask in the bedroom. Anna suggests she tell them where Robin is to get back at Faison. Anna offers to help Dr. Obrecht get off easy if she helps her put Faison away. Anna reminds her that Britt is suffering without her child and says if she helps them it will help Britt too. Obrecht tells them to look in the lab. Then Robert knocks Obrecht out again and they take off to find Robin.

Nikolas finds Robin in the Cassadine Lab. He can't believe she is alive. Robin runs to Nik and hugs him. She gushes, "Thank god you're here!" Robin explains how Jerry was involved and says she was just waiting for someone to realize that she's still alive. Then Robin assumes Nikolas is there because Patrick got the call and sent Nik to investigate. Nik explains that he didn't know she was alive and was really there to find baby Ben. Robin tells him that Dr. Obrecht brought the child and she looked after him for Patrick. Nik explains that Patrick isn't the child's father. Robin tells him that Faison and Obrecht took the baby awhile ago. Nik says she has to go look for the child and asks Robin to stay in the lab and wait for him to return. Robin says she can't stay there any longer and insists on leaving with him. At the end, Anna and Robert arrive at the lab, but Robin is gone. Back at the house, Robin and Nikolas find Dr. Obrecht passed out. Nik asks Robin to hold a gun on her and he takes off to find Britt.

Alexis is anxious to get Lucas's DNA results at the hospital and runs into Lulu. Lulu expresses her displeasure with the baby situation. Alexis tells her it doesn't look good. Lulu doesn't understand how this can be, so Alexis explains that legally Connie isn't their child. Alexis suggests that they sue Maxie for punitive damages, but she doubts any judge will allow Lulu to keep Connie. Lulu starts to get very upset, so Alexis advises her to let go and not to make things worse. Lulu says she'll run away with the baby if she has to. Alexis sees how upset she is, so she tells her the only chance they have to keep Connie is to prove that Maxie is an unfit parent. Lulu says that Maxie is definitely an unfit mother and tells Alexis to go for it. Lulu says she knows all of Maxie's dirty secrets.

Spinelli goes to Crimson to talk to Maxie about their baby. Diane arrives and they all discuss Lulu and Dante's desire to adopt baby Connie. Diane thinks it won't be hard for them to get the baby back, but Diane warns them that custody battles can be very ugly. Diane brings up Maxie keeping the secret from Spinelli and scolds Maxie for her lies. Maxie acknowledges that Diane considers Spinelli a friend and that she's right. Diane suggests they ask the court for an order to force Dante and Lulu to give them their baby. However, Diane tells them that Alexis is an excellent attorney and they're going to have a fight on their hands.

Britt finds Faison holding baby Ben on Cassadine Island. Faison calls her, "Brita" and says it's been a long time. He refers to the baby as Cesar, but Britt says his name is Ben. She asks for her child, but Faison doesn't let go. He tells Britt that her mother gave him the child and that he wants to raise his flesh and blood. Britt tells him that Ben isn't his biological grandchild, because Ben isn't really her biological son. Faison gets very upset and accuses her of lying. He orders Britt to leave, but she refuses to move. She tells him that he'll have to kill her first. Faison grabs her and shakes her around, but Nik runs in, points a gun at Faison and orders him to let go of Britt.

Patrick asks Sabrina to marry him at his house. Sabrina doesn't know what to think and asks where this is coming from. He responds that he wants to marry her, because he loves her. Sabrina asks about the supposed call from Robin, so Patrick explains that Liz stopped over and made him see clearly that Robin is gone and it's time to move on. She wonders if Carlos's arrival had something to do his sudden proposal, but he says no Robin did. Sabrina says maybe he should take the proposal back, but Patrick says no. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him again. Then a teary eyed Sabrina falls into his arms and says yes! End of show!
Do you think Britt is lying?

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's GH below!

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  1. This episode was the best in years!!!!!!! It had you sitting on the edge of yr. seat. Love the Prince being paired back up with his good friend Robin. Love that Robert is back and working with Anna. Keep up the great stories GH you'll be back to number 1 soon if yr. not already. Love that Nikolas is back front and center and that he is working with Robin. Have been waiting for a storyline like this for years.

  2. Hope that Britt is lying to Faison and that she really believes the baby is hers and is just saying this to get him back from Faison. Would like to see her and Nikolas paired up but only if she gets redeemed in a big way. This episode had something for everyone. The writers are doing a terrific job, all the actors have a spot and it is just not the mob all the time. GH should earn an emmy for the writing and acting.

  3. I agree that GH has been very exciting of late!

  4. Have been on soap zone. Some fans criticizing yesterdays scenes. They need to remember that Nikolas has thought that Robin was dead for over a year he was portraying shock. You open a door and someone you thought was dead is standing there. Plus he is on Cassadine Island nothing is as it seems. He is not a super spy. He was brought up as a prince his sleuthing skills are not up to Robert and Anna's and even theirs are rusty especially where Jerry Jaxs is concerned.

  5. You can't please all the people all the time, but I think GH on a whole has improved a lot since the days of Guza. There is still work to be done, but I think fans should be happy that our show is alive and kicking!!!!


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