Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Number One Fan

Dirty Birdy!
In this episode Michael gets a job, Julian & Ava are confronted by Morgan and Heather eats another BLT!
Today's Show -

A busty Diane confronts Franco on the false art in his hotel room. She thinks he's lost his artistic instinct since his brain surgery. Franco admits that he appropriated someone's else work. Diane asks who it is. Franco says, "My number one fan!" Diane reminds him of Stephen King's Misery and warns him about the potential dangers of an obsessive fan. Diane tells him about Ava owning the gallery where his work is supposed to be displayed. Franco freaks and refuses to give Ava one penny from his borrowed work. Diane suggests he go through with it for the money. Then she pulls out the paperwork, but tries to conceal Derek Wells name on the contract. However, Franco sees it and refuses to sign. Diane reminds Franco of his debts, her fees and then she storms out.

Lucy confirms that Ryan's bar still exists for Sam at the hospital. Then Kevin has a nurse cancel lunch with Lucy for him again. Lucy gets upset and warns Sam to never fall for a doctor. Silas walks up behind them and Lucy says not only is Silas a doctor, his brother was a serial killer. Then Lucy takes off in a huff and leaves Sam and Silas alone. Sam tells Silas about finding out her father's identity. She also tells him that Ava could be her aunt. Sam explains the information she got from Lucy and the clue about Ryan's bar. Silas says he remembers Ava taking him there once. Silas wants to come with Sam to check it out. Sam agrees and they take off together.

Scotty recognizes Heather outside of Kelly's. He asks what's she doing there, so Heather claims she came for the BLT's. Out of nowhere she pulls a knife and claims he destroyed her relationship with Joe back in the day. They discuss an old affair they had together and Scotty reminds her how crazy they were about each other. Heather impulsively kisses him. Then Lucy walks up and sees them. Lucy is disgusted by Scotty kissing Heather. Lucy tells him to bring Heather to the police station. Heather threatens to tell the police that Scotty is her lover and that he helped her escape if they try to. A bystander walks by, so Scott kisses Heather again to hide her identity. After he suggests they look the other way and let Heather get back to the mental institute. Heather says okay, but insists on having a BLT first.

Morgan overhears Ava confirm that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome and her brother at Crimson. They joke about incest, Victor's mistresses and Ava's plan to lure Morgan in. They also mention going after Sonny. Ava tells Julian that Morgan doesn't have a clue. That angers Morgan so he walks into the room to confront them. Morgan calls them out for trying to take down Sonny. Ava tries to sweet talk Morgan, but he won't listen. Derek/Julian interjects and asks why Morgan would care since Sonny ruined his relationship with Kiki and favors Michael. He advises Morgan to forget everything he heard. Morgan replies, "Or What?" Derek/Julian says that if Morgan lets it go he and Ava can continue as they were. Morgan refuses and walks out saying he's going to tell Sonny. After, Derek/Julian scolds Ava and accuses her of using Morgan to forget Silas. Then he tells Ava that he's going to have Morgan taken out by Carlos.

Michael comes to the coffee warehouse and sees all the damage. Sonny walks up to him and tells Michael about his Julian Jerome theory. Michael realizes that if it's true, it puts Morgan right in the middle. Michael wants to take action to protect Morgan, but Sonny thinks Morgan is beyond reasoning with. Sonny notices that Michael is wearing a suit and asks why. Michael tells him that he was looking for a job, but got turned down because of Sonny's reputation. Michael asks again if Sonny can give him a legit job at the coffee house. Sonny suggests that Michael take over his restaurant and make it a real place. Michael says he likes the idea and agrees. At the end, Morgan arrives in time to see Sonny praising Michael and it makes him insecure. End of show!

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