Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Go to Port Charles!

Taking Hostages!
In today's show Spinelli and Lulu come to blows, Mac tries to comfort Maxie and Jerry gains control on Cassadine Island!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu runs into Spinelli at the hospital with baby Connie in her arms. She tries to brush past him, but Spinelli asks to speak with her. Lulu tells him that she is going to sue them. Spinelli says that Maxie and he will fight for the baby. Lulu reminds him of their friendship and rich history together. She asks him how he can do this to her. Lulu insists that she and Dante are Connie's best option, but Spinelli says it's not right. He says he wants to be the father he knows he can be. Spinelli suggests that Lulu try to have another child, but Lulu doesn't want to let go. At the end, Spinelli says he is sympathetic but Connie is his baby. Lulu snaps, "You can't have her!" Spinelli responds, "See you in court!"

Mac goes to Crimson to talk to Maxie about the baby situation. Maxie tells him about taking Lulu and Dante to court. Mac asks if there is another way. Maxie says she knows it's horrible, but she doesn't see another way. Then she asks Mac why she always loses her best friends. Maxie runs through many of her mistakes, including her guilt over the lab explosion that killed Robin. Mac tells her not to blame herself, because Robin wouldn't want that.

Patrick and Sabrina are ecstatic over their engagement at his house. Sabrina gushes annoyingly about when, where and ring shopping. Then Emma walks in and asks what they're celebrating. Patrick sits her down and tells her they are getting married. Emma asks about her mother and wonders if he's still married to Robin. Patrick tells Emma that Robin wanted him to move on and would be happy for them. Sabrina tells Emma that she loves her and asks if it's okay with her. Emma says it is and kisses them.

Jerry surprises Anna and Robert at the Cassadine lab with a gun. They drawn their guns as well and Anna demands to know where Robin is. Jerry won't back down and fires off a few shots in the corner of the room. Then he locks them in the lab. Anna and Robert try to escape, but can't find a way out. Anna sees the video of the Nurse's Ball on the computer and realizes what Robin was going through this whole time. At the end, Robert finds Robin's recorded notes and they realize that she is definitely alive. Nearby, Robin is determined to get home to Patrick, while she holds a gun on an unconscious Dr. Obrecht. Obrecht wakes up and asks what's going on. Robin tells her that the video she sent tipped Nikolas off. Robin asks who knocked her out, so Dr. Obrecht tells her that it was Robert and Anna. Then Jerry comes in, points his gun at Robin and tells her to drop her weapon. Jerry scolds Obrecht for allowing things to get out of control.

Nikolas interrupts Faison man-handling Britt by pointing a gun on him and screaming for him to let her go. Faison lets go and Britt runs to pick up Ben. Faison asks her why she is so happy to see the baby, since it's not even her biological son. Nik asks Britt what he's talking about. Britt says she just lied so Faison would lose interest in the baby. Nik keeps a gun on Faison and they all leave the bedroom. They run into Obrecht, Jerry and Robin in the foyer. Britt is surprised to see Robin alive. Jerry grabs Robin and holds a gun to her. Jerry shows Anna and Robert on video to Robin to prove they are safe. Then he screams at all of them to do as he says or else. Nikolas puts his gun down, so Jerry let's Robin go. Then Jerry tells them he needs Luke Spencer's blood and wants Faison and Obrecht to help him. Jerry orders them to go to Port Charles with Robin to synthesize Luke's blood. He also says he will allow Nik, Britt and the baby to go as well, but says he'll hold Anna and Robert as hostages. At the end, Jerry orders all of them not to tell anyone in PC that Robin's alive. Everyone agree's and Jerry says, "Let's go to Port Charles!" End of show!

Another fun show today! Faison & Obrecht are hysterical together!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!


  1. I was kinda of hoping Jax would show up and knock Jerry out with a boomerang, but maybe next time! ;)

  2. Todays show was good. Nikolas and Robin were more in sync with each other today. So want Nikolas to be the one that offs Jerry Jax. (And not have any repercussions from it) Getting tired of Jerry, he needs to be put down like the dog he is. Can't stand to watch Sabrina and Patrick, she is sooo high school, he needs his wife back.


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