Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Complicated

Doesn't Sam have big EYES?
In today's show Sam and Alexis agree to find her father once and for all, Franco drives Carly further away and Sonny makes the Derek/Julian connection!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam wants to know why Alexis said she had her consent for a test at the hospital. Alexis takes Sam aside and tells her that she is trying to confirm if Julian Jerome is her father. Alexis gives Sam some background on the Jerome family and tells her that Julian is dead. Sam gets a little disappointed and asks why Alexis decided to look into this. Alexis tells her she got curious and tells her about the research she did on Julian. Then Alexis explains the DNA test she wanted to run on Lucas. She explains that Lucas could be her half brother. Sam worries that this means she is related to Carly in some way, but Alexis assures her there is no relation. Sam is comfortable with Alexis's actions and asks what's next. Alexis says she wants closure and wonders if Sam does as well. Sam agrees they should investigate and get confirmation.

Morgan explains to Diane that he is married to Kiki and Kiki is Ava's daughter. Ava says, "It's complicated!" and Diane smirks. Then she gets back to pressuring Ava to get her silent partner to sign off on Franco's art collection deal, so Ava leaves to get that taken care of. After Morgan passionately reveals to Diane about his trouble with Sonny. Despite the bitter end between Sonny and Diane, she defends him to Morgan and suggests that he reconsider. Morgan stays stubborn and asks if she will represent him or not. Diane asks for some details, so Morgan gives her the full story. Diane tells Morgan he committed fraud by not telling Kiki the truth about not be related to Michael, but she agrees to take his case and tells him to write everything down. Before leaving, Diane strongly advises that Morgan reconcile with Michael and Sonny. At the end, Ava comes home. Morgan goes to take a pen from her purse and sees the art contracts with Derek Wells signature on it.

Carly runs to Franco's rescue after Derek/Julian knocks him out at the gym. Carly tells Mr. Wells to back off and asks why they were fighting. Carly is concerned about Franco's recent brain surgery and decides to take him back to his hotel room. After Ava shows up to chat with Julian about Franco's art collection. She wants him to sign the papers Diane drew up, but he thinks it's bad idea because it might link them. Ava assures him that he will remain a silent partner, so he signs. Then Julian mentions going out with Carly, which Ava isn't pleased to hear. He brings up her relationship with Morgan and they agree to trust each other.

Over at the Metro Court Carly and Franco discuss a potential relationship between them, while she ices his head. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls back. Carly asks about him kissing Diane, but he explains that he just wanted to make her jealous. Carly brings up the "groupie" she thought was in his room, but he tells her it's not what she thinks. Franco assures her that nothing is going on with Diane, but then Diane walks in and says, "Franco I need you now!" Carly gets all worked up and storms out. She heads back to the gym and asks Derek if it's too late for them to go to lunch.

Sonny is interested when Kiki says that her mother has a brother no one knew about at his office. Shawn and Michael are also intrigued. Kiki tells them about Silas mentioning it to her and that Silas said the unknown brother was rich with connections. Later, Kiki and Michael take off and Shawn and Sonny analyze the brother angle in private. Sonny is very suspicious that Julian Jerome might be Ava's brother and not dead afterall. Sonny connects Derek Wells and wonders if Derek is really Julian Jerome!

On the docks, Kiki and Michael discuss Ava's many lies. Michael tells her that Morgan and Ava are living together. Kiki is disgusted and wants to go get Morgan away from Ava immediately. Kiki feels guilty for hurting Morgan. Michael also feels bad for Morgan, but says he's not sorry they got together. Then Michael asks Kiki what she thinks Ava wants from Morgan. Kiki replies that she is certain her mother has an agenda. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's GH!

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  1. Sam's boobs are amazing, lol! So bored with the Derek/Julian's and Ava's nonsense. I hope it goes somewhere soon!!!!


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